“Writing a novel is like starting a relationship. It’s tiring, you can only do it if it’s worth it”: Irene Graziosi speaks for herself

that of Irene Graziosia Romanian author born in 91, best known for being a content manager windsan editorial project designed and implemented with YouTubers Sofia ViscardiAmong the most anticipated literary performances of this year.

Glimpse of the other It is the title of the novel in which it appeared, published by the publishing house and/or a faded pink cover, accompanied by a mirror that reproduces its distorted image.

It is located around a The history of visceral and controversial trainingin dark and sad shades, “a heartbreaking tale that is also a moral apology,” as the writer defines it. Nicolas Laguya.

we Milan. Maya He is twenty-six years old and finds himself, by chance, doing an act that he had not considered: The author of an eighteen-year-old famous and popular influencer. its name Glory He is the “most loving” of the situation. Always perfect, smiling, likable, with sound and consistent moral principles.

Maya is just the opposite: cold, withdrawn, often judgmental, ready to sabotage others and herself. Behind him carries weight the past of pain And he’s there: ready to express himself in the profiles of the people around him – Gloria’s smile To remind her of what happened and she will never forget.

ilLibraio.it The writer met in Milan to talk about her new book, her relationship with social media and her relationship with writing.

Another glimpse of Irene Graziosi

Let’s start from the heart of this story. The friendship between the two main characters, Gloria and Maya.
“Actually, the relationship between Maya and Gloria is not just a friendship. Because it’s not an equal relationship, but a hierarchical one. It’s more like a sisters bond, where the younger one tries to emulate the older one. If I wanted to tell the relationship between two equal personalities, I would definitely explore other aspects. , but in this case I was interested in telling what these two characters were able to discover about themselves through an unequal relationship.”

Explain to us better.
“I take the weight loss issue as an example, which I wanted to include in the novel because it is very interesting to note how, when you are a girl, the other’s body becomes a kind of mirror and a battlefield. There are conflicting feelings, protection and concern, but there is envy as well.”

In fact, Maya fears Gloria will start losing weight because of her.
“Exactly. On the one hand, she feels that she has been robbed of this friendship, but on the other hand she also feels a great responsibility. She is worried and believes that her presence can affect the life of the other and make them wither.”

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Let’s talk about this hero, who is also the narrator of the novel. A controversial and sometimes cruel character.
“That’s right, there is no sympathy in Maya’s gaze, nor towards others, let alone herself. Suppose she is not a morally flawless girl, on the contrary, it is a bit disastrous. I certainly did not want to talk about a good and likable character with appearance Clear. I needed a dark and judgmental vision to tell a certain kind of world.”

The world of social media and influencers, for which a positive image certainly does not appear.
“The Internet is very big, so I don’t want to make any generalizations.”

But there is no doubt that social networks rely on an advertising mechanism. Previously, brands advertised simply by inviting you to buy a product, now you don’t just sell things, you sell values. And people are the ones who do that.”

So what?
“The point is this. It seems to you on social media that everyone is your friend. You have a feeling that you know them. When they ask you to buy something, you are somehow made to trust them, just as if you trust your friend.”

Does this contradict your ideology?
“No, in fact I do not have such an organized ideological apparatus, unlike many of my friends who, on the other hand, have clearer and more specific attitudes. I cannot even say why consumerism is wrong, but I cannot suppress the instinct which tells me that it is not True, it is not good. In addition, there is also a whole discussion for me on the topic of female body representation …”.

what does it mean?
“I find the need to always be represented, at all costs, stifling. Is it possible that the only thing we can tell women is that they should feel represented in advertisements, or in consumer images? It seems absurd to me. Where has feminism gone? This has become Also a way to sell things to women. I don’t even know the value of that word today.”

And how do these situations fit into your work that actually happens all over social media?
“I hope that winds It is as editorial as possible, even though in the end we all live by branded content. And then, what should I say, we also live in contradictions. We must learn to compromise. Personally, I’ve never sponsored anything on my Instagram profile, and Sophia and I are always keen to sponsor brands that don’t ask us to do things we don’t recognize.”

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Twenty years of Generation Z:

On his relationship with Sophia. Even if the novel cannot be defined as an autobiographical story, there are several points of contact with his personal history.
“That’s right, this book was inspired by my relationship with Sophia, but in reality it became anything but that. Suppose that as soon as I came into contact with his world I said to myself: This is a story I must tell.”

him too.
“Yes, but I started with a starting point and then the novel took on a life of its own. I don’t know if this happens to many but… in my head I always think ‘who knows what would happen if…’ They are moments of partial fiction in which I imagine scenarios Alternative Here, this book was born from this very question: “What would happen if…?”.

How did Sofia Viscardi take it?
“She has been the first reader of all my drafts. She has always advised me and given me opinions.”

Have you thought about how your readers and those who know or follow you online will view you?
“I thought about it, yes. But then I stopped thinking about it, because anyone can think of whatever they want. This is a story and it should be read like that. There is good will, there is bad faith, there is gossip… It’s okay” .

Have you ever wanted to write a novel?
“Theoretically yes. I always thought I’d write one sooner or later, but I wasn’t in a hurry. A lot of people write novels because they think they have to. But I’m lazy, and for me, writing is a bit like when you fall in love and want to Starting a relationship. It’s so tiring, and you don’t have to do it unless you really think it’s worth it, otherwise what’s the point?”

Was writing this novel tiring for you?
“Building was the hardest part.”

what does it mean?
“In the story there are movements that you learn, subconsciously, that they have to happen. The thing you don’t know is how to create the scenes necessary to get to the point you want. And then choosing to use the first person is more difficult, because there is a constant overlap in the thoughts of the protagonist.” .

And how to solve it?
“I went to read all the sermons about the way Fanny Santoni had edited it for her Minimum and Ethics. And I was reading about these writers who get up at five in the morning and start writing. But for me it was impossible because, as I said, I am lazy and not too persistent.”

Would you like to become one?
“I hope I learn how to be with age. Especially because maybe a little fun can disappear so that when you get older you don’t enjoy it anymore. But when I started writing the novel, I practically went out every night, and it wasn’t easy to keep going.” And then I got so worried, to the end I wasn’t convinced that I could actually complete it.”

So what did he do?
“I read a lot.”

Many authors and authors who wrote with strong and insightful first people: Otesa Moschweg, Werner Herzog, Saul Bellow Barney version by Mordecai Richler. While creating the scene, I reread Jennifer Egan, who has the ability to describe beautiful scenes, with very little things happening. And also Eugenides, who for me is number one. But also Bolaño, because it makes me want to write.”

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Italians and Italians?
“I really appreciate Julia Caminetto for the outrage I told the protagonist The water in the lake is never sweet, which has some features in common with Maia. And then if I had to mention the latest books that shocked me I would say sentimental value Nicoletta Verna City of neighborhoods by Nicola Lagioia, two lives by Emmanuel Trevi”.

Now are you happy with the novel?
“Yes, I am satisfied, but fortunately in the meantime I am doing many other things, and I am glad that I do not have the time to make it happen, because I am very worried and perhaps, if I only have to think about the novel I will not be able to enjoy anything.”

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