World Reading Day, in Reggio Calabria Books in the square with the library on wheels

On the occasion of World Book Day, thanks to the availability of the Italian School in the square, the BiblioHub arrives in Reggio Calabria, Library on Wheels from the Italian Library Association. The initiative is being promoted in partnership with the city of Reggio Calabria and in cooperation with Born to Read CalabriaMamma lingua stories for all without exception, Cultural Association Magnolia, SpazioTeatro, Corredino Sospeso, Adexo, Agapao, Pagliacci Clandestini and with the support of Teknoservice.

Awarded this morning from San Giorgio d’Oro and winner of the Maria Antonita Abenante Prizebanned every year by the Italian Library Association to remember the humanity, dedication and professionalism of the librarian who passed away in 2019 and to promote integration projects, the Italian School in the Square will move the Reggio stage in the BiblioHub, Which will be in the coming weeks in schools and other squares. Today I started initiatives with Russian and Arabic language lessons for Reggio citizens and Italian language for those who come from abroad and live here in Reggio in Piazza Italia. Multilingual readings for girls and boys up to the age of six also outlined by Nati per Leggi.

Presentation of the Municipal Councilor of the La Strada Collective, Saverio Bazzano, promoted in the City Council for the nomination of the Italian School of Piazza San Giorgio d’Oro, following the proposal launched by SpazioTeatro. Also in attendance is the Acting Mayor of Reggio Calabria, Paolo Brunetti.

“We are delighted to be able to celebrate this day with the citizens, their families, sons and daughters, on which we were honored to receive the St. George Golden Award. A confession that makes us proud Motivates us in our commitment to promoting integration through language and strengthening the mother tongue. At this juncture, our student community has expanded to include Ukrainian refugees, especially mothers with their children and their children, whom we hope we can support in this tragic moment,” Giorgio Forfaro explainedLecturer and researcher at the Dante Alighieri University for Foreigners and coordinator of the Italian School in Piazza Reggio Calabria.

culture and entertainment The point of lending books in foreign languages ​​too, A fun educational laboratory for children and a place to meet and socialize, it all is the BiblioHub, a multifunctional and multimedia information structure that enriches urban spaces with books and which will now tour the Reggio district.

“We shall soon return to Piazza Sant’Agostino after winter indoors, guests of the Jesuit Fathers. The date is set for May 3. At the same time we will also organize another phase of the BiblioHub. In the meantime, we opened today this tour that will take place in Reggio Calabria And the details we will reveal soon. We start with lessons in Arabic, Russian and Italian with multilingual readings for children. We believe that the right to stories and narration is fundamental, especially for those who migrate because their homeland is recognized in their mother tongue. This belief prompted us to promote with Nati Reading and now also with BublioHub The Mamma Lingua Project”, explained Ida Triglia, librarian, teacher and coordinator of the Italian School in Piazza Reggio Calabria.

Italian school in the field

The Italian Open Air Generations School experience, which is now hosted at the seat of the Jesuit Fathers and which will return on May 3 to Piazza Sant’Agostino on land granted free of charge by the municipality, It continues to grow with this initiative and the valuable contribution also made to Ukrainian refugees. Many mothers with children go to school to learn the language of the country that welcomed them fleeing the war.

Book Day and San Giorgio, the patron saint of Reggio

San Giorgio now boasts a centuries-old relationship with the city of Reggio Calabria and its community dedicated to Madonna della Consolazione, Queen of All Saints, as well as a valiant knight. Christian martyr Depicted as a young soldier on a white horse with a spear (Culture and knowledge) with which he confronts, stabs and defeats the dragon (arrogance and ignorance). This favorite photo of historians and enthusiasts is precisely the source of inspiration for the selection made by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), To declare World Book and Copyright Day 1996 to coincide with Saint George’s Day.

But this day also marks a time when the world picked up on a legacy of extraordinary writers and performers of the human spirit such as the English playwright William Shakespeare and the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, Both disappeared on April 23, 1616and represented the Catalan writer Josep Pla, who died on April 23, 1981.


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