Women and Africa Biennale, Golden Lions at Lee and Boyce – Culture and Performances

Simone Lee, the first African-American artist to also be a United States Pavilion champion, was awarded the Golden Lion for Best Entry at the 59th International Art Exhibition of the Biennale, Milk of Dreams, from Leonora’s book of surreal fables. Carrington. Golden Lion Award for Best National Engagement in Great Britain with Afro-Caribbean artist Sonia Boyce. Two women who became the motto, also through the themes of their research, for a biennale that addresses many critical issues of the present: racial discrimination, colonialism, feminism. Simone Leigh is the author of “Brick House,” a colossal sculpture commissioned by curator Cecilia Alemani at the opening of the Corderie dell’Arsenale; While Sonya Boyce, “working in collaboration with other black women, reveals – as stated in the impulse – a large number of unheard stories” through audio. The two awards, which were decided by an international jury chaired by Adrian Edwards (USA), and met with long applause, were announced at the final part of the Biennale Arte Opening Ceremony, which is open to the public until November 27 (8000 admissions on the first day). In general, the awards went mainly to female artists. A meeting that took place under the banner of joy, the apparent happiness of rediscovering communion and closeness, even physical, two years after the pandemic. The moment of participation was also marked by the emotion of the winners – “I still wonder what happens to me,” said the British artist – and references to the war in Ukraine, said Biennale President Roberto Sekoto, who also noted the absolute independence of the jury selection. At the end of the ceremony, the President, in response to a question as to whether the main prizes went, either by pavilion or by artist’s origin, to three historical “forces” of art, said that they are countries where questions about art are always active and at the same time “they are countries Multicultural and multiethnic compared to other Europeans Cecilia chose to research artists who dealt with those themes she professed from the start – body, transformation, surrealism and dreams – she clearly found the best things in some artists, regardless of their origin. She has done research on her subjects and female artists They are the ones who dealt with them the most and perhaps the best. Western Domain, White and more, so be it.” The Silver Lion of a young and promising artist present at Il latte deiogni went to the Lebanese Ali Shari. Two special mentions have been attributed to Ashona Chauvini, an ENOC artist, and Lynne Hirschman Leeson (American); For the National Pavilions of France (with the work of artist Zainab Sedira much appreciated by the public during the pre-opening period) and for Uganda. At the opening, Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement presented Katharina Fritsch (she was the elephant at the opening of the central pavilion) and Cecilia Vicona. Cecilia Alemani noted that the jury chose artists who had “worked for a very long time, often in darkness and silence. Many of them represented important wings, such as the United States, France, and Great Britain, but were known to use this somewhat conservative style of encapsulation if we were to That and turning it into a very political “manifesto”. Those who bet on a prize for the Italian pavilion on the eve of the complex installation work of Gian Maria Tosati, which has received many positive comments in recent days, were disappointed. The pavilion, which was praised by the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini: “Very beautiful. Pavilion with a brave choice, one artist. I am sure he will be a huge success.”

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