Witch Prize 2022: 12 Book Finalists, Conspiracies

Twelve books. The most beautiful of them. The Witch Award 2022Today, Italy’s most prestigious literary award, unveiled twelve books that have reached the final stage of the 76th edition. They were selected by the committee from among 74 proposed by the Amici della Domenica. Who will be the successor? Emmanuel Trevi and his two livesLast year’s winner?

Witch Award 2022

Everything you need to know about the 12 books selected for the 2022 Strega Prize, the controversies, the votes, and when the winner will be announced.

12 Finalists for the 2022 Strega Prize

Here, then, are the dozens who will compete for the prize, in alphabetical order.

Marco Emerge With stray (Editor: Polatti Borengiri), Submitted by Silvia Palestra.
Fabio Baca With Nova (Adelphi Editor), Submitted by Diego de Silva.
Alessandro Bertant With hit and run (Editor by Baldini + Castoldi), Submitted by Luca Doninelli.
Alessandra Carati With Then we will be safe (Mondadori Editor), Submitted by Andrea Vitale.
Mario Desiati With expatriate (Editor by Einaudi), Submitted by Alessandro Piperno.
Veronica Galeta With Nina on the bridge (Fax Minimum Editor), Submitted by Gianluca Leoni.
Jana Karsayova With Velvet Divorce (Editor by Feltrinelli), Submitted by Judd Lerner.
Marino Magliani With Lieutenant Dumont’s telescope (Lorma Editor), Submitted by Giuseppe Conte.
David Oricio With Open the story (Editor, Pompeiani), Submitted by Martina Testa.
Claudio Bersanti With That damn Vronsky (Editor Rizzoli), Submitted by Renata Colorni.
Veronica Raimo With Nothing is real (Editor by Einaudi), Submitted by Domenico Procacci.
Daniela Ranieri With Updated roadmap for all my kisses (Editor: Ponte alle Grazie), Submitted by Loredana Lipperini.

Female heroines are not stereotyped

“The 74 works of fiction proposed this year for the Striga Prize were written or completed in two years of the pandemic, in enforced solitude and solitude,” he said. Melania J MatzukoChairman of the Steering Committee for the Award. “In many of the candidate novels, female characters—whether fictional or self-defeating—draw a new human geography. Non-traditional women, alien to gender stereotypes. Extraordinary and different girls and girls, brave friends, divorced wives, single mothers, reckless mothers, obsessed with their children or their happiness, non-mothers motivated by a desire for independence, who deal with their vocation to freedom, writing, and the pursuit of highly specialized professions from which they were denied until a few years ago . Biting and sarcastic voices, with melancholy wisdom or crushing wit, bear witness to a turning point — we hope, irreversible — in our society and in our literature.”

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The first differences: the excellent exceptions

When you say “Premio Strega,” you already know that the next sentence contains the word “argument.” Because it has always been this way. Alliances, intrigues, debates and Cencelli’s guide. The Literary Festival has always been a very lively venue, to put it mildly. And the 2022 edition is no exception.

The real controversy takes place at the last stage, but the first stomach ache has already been recorded. of those who failed to enter the final. Above all, three big statements were, on the eve, left out of the finalists’ package. It is located around Viola Ardon With olive moneyAnd Antonio Pascal With fig leaf And Michela Marzano With Breed and disgrace.

How to vote

Nominated books will be read and voted on by a jury of 660 nominees. In addition to the voices of the Sunday friends, the voices of scholars and translators are added. Italian language and literature lovers are chosen by Italian cultural institutes abroad. Strong readers selected by independent bookstores distributed throughout Italy. Collective vows expressed by schools, universities, and reading groups, including circles established by the libraries of Rome.

Competing books will also compete for the ninth edition of the Strega Giovani Prize and will be read and voted on by a jury of one thousand students from secondary schools in Italy and abroad.

First Levi

Primo Levi between Maria Belonchi and Guido Alberti at the Strega Prize. Photos of Ansa

Winner announced in July

The announcement of the five finalists for the 76th edition of the Strega Prize 2022 will take place on June 8 in Benevento, at the Roman Theater, in the presence of twelve candidates and the public.

But to find out the winner, you have to wait for Thursday, July 7th. When the winner is elected at the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome.

History of the Striga Prize

Strega was born on February 17, 1947 in Rome at the request of Maria and Giovredo Belonci. Its name owes its name to the famous yellow digestive alcoholic drink (due to saffron). In fact, Guido Alberti was at the helm of Strega in Benevento, and decided to be a patron of the founding authors.

“In the winter and spring of 1944, friends, journalists, writers, artists, writers, and people of every party, united in sharing a subject painful in the present and uncertain in the future, began to gather. Then after June 4, when the nightmare was over, the friends kept coming: it is an attempt to unite to face despair and disunity.” This is how Maria Belonchi explained the meaning of Sunday friends. The heart of Premio Strega. Those who meet each year first to nominate, then to select and finally select the five finalists. To date, the number of Amici della Dominica is about four hundred.

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