Who is Vladimiro Toselli, the last husband of Catherine Plumber? Age, kids, work, photos, Instagram

Continuing at age 14 Catherine Spaak, who disappeared at the age of 77, on the set of Overtaking with Vittorio Gassman: the actor was very rude to her, but then apologized. In the big picture, a portrait of an actress born in France. He made his debut at the age of fourteen. Unmistakable style, irrepressible sincerity, fragility paid off bitterly. The memory of the actress in words
For a journalist he was her sister’s husband for 11 years. And a friend for life. She was a free and modern woman who remained captive to the Italian Galicians. And he paid a heavy price for it.

Vladimiro Toselli It was the last pair of notes Actress and singer Catherine Spaak. c.As we all know, unfortunately, the latter passed away recently and precisely on Easter Sunday last Sunday, April 17, 2022 at the age of 77. But what do we actually know about him and their love story?

Vladimiro Toselli, Catherine Plumber’s last husband

We don’t actually know where the man was born, but we know he is Originally from Pizzo Calabro. There seemed to be a significant age difference between the two, around 18 years. In fact, he was born in 1963 and was the younger of the two. It appears that their marriage took place in complete secrecy in Eris in Sicily and that their relationship was tested by both in a somewhat reserved manner. During a recent interview with a well-known actress and singer to italian stories sCatherine Spaak seems to have talked a lot about this love story and above all about the age difference which was not an issue for her.

Actress sayings

“he is A subject that makes us smile a lot even if I was confused at first when I discovered it: he didn’t tell me, I didn’t ask him. Luckily. When I first met him, he seemed to be very young from my point of view. He has given me and still gives me much more than a mature man would give me to another woman in the same situation. For us, every day is fun. Without a doubt he is the love of my life, and I cry often because I have never met him before.”. These are the words announced by the actress. It will be their story anyway Finished between 2019 and 2020 although it is not yet clear why this love story actually ended. Roberto Alessi director of Novella 2000 has againstHowever she reassured everyone that despite the fact that the two had broken up, relations remained good.

What do we know about him

Her last husband she broke up with was very close to her until the very last. I find that when love ends, but goodness remains, it makes us feel less alone.” These are the words that he proclaimsby Roberto Alessi. And again in the actress’s last companion, we know he’s always been out of the entertainment world. He is a former ship captain who lives in Venice and has a son from a previous relationship.

It’s not that I look like a decent lady. “I’m a good lady,” Catherine Plumber said to Corriere della Sera a few years ago. And it’s true, so true, because despite her turbulent adolescence, turbulent love life, and career born based on the roles of the malevolent Lolita, she has always been true to herself, her desire for freedom, and she has been loyal.

Catherine Spaak, actress, presenter, writer and singer, died in Rome on April 17 after a long illness: she was 77 and the past few months have been the most painful. We know this from her sister Agnes who helped her to the end and who told Italian Stories: “She suffered so much, she was paralyzed on the right side and could no longer even speak, it was an ordeal.” Two years ago, the artist suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, and when she recovered, she herself went to television to talk about him frankly and sincerely: “I am not ashamed to say that.

Many people with health problems tend to hide it. Six months ago, I had a cerebral hemorrhage, and then seizures due to the scar.” Born in France in 1945 by Charles Spaak, a famous Belgian screenwriter, and Claudie Cliff, a French actress, Catherine, like many previous stars, had an extraordinary life. He was a wealthy and educated family (his uncle was the Belgian prime minister, grandmother was in the Senate), but he was not open and attentive to the emotional needs of his children.

In fact, Catherine was sent to a boarding school at nine with her sister. When she was 15 years old, her father signed her a permit under which the girl could expatriate and move freely in Europe. It was 1960, and Catherine made her Italian debut in Alberto Latwada’s Dolci inganni where she played an unscrupulous and unscrupulous teen, the classic Lolita, a role that she reprized in several subsequent Italian comedy films, turning her into a vivid sexual dream. for viewers.

Perhaps the movie she devoted to when she was very young was La Desideria con Ugo Tognazzi, from 1962. It was on that set that she met and fell in love with her first of four husbands: Fabrizio Capucci, brother of famous designer Roberto. She was 17 and got pregnant and the two got married but the scandal was huge. In 1963 Sabrina was born, with whom Catherine tried to leave the country, intolerant of the grip of the Capucci family, but when she was a minor, policemen arrested her at the Italian border and returned her to her husband’s home.

This was followed by a trial with in-laws who obtained custody of the child, because Catherine was “doubtful of her morals as an actress,” the court ruled. “The judge ruined the lives of two people, my daughter and I,” he later said bitterly, because the relations between her and Sabrina, because of this initial break, were always non-existent.

In the following years, the plumber shared the scene with all the sacred beasts of Italian cinema: Vittorio Gassman, Marcello Mastroianni, Alberto Sordi. After her separation from Capucci, she married Johnny Dorelei, the father and husband of her son Gabriel until 1978, after which he left her because he could not stand being an actress.

With the 80s came a new profession, that on television, where she was baptized at the Forum in 1988, but now she is remembered above all in the program “Harem”. Catherine created her own way of interviewing women: polite, polite and persistent. None of her guests could resist her. For fifteen years, her sitting room remained on the court, while life went on: other books, other films, and a nearly twenty-year relationship, until 2010, with her third husband, architect Daniel Ray.

Over the past few years we’ve seen her in a fleeting appearance on Celebrity Island and with new husband, Vladimiro Toselli, who is 18 years younger. In every interview, the actress always spoke about her great regret for not having a relationship with her daughter. But in the end, the two women made peace after forty years: the sister said that Sabrina was by her mother’s side in the last months of her life. Catherine left safely.

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