Who is Anita and why do we talk about her so often

One day in March, Anita woke up to the after-party effects the night before and discovered that she had become the number one artist in the world. for him Envolver It was actually at the top of the Spotify chart, a historical and unique fact of a Brazilian solo artist.

“The cell phone has gone crazy,” she recalls excitedly on the Zoom call from Rio. “Everyone wrote about it, talked about it on TV, and the news was all over it. The whole nation, like, stopped. She had to stay focused: rehearsals on Coachella awaited her, where she would once again make history as the first Brazilian female artist to perform on the main stage, and the release of the album. Publications about me.

It took three years and more to fine-tune the trilingual synthesis of the sounds of the world, the album, which is as bold and playful as Anitta herself. passing by sweetness girl from riowhere very classic is used girl from Ipanemato electro pop Boys do not Cry Born of love panic! At the disco, even gta Playing with classic reggaeton Yo Tengu Ona GataA little papton and a bit of Brazilian funk.

The choice of Khaled, Sweety and Mike Towers reflects the singer’s endless musical taste. “I love mixing cultures,” Anita explains, “I think it’s important, it pushes people to learn different worlds, new things.” She hardly remembers holding back her tears when she was in the studio with Khaled and explains that the proceeds from that Q Rapaowith Mr. Katra, will go to the family of the Brazilian artist who passed away in 2018.

Publications about me Represents a big step forward from Anitta 2019 album kisses. This record ended up at number four on the Latin pop chart painting And he received a nomination for “Latin Grammy”. The singer recalls the arduous journey she took to prove she deserves something, her personal quest after the Brazilian funk scene boomed in the early 2000s. at kisses There was Becky G, Ludmila, Snoop Dogg and the legendary Caetano Veloso, but if it came to light it was thanks to the singer’s willpower and months of hard work. “I wasn’t under contract with an international company, management didn’t follow me, and I didn’t have anything,” she recalls. “This album was my way of telling people in the industry: Hey, I’m able to do these things here, can we work together? Do you believe in my dream and my future?”

It succeeded and made Anitta one of the great pop stars in the Latin world. The next goal is to conquer the rest of the world with the self-portrait he presented Publications about me. “I have different personalities,” he laughs. “My friends say that after waking up they wait a quarter of an hour to find out who I am that day, be it sexy, romantic or athletic. The same goes for music ».

The recorded songs are inspired by his adventures – or perhaps it would be better to say adventures – in the areas of love and sex (currently he has an open relationship with an American football player who wants to remain anonymous: “He can do whatever he wants, well, it’s beautiful like that” Each time she was in the studio she put her thoughts and experiences into the songs.” “I like to write what’s on my mind at the moment, and I’m a person who changes my friends more than underwear. I fall in love easily and forget them just as quickly. I arrive in a city, fall in love and put it into one piece. And maybe next week I’ll write about how well I’ve come out with the world.”

One of the most sexually explicit moments on the recording is the hilarious best sex. Anita smiles when she talks about it. “There really is me in that piece. I don’t have time for nonsense. I don’t have time for relationships that don’t give me the best. The song says in a funny way that I would rather have sex than fight or waste time.

Anita’s music reflects her extroverted and unfiltered personality, traits that made her so popular in Brazil that fans asked her to run for president. Besides the fact that she wouldn’t be old enough to run for office, during the pandemic, Anita has immersed herself in the politics of her country, hosting political workshops on Instagram, and speaking out against Jair Bolsonaro. He likes to push fans to make a difference. I will campaign for the youngest of them to register to vote. Only then can we take power from that damned boss. We don’t deserve this nonsense.

Anitta doesn’t say words and that’s one of the reasons why she does Publications about me Very edited. “The album made me think only of myself. I hate creating expectations, and I’m afraid things won’t go as I expect, so I don’t think about it at all. I love recording and that’s enough for me. You don’t need others to like it either.

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