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In nine out of ten cases, women are interested in cultural heritage after higher education. Young enthusiastic, willing to do stunts for months in scaffolding and research activities and also put in a lot of physical effort

Fifteen floors of scaffolding: one climbs every morning. Months to work every day there, at varying heights. Or already, underground, without electric light. A snapshot of an extreme profession: restoration. Cecilia Palci is 26 years oldin her recent past she was a bit of a miner (chill from the crypt Convenicio de Sant Antonio in Matera Indelible memory), small tumbler (25 meters high, on cabinets Pisa cathedral), few scientists (no construction site without chemical, physical and technological analyzes). And it doesn’t matter how much effort you have to put in each time (Ai Roman Forums of Arch of Septimius Severus We often had to carry water by hand), because the belief is: This is a great job.

Defense as a mission

Cecilia says today that she is involved in Loggia Galatea in Villa Farnesina (I’m so lucky) And she said that yesterday when, 22 years old, Student at the Central Institute of Restoration in Rome, He was telling a photographer why he was in his place. We say to ourselves: Artworks are eternal. bloomer. Deterioration is present and must be postponed. Nothing is to be taken for granted. fragile beautyDefending it is a goal for those who deal with paintings, statues, and ancient architecture as doctors do with patients. Cecilia beauty guard H Isabella de Maddalena, Camera in hand, document the world he belongs to, as he has for years been in and out of dozens of construction sites across Italy.

I listened – remembers the reporter who linked the written stories to the pictures – and Certifications of more than 50 specialists, in fact, professionals: In our country, women have always been interested in cultural heritage. Women in nine out of ten cases: this figure was confirmed by Francesca Cabana, since 2017 at the head Higher Education School in Rome, who belongs to the ministry and trains dozens of outstanding experts every year: I have always seen this ratio between disciples and disciples, even when I started. Perhaps only in the immediate post-war period (the institute was born in 1939, editor) was the numerical ratio equal. The reason does not have an exact answer: colleague Eliana Bailey remembers that Protecting the memory of female ancestors. He is definitely right.

Clarification: wrong simplification. r . ideaThis is always done with a brush after the time is up: The technical and scientific aspect is very strong. So much so that this sector is part of the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which are traditionally male-dominated. Laser, chemistry and physics are involved in diagnosis and protection. At the construction site, Capoanna adds, we prepare the mortar and are used to standing for hours upon hours. Perhaps more effort is needed in communication than our profession. I myself, as a student at a higher education school, was shocked: it was 1982, I arrived with a romantic idea of ​​work and instead Found among machines and seismographs. Giovanni Urbani was the director and his far-sighted approach also became royal: restoration is not as a remedial act, but as an act of planned and preventive conservation.

Because the wealth to be taken care of is enormous. Isabella de Maddalena, 43 years old, born in Santa Margherita Ligure and taken to Milan to study at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, has documented the efforts of a very private army. “Guardians” are It is usually hidden from public view. We don’t know how it works, we simply assume that there is a mural there, on the surface it has been painted. So in 2017, my journey began. The Custodians of Beauty project is on display today at MonFest in Casale Monferrato. salute to those who, Tireless and dedicated, keeps the business alive. Many young people.

fragile treasures

The women effectsFrom every generation they talk about their relationship with a coffin of fragile treasures. Paola Borghese, of Pinacoteca di Brera, says in one of the texts compiled by De Maddalena: When one intervenes, one does not intend to chronicle the work. The effect of the passage of time is of great value. A relationship with beauty that accepts old age.

Valeria Merlini She answers the phone from her operator in Rome: over time she is entrusted with absolute masterpieces. among all, Three works by Caravaggio: Madonna of the pilgrims, the first conversion of Saul, the worship of the patrons of Messina. I am 62 – he explains – and have been working since I was 20. Why are there so many women among us? Perhaps it has to do with being interested in things and people, which is an almost maternal attitude. Those who restore are not one step, far from it, not even in front of them: It would be a disaster. Whoever re-takes a step “beside”: makes it grow, come out, rise. The best intervention is what cannot be seen, to get there you need great skills.

And again the director of the School of Higher Education to think of the inverted ratio: Today, of the ten great names in the sector known to the public and reaching celebrity, at least eight are men: There is definitely no shortage of excellence Feminine, yet she does not appear. It’s up to all of us and all of us to work on this as well.

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