What to do on May 1st in Turin, exhibitions: from Pompeii to author’s shots

A great Labor Day classic is to go and explore the museums in Turin, on May Day, on Sundays, which offer an unusual opening. In addition to the permanent collections, there will be an opportunity to admire the beauty of the numerous temporary exhibitions that offer imaginative journeys between the past and the present. Starting with the Foundation of the Museums of Turin that will adhere to the continuous schedule from 10 to 18. Palazzo Madama with “Invitation to Pompeii” You will welcome visitors by allowing them to enter the houses among the most representative and luxurious rooms of the first century. The protagonist is a rich collection of more than 120 works, including tapestries, statues, jewels, bronze, glass, and decorative items, presented to the visitor in an itinerary between home spaces such as the foyer, the triclinium, the parisley with the garden, and a reading, and ending with the dramatic representatives of some of the victims. Organized jointly by the Archaeological Park of Pompeii and Palazzo Madama, it is organized as an immersive 360-degree visit in the last days of Pompeii’s life.

Author shots
La Gam just openedWorld Press Photo GalleryTrack with 134 shots from the world’s most important photojournalism competition. This year’s winning works were chosen from among 64,823 nominees, including photos and open formats, by 4,066 photographers from 130 countries. These are signed works by major global newspapers, such as National Geographic and BBC, Cnn, Times, Le Monde and El Pais vying for the title in various categories of the photojournalism competition. Also present”Carlo Levi120 years after the artist was born with 30 paintings and other curiosities, the “Unlimited Collection. International Art Since 1990″ which focuses on 56 works, many of which are rarely shown.

May 1st in the family: from Dante to puppets, from games to an afternoon at the theater

Franca Cassin

For photography lovers who haven’t visited yet, don’t miss the exhibition featuring 250 Snapshots from Vivian Meyer, one of the main proponents of so-called street photography. Straight from the title of “Inedita”, the exhibition that arrives in Italy after its first stop at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris aims to tell unknown or unknown aspects of the mysterious human and artistic story of Vivian Mayer, an artist known on the international scene starting from 2007, when a collection was discovered His photographs a few years after his death, which occurred in 2009. On the occasion of the exhibition in the rooms of the Chiablese, there is also an unpublished collection of shots made by the artist in Turin in 1959, as well as in a presentation of Vivien Mayer’s personal belongings. The exhibition, curated by Anne Maureen, is curated by diChroma Photography in collaboration with Royal Museums, Ares in Turin, John Maloof Group in Chicago and Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York. The exhibition is supported by Women In Motion, the Kering program to highlight the role of women in arts and culture.

Among fabrics and flowers to brilliantly celebrate (even outside of Turin) Labor Day

Franca Cassin

Looking to the east
Mao will, as usual, provide a glimpse into the East. Starting from the chance of admiration”kakimono. Five Centuries of Japanese Painting. Perino groupIn the presence of 125 paintings, precious fans and colored lacquer. In addition, in the rooms there will be a photo exhibition “Belief in the Body in Southeast Asia”, curated by Eva Rapoport. Also evidence is the precious Japanese kika in the “Buddha’s Robe”.

sexy sunday
The National Film Museum, from 9 to 20, will open its doors to visitors not only to its rooms, but also “Dario Argento – The Show”, the exhibition dedicated to the master of suspense who has filmed several films in Turin. Special occasions for the occasion will be welcomed: at 10 and 15 there will be a tour “Discover the Museum”, a guided tour at 12 will be in English. In addition, at 10.20, 14 and 16.30 Thanks to the “Climb at the foot of the dome”, attendees will accompany the itinerary from the ground floor to the panoramic balcony at a height of 85 m along the hollow stairs of the dome to discover architectural wonders and unseen places in the mole.

Automotoretrò and automotoracing
In Lingotto until May 1 there 39th version of Automotoretrò and 12th version of Automotoracing: The wonderful Turin fair dedicated to historical motorsports, which since 1983 has presented a selection of the best jewelry of the past on two and four wheels. Today it has over 1,200 exhibitors and over 67,000 visitors from all over Europe, with a consolidated presence from France, Switzerland, the UK, Spain, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Automotoracing has instead become a reference point in Italy since 2009 for all fans of racing cars, motorcycles, customization, tuning and racing.


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