What to do on a weekend in Forli and its surroundings

In addition to the traditional dates, with food, music, theater and art, we also go to discover the area, with different excursions, one suggestive of the tunnels of the Ridracoli Dam, then the sports charity event Forlì Green City Trail, the intergenerational party. We should not forget also the rich program of concerts and events organized by Cgil, Cisl and Uil on May 1. Here’s all the action in the Forlì region from Friday to Sunday.

May 1st will see the main event in the arena in Forlì at 3pm. After ‘Città di Forlì’ and the traditional meeting of secretaries general of Cgil, Cisl and Uil (interval at 4.15pm), 16 Teen Rock Bands will perform. Presented by Francesca Fantini (3.45pm-7pm). Musical and contemplative events will also be held in 10 other municipalities in the Forlì region.

San Pellegrino, Street Food Festival and May Fires

The big one returns on Sunday San Pellegrino or Cedar Fair. Throughout May 1, the day San Pellegrino left his earthly life, the center of Forlì comes alive with the many stalls located near the church of Santa Maria dei Servi. Eight days of street food with the best kitchens on wheels will revive I Portici instead. Forli Street Food Festival arrives in town, a stone’s throw from the center, until Sunday: about twenty trucks loaded with food from all over Italy and the world, street artists from the region, surprises and games for the little ones, and lots of music. After a two-year break, the date is with me May fires Which is lit on Saturday evening and at the bottom of the River Bedent, in Santa Sofia, bonfires will be lit to welcome summer: as a corollary dinner, fireworks, and music.

in music

Songs of All Time, Those That Never Played with the Band: John Butler returns to Romania, this time, the Australian front-runner was a guest at the Diego Fabri Theater in Forli on Friday. The latest album, “Home” is a very personal creation of songs that reflect everyday thinking, family and travel, have industrial rhythms and an electric soul. It will always take place on Fridays in the Basilica of San Mercuriale Easter concert by the city choir of Forli With a polyphonic program with music for Vivaldi, Verdi, Marcello, Dingler, Chokerpotty, Digi. On the organ Pietro Cattaneo, the conductor is led by Omar Baroui. This is the first Easter party the choir presents to the citizens and which will become a consistent date in the coming years, in addition to the traditional Christmas party. in the same evening Duostile in concert For “Live Friday Music” at Bioburg superfood restaurant in Forli: Valentina Cortesi and Giovanni Sandrini, voice on guitar. It’s a mythical name, and it’s the one that continues the 32nd season of the Sismica region. Composer, pianist and keyboard player, Craig Taborn He is in fact the most famous pianist of his generation, and one of the brightest stars in the music sky, not just jazz today. On Sunday, he will attend a concert at the Sismica district headquarters. New course date “Musical Pictures” Sunday at the Ridoto at the Diego Fabri Theater: It will be the Forli Saxophone Quartet, a four-member ensemble that is part of the young orchestra of the Angelo Masini Conservatory of Music directed by Maestro Fausto Fiorentini to move the stage redotto with notes and emotions. For this occasion, the foyer of the Diego Fabri Theater will be the setting for an event emphasizing the importance of accessibility and cultural inclusion. Indeed, after the concert and appetizers there will be a guided audio-described tour of the Great Gallery of the San Domenico Museums.

On the stages of theaters

Friday “The Best of the World” is shown at the Testori TheaterThe new generation gaming show, which debuted successfully online on Twitch a year ago. On stage, the show’s director was Michele Di Giacomo with Camila Berardi as Sophia, the young heroine of the story by Magdalena Barrell. Three “Holy Beasts” of Italian Theatre, Umberto Orsini, Franco Brniciaroli and Director Pier Luigi Pizzi, theater Comedy “Pour un oui ou pour un non”Written by Nathalie Serraut, one of the most important French writers of the second half of the twentieth century, it was shown at the Diego Fabri Theater in Forlì on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday Show “In Hell City”Directed by Stefano Naldi, it was instead shown at the Predappio Municipal Theatre. We’re not talking about anything other than boredom, the human psyche, the sacred fear of being alone, and the strong sense of instability that makes us struggle every day to stay in balance. Instead, it’s a romantic and exciting musical to the tunes of the Argentine tango, the scene that will be on the stage of Maria Gravedi on Saturday: “Tango in the heart”Written, scripted and directed by Claudio Figi.

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Parties, sports and excursions

date with “Intergenerational party”Friday in the green area of ​​Via Dragone in Forlì, to celebrate the anniversary of the European Day of Intergenerational Solidarity: the aim is to bring grandparents and children together with their families, park-goers, associations and citizens. Activities, games, readings, and workshops are scheduled. Forli Green City Trail, a non-competitive recreational sporting event this year also with the Institute of Oncology in Romania: Saturday appointment in the Ronco Lido park in Forli with two courses of 12 km and 6 km. Morgagni Square was conquered from spring until Sunday with “spring Eid”: Lots of grilled meat courses and Romania courses will be the protagonists of the festival as it features live music with ”Trio Santa Maradona” and ”Same Old Shoes”, as well as games and entertainment for families and children. appointments “Sunrise, Taste and Walk”, an initiative organized by the Rio del Sol farm and La Sabiona farm Dedicated to trekking, Nordic hiking and cycling enthusiasts who want to discover an evocative corner of Romania, with its flavors and landscapes. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, on foot or by mountain bike, it will be possible to travel on a five-kilometer itinerary, between breakfast and appetizers. We go “At the Giant’s Feet”, Saturday, with Guided tour of the Ridracoli Dam Tunnels: You will be able to discover what an inverted pendulum or a triple dam is, an exciting and exclusive visit possible only if accompanied by an expert. Sunday instead Trekking in one of the emblematic places of the Casentinesi Forest National Park: the reserve and the forest of La Verna. You’ll arrive at the sanctuary from below, along the first part of the Nature Trail, passing La Beccia and the “Cappella degli Uccelli” (built in 1602 to commemorate a truth told in Fioretti di San Francesco).

Art and cinema in all respects

The new exhibition date at the San Domenico Museums in Forli is open to the public, dedicated to the great female legend of our history, a mysterious and disfigured figure: Mary Magdalene. Through some of the most precious and amazing works of art dedicated to her, Forli exhibition “Madalena. Mystery and the image”. In 2022 – curated by Cristina Asedini, Paula Reeves and Fernando Mazuca – he intends to investigate the unsolved mystery about a woman named Maria who is still anxious and dazzled. Until July 10, the San Domenico Rooms will host 200 of the most important works of the 3rd century. AD to the 20th Century, divided into 11 sections, in an exhibition path that includes painting, sculpture, miniatures, tapestries, silverwork, and charts that permeate the greatest names of each era. On the occasion of the upcoming holiday, there will be another chance to better appreciate the wonderful exhibition: It will be activated in Fixed Departure Guide service Allowing you to take advantage of a guided tour without having to organize yourself as a group. with exposure “Art and Business – Dino Zuli, 50 Years of Creativity”Scheduled until October 2, at the Dino Zoli Foundation in Forli, the official opening celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Dino Zoli’s entrepreneurship activity: the exhibition offers a journey through the permanent collection’s work and key art projects promoted by the Dino Zoli Foundation. Wundergrafik Gallery in Forli is hosting an exhibition from Saturday Solo exhibition by Annie Wernert “Spring Journey with Sweet Music” Curated by David Bushini. Many abstract works from Wernert’s recent figurative cycles will be exhibited, with special attention being given to large paintings inspired by natural elements, and reinterpreted through music in all its forms, often within fantastic tales and fiction. 3 years after the last exhibition dedicated to Benito Partisani in art Mastro Lupo, Farniti Art Gallery in ForliAn in-depth study of the artistic journey of this exceptional character. Painter, painter, ceramist, and sculptor Benito Partizani (Predappio 1906-1969), he was a prominent man in the Predappio municipality, of which he became mayor in the immediate post-war period. Contemporary Art at MAF in Forlimpopoli, with an original proposal linking the Archaeological Museum in Piazza Fratti with the natural oasis of Spinadello: At the MAF it is possible to visit the exhibition “Animalium” of Silver Plachesi, and in parallel, at the Spinadello lift station, the “Aquarium” will be opened By Plachesi himself: The two exhibitions tell in the same style – recycled art technology (or art made from recycled materials) – the animal world on land (at MAF) and at the bottom of the sea (at Spinadello). The photographic exhibition opened in the Chapel of San Sebastiano in Forli “Invisible Children. Childhood Insurance”: The management of “Infanzia” magazine wanted to give a voice and image to this state of disappearance, urging families to represent it through depictions of games and educational activities (remotely), moments of daily life, and tests of resistance and resilience in place. In their homes during the lockdown. Beginning in 2022, Comic Strip Dante begins the “Dante701” project, starting with a calendar of shows that sees Dante Disneyano event in the foreground. The gallery presents, both on-site and online, all the forms in which the Dante side has been presented through the work of Disney. It can be visited in Mussolini’s hometown of Predappio Exhibition “From Dovsha to Predappio Nova”: is an exhibition of books, documents, paintings, sculptures and bas-reliefs from collectors or public bodies that trace the history of Predappio and the surrounding lands. An exhibition collecting never-published memorabilia and documents from local archives and Tuscany collections, Exhibited at Palazzo Pretorio in Terra del Sole: Napoleon is still a legend today, a seemingly indomitable general, with visions that still amaze today but were also opposed by a large part of the Tuscan population of Romania who suffered between 1797 and 1801 from taxes, expropriation, and violence, as evidenced by documents preserved in the archives Terra del Sole. Moving towards Meldola, Rocca delle Caminate can be visited again To the public, after closing in the winter. Throughout the summer, the castle is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Sala San Luigi’s last pick for April is cyranoIt is adapted from the famous French novel Cyrano de Bergerac by Joe Wright. It is the story of the brave commander and poet Cyrano de Bergerac, who never wins on the battlefield or in duels, and who ends up falling prey to the love of young Roxanne, sadly, in search of a rich marriage to restore the luster of her family’s title.


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