What are the all-new Italian locations for the TV series “Diavoli 2”?

The first miniseries on Sky TV “Diavoli” was set mainly in London and also a little in Italy. On the other hand, Season 2 of “Diavoli” sees our Pase increasingly the protagonist of the scene.

Inspired by Guido Maria Brera’s bestselling film I devils, who is also one of the creative producers of the new season, the film is set in the financial world where Dominic Morgan (Patrick Dempsey) and Massimo Ruggero (Alessandro Borghi) work. The new eight episodes were filmed between London and Rome.

The plot of “Demons 2”

Without spoilers, we are between 2016 and 2020, with Brexit on the cusp and Donald Trump being elected President of the USA. These are the first years in which 5G and Bitcoin are mentioned, years of agreements with China and also the years of the beginning of the terrible epidemic that hit the whole world.

Romanian sites

After being shot during lockdown, Rome proved to be an ideal place. According to collection designer Luca Merlini “Rome has been to us like the wonderful Cinecittà, offering places that are generally inaccessible and completely empty and completely at our disposal.”

Some scenes were filmed at the famous New Congress Center.”the cloudDesigned by Italian architect and designer Massimiliano Fuksas located in the EUR region. It hosts 55 thousand square meters of exhibitions and events. The building was awarded the Best Building Site Award by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Here are the New York and London Investment Bank offices where Massimo works. The “cloud” is the characteristic of the building and contains a hall with related services (lobby, bar, toilet, bathrooms, dressing rooms, translation and storage rooms). It is connected to the “Ordinances” or the polygonal building of glass, steel, and stone it contains by hanging walkways and via the “Temple,” the main supporting structure. Also part of the building is the “Lama”, which is the 449-room hotel.

Rome- Fuksas_nuvola

The new conference center “La Nuvola” by Massimiliano Fuxas at EUR in Rome

The producers of “Diavoli 2” were also “privileged”, so they announced themselves, filming in very exclusive venues, such as the Fendi headquarters in Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, better known as the Colosseum, that monumental and iconic building that is EUR . symbol.

It is made of reinforced concrete and covered with white travertine. It was opened in 1940, but work was stopped in 1943 due to the war, and was completed after the war. Four identical facades have 54 arches each. From 2013 until 2028, it was given to the couture collection Fendi.

Diavoli 2 Rome

Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, better known as the Colosseum at EUR in Rome

Due to the special architecture and references to the monumental forms of ancient Rome, the palace has often been used for the filming of films, television series, and commercials.

Among the most famous Roman buildings in which some scenes of financial excitement were filmed, there is also the building that houses the Court of Cassation, which the Romans call “the palaceNot so much because you go there to be judged and not because it is an ugly building, but because this building was born under an evil star and has never recovered itself. And since its inception it has faced problems mainly related to corruption. Which, for the court, is the pinnacle.

It was one of the greatest works in Rome, the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, and it must have had such great symbolic value that the first stone was laid In the presence of King Umberto On his birthday, March 14, Queen Margherita. But the palace was built in the wrong place, namely in the quite new district of Prati, on the left side of the Tiber, which was just rising at that time.

Rome Palace

The Palace of Rome, which houses the Court of Cassation

Too bad that the ground was mud and thus could barely support the weight of the building, so there were major stability issues during construction (the third floor was never added). There were problems until the 1970s, when they got their hands on it. Meanwhile, the public enclosure led to the suicide of architect Guglielmo Calderini.

There are also many great Roman scenes, some resembling the city of London (and in the series it looks like that) and even the English countryside, with scenes filmed outdoors around the capital.


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