Wednesday 27 April Presentation by Renato Nicolini “The Delightful Anomaly”

Books – Wednesday 27 April Presentation of “The Joyful Anomaly” by Renato Nicolini

The April 27 Then, in the Mondadori Book Store on Via Luca Giordano, 73 / A in Naples at 18.00, the volume will be displayed Renato Nicolini, the delightful anomaly (Hephaestus editions) by Marco Testoni. The author will attend along to recapture the genius of this great figure, the Naples Culture Counsellor from 1994 to 1997: Antonio Pasolino (President of the Sudd Foundation and former Mayor of Naples), Lilo Savonardo (Professor at Federico II University), Enzo Derico (Director of Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno), Gino Avita (Author and Director of Rai) H Marilou Prati (Actress and partner of Nicolini), presented by Renato Maringo (journalist and writer).

Ten years after his death, this volume traces, for all intents and purposes, the first essay on Nicolini, tracing the great themes posed by the brilliant personality of the cultural advisor and promoter. A journey into the unconventional and the unfamiliar, into the smile and the political and cultural passion of a man who wrote a very important page in the cultural life of a country, Italy, who often forgets about his potential and his profession. Rediscovered by a multifaceted composer such as Marco Testoni – a musician and composer even before he became an essayist – for whom Nicolini is the inevitable reference to a magical and essential artistic season, the first Roman summer season, an experience that was brilliantly exported to the Neapolitan capital in the 1990s with numerous events memorable ones such as Neapolis Rock or important initiatives such as the reopening of the Mercadante Theatre.

“During the research work of writing the book, the real surprise was to find so much material related to Nicolini’s experience in Naples. Love and gratitude are evident from both his letters and his writings. I think that this city, with its people and culture, was for him a kind of wholesome and unexpected hope.” You might have responded in kind.”

The volume, which comes out for the Prima Repubblica series from Edizioni Efesto signed by Marco Testonicomposer and essayist, sees contributions Walter Tucci and Christian Raimo And David Tuzo He is enriched by a series of documents and video interviews: of his partner, the actress Marilou Pratifor managers Egidio Aeronicus And David Maringo. Finally, testified by Testoni himself and the painter Antonia Carme.

The book traces back the steps of a man of culture who is certainly simplistic in the definition of a politician: because Renato Nicolini was not only the parliamentarian and the cultural advisor who invented the word and gave it meaning. cultural policy He was also a maninstant removalsubordinate urban coolof the mixture of the intellectual and the popular, the innovator of the Roman summer, the friend of the theatrical avant-garde, the urban planner, the playwright, the actor, but above all a man who, through culture, had a profound influence on the social life and the quality of life of thousands of citizens, which led to the creation of A virtuous circle of innovative ideas that are still alive today in the memory of those who lived their time.

This work attempts to reconstruct the trajectory and plurality of his personality in an approach that never loses sight of the integration of Nicolini’s own artistic and political portrait: from the first experiences of political youth in the Faculty of Architecture to the fleeting encounter with Che Guevara in Cuba. ; From the astonishing discovery of avant-garde theater to a passion for cinema as a serial visitor to a film club; from the glories of the Roman summer apocalypse (to name a few, the Festival of Poets in Castelporziano with the main exponents of the American House generation and the various versions of cinema in Maxentius) to the parliamentary activity of three legislatures in the ranks of the PCI; of the painful rupture with the PDS on the occasion of his candidacy for mayor of Rome with the communist re-establishment in the Identity Department of the Municipality of Naples with Giunta Bassolino; From his many experiences of acting in theater and film to directing the Le Maschere Theater Laboratory of the University of Reggio Calabria where he was also a full professor of architectural composition.

So Nicolini was an advocate of the continuous processes of political and cultural germination that have deeply marked our social history. A character, as described by Testoni in his book, was “A joyful political anomaly which was so viewed, loved, and ultimately fought against, often by the same ruling class that proposed and nominated him. “


Marco TestoniBorn in Rome in 1960, he is a composer and conductor active in music for film, television series, and digital arts and the composer of music for immersive contemporary art and virtual reality. He wrote two articles on the relationship between applied music, visual media, and multimedia language. Collaborate with the magazine SoundtrackAnd 8 and ½ Web TV is drawn City soundtrack.

It deals with social art and cultural politics, among his contributions Activity and volunteering: a major misunderstanding of cultural work for free For the book of the large active citizenship movement as a city H For a culture spread as a shared value The first article of it has been a member of the National Directorate since 2019.

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