Waiting for the first eclipse of this year

The ranking of the luckiest zodiac signs for the week from Monday, April 25 to Sunday, May 1 will still see the water signs triumph, filled with passion and sensitivity. To amplify all this, there will also be the first eclipse of 2022: Here’s the forecast for next week, sign by sign!

at Ranking of the luckiest zodiac For the week from Monday, April 25 to Sunday, May 1, 2022, we’ll see the triumph of love and sexual attraction in the water signs. But pay attention to introspection energies Very strong on April 30: there will be the first eclipse of the year, in Taurus with the new moon at 10 degrees.

Horoscope, ranking of the most fortunate signs for the next week

In Celtic, Druid and Gaelic culture, Beltane is celebrated on May 1, one of the eight Saturdays. This festival is associated with the element of fire used in traditions to purify livestock as a sign of good fortune. Fire is also a hymn to fertility and sensuality, an aspect we find in almost all ancient celebrations of this holiday.

12. Twins

At least until the end of next week, dear Gemini, you’re going to continue to be so intractable, that you shouldn’t be surprised if we throw up a headache when you ask us out. I know it’s strange for you, who are usually the kings of the party, to be treated like friends to whom you give the address you give to the party but it’s wrong. All the fault of the many planets in Pisces who don’t want to make you smile.

Aries on April 19, 2022: Aries passes the ball to Taurus

11. Sagittarius

Also this week, it will be completely impossible to curb your desire to explain to us how life, the world and even the natural cycle of the formation of substances work. The truth is that it is possible that the sexual attraction of the professor will give way to an irrepressible desire (on our part) to lie to you. Our boldest sexual desire would be to hear you say “I was wrong.” Maybe you’re a little overkill in giving us lessons?

10. Virgo

This week too, you’ll be nice next week, Virginia! Every mistake opposing Venus and Mars is what blows your nerves several times a day: before, after, and during meals. The problem is not with you of course, but all those idiots who gravitate around you and whom you would like to see locked up like monkeys in the zoo. Maybe diplomacy in another life, huh??!

9. Aquarius

This will be the fault of the wheel, Aquarius, but gaffes will be so really on the agenda this week that before you open your mouth I advise passing on the words to scrutinize the oversight of a trusted friend or relative. In any case, it would be a good idea to put off, with any excuse, a face-to-face chat with potential partners or partners… as long as you want to keep them close, of course!

8. Aries

Melancholy has gripped you like a damned poet and you find yourself complaining about the evils of the world, your own, and the evils of others too. It is said that this is empathy and compassion… In short, anyone who wants to go out and laugh should connect with someone else!

7. Libra

You’re so serious these days that we’ll see you shake your head a few times in opposition when someone suggests going out for an aperitif, dancing, or partying. You invest your time as a real manager who uses every minute for his personal growth. You basically go to school at Elon Musk.

6. Leo

It’s impossible to decide on things that make sense these days… In your mind, the words swing around and don’t line up even if you ask for them. So in short, if there’s one person you really should stay away from, it’s the boss. If you see it, run!

5. Capricorn

Feel happy as if you have just completed a master’s degree in Laughter Yoga! Happy, sensitive, emotional, and also full of desire to listen to all the problems of friends and relatives. Blessed are those who meet you and especially those who keep you for a good part of the day less than a meter away, Capricorn!

4. Scorpio

You’re in an oddly good mood and no one will ask too many questions about it, even if there’s one thing you can’t do is give reasonable answers. For the rest, you make up for amazing kisses, the sexiness of a nightclub dancer and the desire to cuddle like a koala mother with her child. all together.

3. Bull

You also want to chat with the cup of coffee in the morning and with the flower vase on the desk. In fact, you want to say nice things and make phrases about love so beautiful and romantic that even Romeo in Romeo and Juliet fades away. You have your eyes on your heart and this time it’s not all about the prosecco!

2. Pisces

You feel as good as if you finished your yoga class at 9 am, planned the work day and prepared a healthy and nutritious snack for your kids. Flawless, flawless, practically perfect. Enjoy this feeling because for those of you who often live among feelings of doubt and guilt, it should not be underestimated.

1. Cancer

Your fun this week will be like that of a big cat lying in the sun with no kids around, full stomach and a pampering session on the way. If you are asked to fulfill a wish, then you will encounter serious problems: you already have everything that makes you happy.

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