VV recorded the craziest pop song of the year

It doesn’t seem right that the craziest pop record of the year was made by VV, the brilliant outsider, able composer, musician who is always forward looking, and now also the creator of worlds. It doesn’t sound right because we let it wrestle with the imagination but in all the traditional songs right And with cosmic pain eye drops. We find her immersed in a massive parallel universe (and even a bit of a hyperpop) singing and playing colorful, crazy, girly songs, set on a journey into the unknown structured like a video game. Hoping to get a moment before the match ends happiness.

VV, whose name is Viviana Colombo, is unlike any other, especially now that she has invented MetaVerso for her debut album. I love you think your dreams feel it. There are nine intro songs interspersed with four interludes that feature the usual video game bugs and whistles. It’s an emergent treatise on the search for meaning in which you constantly flutter through pieces full of sound cues, songs full of unexpected turns, intentional pollution, and drops that open like holes under your feet and take you elsewhere. “There’s an idea” to use variations of rhythm and harmonic tweaks to make the listener’s experience a journey, not letting them relax into a traditional pattern that bored me above all, VV says. I feel the need for color, for movement.”

In addition to writing and singing, VV took an interest in production along with Federico Nardelli, graduated in electronic music and composition for applied music at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, already in the studio with Tommaso Paradiso, Gazzelle, Ligabue, Colapesce, Dimartino, Fulminaci, Samuel, Gazelle , Francesca Michelin and many others. “I can’t even tell you what the music is,” VV says. not important. Giving a less generic name to “pop” for this record would be meaningless.

The album was born as a mixture of analog and digital, with the latter used to manipulate the former beyond recognition. “I like the idea of ​​mixing past and present, mixing analog beats and samples,” VV explains. “Don’t just use a certain instrument, but create a new sound by adding different elements. We experimented with less conventional devices, using for example the OP-1 keyboard, an expensive type of game that lends itself a lot to working with sounds taken from different sources, but also Moog, various plug-ins that reproduce for example 808 or Mellotron, It’s a small battery powered Marshall amplifier.” The sound is often filtered, sometimes almost unrecognizable, trebled, and doubled.” We’ve used a lot of plug-ins called AlterBoy that change the look of the sound. I didn’t want to make one of those recordings where the artist and his voice were at the center. Takes two hundred: The voice in the chorus rises entirely to the top, and its effect is almost childlike.” As a result the sound has been decentralized and transformed into sound, an option that moves VV away from classic Italian pop music.

I love you think your dreams feel it It’s at the intersection between the visuals of video games, Digicore, and the world of souls. “I love the aesthetics of some things that come from Japan, which is why the fun sounds or glitches, the surreal line, the video game metaphor.” Not the latest generation video games, nor the high definition games that aim to perfectly simulate reality. The disc instead evokes old video games. Everything contributes to creating a very colorful and high-quality VVland, not an accurate reproduction of the reality in which we live, but an alternate world around which an avatar revolves our questions: Are you happy?

One of the interesting things is that this idea does not come from an aspiring pop star full of claims researching the coolness of Charli XCX or the sophistication of Caroline Polachek, but from an Italian musician who cites Jovanotti as an example to follow as an artist. of “has the ability to combine lightness with the desire to make the listener feel good.” This vital impulse is realized not only in words, but also in music, for example in antitoxin Which will be presented by VV at the concert on May 1 accompanied by guitarist Ettore Giannì, a Song I Feel Happy Which talks about love as opposed to existential sadness, or in sparka rudimentary, if not really primitive, invitation to jump and dance with a minimized text and a James Brown-style scream, via Prince.

The truth is that I love you think your dreams feel it It’s funny, funny and not at all pretentious at the same time. It starts with a song called poison which has no traditional structure, but is a three-stage journey that culminates in a drop. And the record goes on, recounting and evoking the rebellion against boredom and a sense of powerlessness, the change we yearn for and which we are often the first to sabotage. And in pieces like two hundred And the title path suggests that if you save yourself, you save yourself with others – these else who for the first time enter the world of VV. “The P towards Last year was a conversation about me and myself. Now I want to involve others in my existential questions as well. In sharing I find the meaning of things, perhaps creating that missing grouping, bringing together people who have the same interests as me. In fact, as I was writing these pieces, I was thinking who would hear them at the party.” In this sense, the statement Reeds are a decorative materialan unabashedly positive article about wanting to get rid of our sad faces and try to be healthy.

Come to think of it, not just the album, but VV’s entire artistic history is like a video game: every stage, a level to conquer and a world to explore. After the false start with the double experiment A the sound – After all, how many times do you die before passing level 1? She searched for herself in a series of progressively numbered, self-produced songs (the last of which was distance_07) Recorded in the living room: Level 2, the bedroom pop-up, with the world entering through the window and ending up in the audio files. With righta piece on the search for balance in life that features the wonderful indeterminacy of the main phrase “I feel like a city in a forest, in green”, VV reached Level 3, culminating in the EP towards. now with I love you think your dreams feel it It’s on the fourth level, stuff for more than skilled players. “I don’t want to settle, I like the idea of ​​unpredictability.”

not. It’s true that last year VV released funky pieces like Paranoia With Memento, however, the break with the past is so radical that one would think he conceived the album as a reaction to the poignant character of some of his songs. “I needed to use the energy of sound and music to convey the sense of discovering how to feel good, how to be happy. After all, my music was dedicated to this. If I wanted, there is the poetry of lightness, there is a desire to use sounds to color everyday life and search for the meaning of existence. And perhaps be useful to those who listen to me.”

In the end it turns out that happiness has the voice of the Beatles. Meaning that the album ends with a piece called happiness Where, as Lucio Dalla did years ago, the risky and elusive character is sung to happiness, which is the subject of much VV music. “It is the song that most attracted me to writing. I had the first part that was almost sternello, but didn’t know how to go on. To put a classic editorial with an inflection would be an understatement.”

In the end it was inspired by Day in the life by The Beatles and gave the song an unexpected poetic direction, making it a mini digital symphony with an airy ending. It leaves you wanting more, listening more, and dismissing you with the idea that maybe he’s not even at the last level I love you think your dreams feel it I was able to absorb this blessed happiness, but at least the journey to get there was wonderful.

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