Vittorio Cecchi Jorri, 80 years old: “I was going to marry her to Ornella Muti. Today I am alone »| the interview

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Relationships with Rita Rosic and Valeria Marini, Legacy, Hospitalization: The former producer speaks for himself, between cinematic successes and a string of misfortunes

“In paraphrasing a movie I made, I hope this will be my ‘first 80 years. Vittorio Secchi Gore He still knows how to laugh, despite the aches and pains of life and the sorrows of life which he describes as a movie. Christmas is today April 27. In January, he was hospitalized, still serving a cumulative sentence of eight years and five months under house arrest for the Safin and Fiorentina film crash, which has since been suspended for health reasons: “The heart made a fuss. Now I feel tight, I can do everything, but sit ». In the house in Parioli owned by his parents, he looked at Rome from the windows: “Unfortunately, I had some benefits, but it was better not to have them, because it depends on my state of health.” Judicial troubles wiped out an empire made up of film, television and football. Ask: What errors do you recognize? “I had a role in 48 companies, something escaped me, but I didn’t realize I did anything wrong, I still don’t know what happened.” He sighs: “I only hope that President Sergio Mattarella, fair and calm, will grant me the honor of grace.” Most of our cinematic work was produced by Vittorio Cecchi Jorge, initially with his father Mario.

Naples in Milan. We shot it in 52, I was 10 years old. Eduardo de Filippo made me sit on his feet. I grumbled: Dad, he’s got bony knees.

Silence By Martin Scorsese, in 2015. She also co-produced Scorsese Irish, with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, but I couldn’t go, I was sick. With America I kept working because my companies were not affected by the bankruptcy there. Americans keep urging me to do something else. I have the script to remake overtaking, with Dino Risi’s son, Marco, and perhaps with Alessandro Gassman, whom he doesn’t like much. I’m a member of the Oscars jury, I hear other jury members, remaking films are all the rage. I just have to be fine, start moving again. I still want to make a good movie.”

How much time do you miss production?

“I always produce from my head. Everything I see, in my head, turns into a movie. Today, I woke up thinking about Carlo Verdone, and I would like to remake it My sister and I“.

Verdone, Risi, Benigni, Pieraccioni and Tornatore co-starred in a 2019 documentary called “Cecchi: Gori an Italian family”. Has your manager stayed close to you?

“I love them and I think they want me.”

Where did the first movie have a big role?

Brancleon in the Crusades by Mario Monicelli, from 1970. E …otherwise we get angry It was my hunch. My dad didn’t understand: Everyone said Bud Spencer and Terence Hill without Spaghetti Western would never be seen. My father has never complimented me before. Many said to him: Tell him once that he is righteous. He: What are you crazy about? After that, I no longer check it! I also wanted to shoot the last film by Federico Fellini, and I wanted to gain experience with the greats. Still, Corky’s dad joke is famous: You always saved yourself, and your son needed to make a movie with Cecchi Gori.”

Seeing his name in the family company, what satisfaction was he in?

«I am indebted to Sergio Corbucci and Monica Vitti, with I don’t know you anymore, my love1980. We were Monica’s friends, how many films together…».

How many movies have you made in all?

“Up to 90 years between products and distributions. I still prefer movies to soap operas: a beautiful TV movie like no other. I review Mediterranean sea Written by Gabriel Salvatores, still relevant today.”

It’s among the three Academy Awards he keeps in the library, along with “Postino” and “Vita è bella.”

“I won it in my golden moment in America, where I had a home and credibility. I was good at promoting the movie. Unfortunately, I left Los Angeles: she’s too tired to go back and forth. Donald Trump told me to stay, maybe I was wrong.”

“I bought from him a house in New York, a penthouse and a large shed in Central Park, like hanging in a balloon, and then I lost him in my own trouble. Being friends, he was overflowing, but he was a simple man, he understood everything at once ».

Any other memorable encounters?

Gabriel Gracia Marquez. We were friends, I took him to the Mexico City Tournament who wanted to make the movie out of him Hundred Years of Solitude, but did not take the two. Then he asked Fidel Castro to invite me to take film lessons in Havana. Gabriel was very kind. For adults, too, everyday simplicity makes them great.”

Other greats surprisingly simple?

“Bill Gates came to pick me up with his wife in the station wagon.”

What was she doing with Bill Gates?

“I met him at the Sun Valley Conference.”

The so-called “billionaire conference”?

I went there for three years. I was working on a paid content platform in Europe, long before Netflix and the like came along. Not keeping up with the artistic views, I worried that the screens I saw were as big as the ones on TVs. With me Gates was president of Warner. I said: I can’t believe anyone sees a movie on a mobile phone.

On the other hand, did Gates really believe that?

“It was ahead of us. After that, I was eliminated from the game across the pitches.

“The order is to kill me,” he said at a press conference. Ever wanted to take it out?

Over time, things became clearer. I had Tmc, I was creating my third TV column, I had my share of what would become Sky and a huge movie library and a football team, so I understood the importance of film rights and TV football. Instead, there was a struggle with public television. They took everything from me, for a slight error compared to the breadth of what I was managing. But many events are open and I intend to restore something.”

How did it occur to her to say that the cocaine they found in the house was saffron??

“Who do you know? Of course I didn’t think I would go down in history for the sake of the saffron joke.”

Among the other two Academy Awards, what do you remember?

Benigni and Massimo Troisi were wonderful, they loved each other. I put them together in We just have to cry. Both wanted to penetrate America: we succeeded with Roberto, and also with Massimo, but he did not have time to see him ».

He died immediately after the shooting of the “postman” ended.

“He had the Neapolitan mentality of Di Filippo: the show goes on. When he realized he had to have heart surgery, he didn’t say so, he didn’t have the surgery and wanted to continue the movie. One evening, they and I invited him to dinner and he didn’t want to come to finish the dubbing. The next day, he left.

In the documentary, Benigni says that when he explained to her about “Johnny Stequino,” he imitated him, but she slept all the time. Then she opened her eyes and told him what to change in each scene.

“It used to happen when I lived in Los Angeles, and with nine hours of jet lag, I was always tired. I mastered a technique by which I listened with half my eyes closed and I seemed to be asleep.”

An amazing person you were so attached to?

«Vittorio Gassmann was a second father, and I have always been attached to him. We used to go play tennis here and there. In America I had a great friendship with Jack Nicholson. man’s problem He had to do it with Meryl Streep. She came to see me so scared to tell me she was pregnant. I removed the champagne to celebrate it. Merrill told everyone about her, which made me known and loved by all of Los Angeles.”

He said his life is a movie. Best development?

“The most beautiful thing about it was when I married Rita Rosic: I had Verdone and Enrico Montesano as witnesses. While the priest was celebrating, I saw them swaying in blue robes and it occurred to me to have them make a movie called two carabinieri. I told him there when I was getting married. It has been successful.”

Previously, the pink newspapers described her as “a theater boy who brings together actresses, Maria Grazia Buccella, Maria Giovanna Elmi …”.

“Playboy only does that in life. I worked. And during my work I knew actresses. Maria Grazia was my great love, and it ended because we were young, but we are still friends. On Christmas 2017, she was the one who took me to the hospital with a heart attack.”

“I like it very much. Mom said: I understand that you want to marry an actress, marry her, she is cute, she is beautiful. But we parted, it was a disappointment: I wish it would have ended in another way ».

His dad really said about Rita Rosic: Does my son have that in his pocket?

“I was an only child, I was 40, think of the sentence in this context. I wanted to get married, can’t I keep doing what? I’ve raised a family, we have two exceptional children, Mario graduated in economics in America, and Vitoria stores in Miami.” The marriage lasted 20 years.

Records indicate that she ended between a fight and attempts at mutual strangulation.

When people are known, gossip is inevitable and I’m sorry. I don’t hold a grudge against anyone, Rita and I are on good terms ».

Did I bother you when it was said that you discovered Peraccione or Panareello?

“I put it in production. He played a role in Attila God’s scourgeBut being an actress wasn’t the way to go for the producer’s wife. I told her: Help me with society. And I learned.”

Valeria Marini, five years together.

“It was a good story and a bit exhausting. He used to come to bed at six in the morning because he had an evening on the other side of the hemisphere.

“I’m alone now. I have some friends. In my eighties, I need friendship more: it doesn’t mean that I start imitating myself”

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