Vittorio Cecchi Jóri is 80 years old: “I will tell you about my cinematic life.” Photos and video

Ornella Muti will marry her. The house that Donald Trump bought and the meeting with Bill Gates. She won the Oscars. Bankruptcies and legal troubles. And after a lot of women, no relationship. open heart interview

Vittorio Cecchi Gori is 80 years old. And he tells himself on the tour: great Italian and international successes, many like, judicial problems. And old age passes by itself, and there is no woman around: “I have some friends. In my eighties I need friendship more: it is not that I begin to imitate myself ”- Photo | video

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Pending Punishment – The producer, at his home in Parioli, had a bad time a few months ago, when he was still under house arrest to serve eight years and five months due to filming accidents Savin and Fiorentina: “The heart made a fuss. Now I can’t breathe, I can do everything, but sit down.” The sentence was suspended for health reasons. And today he talks to Corriere della Sera. About these problems, in this regard, he specifies: “I had a role in 48 companies, something escaped me, but I did not realize that I had done anything wrong, I still do not know what happened. I only hope that President Sergio Mattarella, fair and calm, will give me honor Grace “.

Vittorio Secchi Guri was urgently hospitalized: that’s how he really is – research

saffron – There was a moment where he claimed someone wanted to make it out: “As time went on, things got a lot clearer. I had Tmc, I was creating my third TV column, I had my share of what would become Sky and a huge movie library and a football team, so I understood the importance of cinema rights. and television football. Instead, there was a struggle with public television. They took everything from me, for a slight error compared to the breadth of what I was managing. But many events are open and I intend to restore something.” But his sentence about cocaine found at home that he swore to be saffron went viral for those problems: “Of course I didn’t think I’d go down in history for the saffron joke.”

Vittorio Secchi Guri was urgently hospitalized with ischemia and heart problems: Valeria Marini and Rita Rosic are close to him – research

A life from the movie – Before that, he had inherited and built a cinema empire, a world he had grown up in but had not completely abandoned. His last collection is actually Silence, by Martin Scorsese, 2015: “Di Scorsese also co-produced The Irishman, with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, but I couldn’t go, I was sick. With America I continued to work because my companies were not affected by the bankruptcy there.” Americans keep urging me to do something else. I have a new Sorbasso script ready, with Dino Risi’s son, Marco, and perhaps with Alessandro Gassman, who doesn’t like much. I’m a member of the Oscars jury, I hear other jury members, re Filmmaking is all the rage. I just have to be okay, start moving again. I still want to make a good movie.” Three Oscars are kept in the library: Mediterranean seaAnd The Delivery man And Life is beautiful.

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My discoveries and father’s congratulations – The actors he worked with loved him. And Vittorio well remembers when his father gave his first appreciation: “Otherwise, we get angry It was my hunch. My dad didn’t understand: Everyone said Bud Spencer and Terence Hill without Spaghetti Western would never be seen. My father has never complimented me before. Many said to him: Tell him once that he is righteous. Which is: What, are you crazy? After that, I no longer check it out! I also wanted to shoot the last film by Federico Fellini, and I wanted to gain experience with the greats. Still, Corky’s dad joke is famous: You always saved yourself, your son needed to make a movie with Cecchi Gori.”

Rita Rusic, it’s war with Vittorio Cecchi Gori: Monte Mario’s attic has been taken – research

big counters – He says of Donald Trump: “I bought him a house in New York, a penthouse and supperenthouse in Central Park, like hanging in a balloon, and then I lost him in my own trouble. We made friends, he was overflowing, but he was a simple guy, he understood everything quickly.” There was also a friendship with Gabriel García Márquez: “I took Tornatore to Mexico City who wanted to make the film From One Hundred Years of Solitude, but the two of them did not take it. Then he asked Fidel Castro to invite me to take film lessons in Havana. Gabriel was very nice. For adults. Also an everyday simplicity that makes them great.” Then there was Bill Gates: “He came to pick me up with his wife in the station wagon.” She met him at a Sun Valley conference: “I was working on a European paid content platform, long before Netflix and the like came along. I wasn’t up to par in artistic views, I was worried that the screens I saw were as big as those on consoles. TV. With me and Gates was Warner’s boss. I said, ‘I don’t think anyone sees a movie on a mobile phone… I’m then fired from work in the courts.’

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Likes – If Vittorio Gassman remembers him as a second father, in America he had close relations with Jack Nicholson. But for many years he had a reputation as a playboy who conquered women, like Maria Grazia Buccella and Maria Giovanna Elmi. But he points out: “Only Playboy does that in life. I worked. And during my work I knew actresses. Maria Grazia was my great love, and it ended because we were young, but we were still friends. At Christmas 2017, she was the one who took me to hospital with a heart attack. Then Ornella Muti: “I loved him very much. Mom said: I understand that you want to marry an actress, marry her, she is cute, she is beautiful. But we parted, it was a disappointment: I would have liked it to end in another way. ” Then Rita Rosic, whose father was told that the father would have said, “My son puts it in his pocket.” He recalls, “I was an only child, I was 40, think of the sentence in this context. I wanted to get married, can’t I keep doing what? I’ve created a family, we have two exceptional children, Mario graduated in economics in America, and Vitoria stores in Miami. The marriage lasted 20 years. I have no grudge against anyone, Rita and I are on good terms.” In fact, the most beautiful anecdote in his life relates to their marriage: “I had Verdone and Enrico Montesano as witnesses. While the priest was celebrating, I saw them strutting in blue suits and it occurred to me to make them make a movie called The Two Carabinieri. I told him there when I was getting married. It was a success.”

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At only 80 years old – The last woman in his life was Valeria Marini, who was close to him for five years: “It was a beautiful story, a little tired. He came to sleep at six in the morning because he had spent an evening on the other side of the hemisphere. Today many things have changed: “I am alone now. I have some friends. In my eighties, I need friendship more: it does not mean that I begin to imitate myself. “

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