Vasco party, between ticket speculation and prices that fly to sleep, there are those who say “yes”, and hoteliers: “enough exploitation”

Trento. While Reselling tickets goes crazy online, Hotel room rates also fly on the nights of early May 20th, with the risk that everything will turn into big, big, region-wide speculation towards visitors from the rest of Italy. On the other hand, the formula The same as what the county wanted, which stipulated 60,000 “banned” tickets for residents Trentino Alto Adige and Tyrol It gave them a huge competitive advantage in buying tickets Compare us Citizens from outside the region Hence the phenomenon promotion And than just resale By the population it was necessary to allocate the budget. At the same time If you are looking for a family through the main booking platforms Nights The result is proposals that in some cases It also exceeds 700 euroseven some I am 1.000 Euro for two nights on horseback Between Thursday 19 and Friday 20 May and Saturday 21.

And there are those who manage to make both moves, reselling tickets and suggesting an oversized room: it happenedfamily agritur Provincial council member Lorenzo Osana who promoted on Facebook for offertona for one night two people in Val di Non più two tickets for a party Russian Vasco on May 20 For 800 euros “only”. In the general framework of The risk of speculation without much scruples Against other citizens from outside the region today, an appeal came from hoteliers in Trentino who sawAn opportunity to seize it without taking advantage“.

Hotel owners of departments Trento and the Adige Valley in Onats and Acats, In fact, they ask for a team effort to ensure the excellent success of an event which, they explain, represents an extraordinary opportunity for the territory: “We think it is appropriate – they explain. Giovanni Port and Natal Rigotti Let go of exploitation and focus All this to ensure that the Vasco Rossi party can best express its potential Both economically and in terms of image. The possibility that, so far, The numbers are fully confirmed“.

The allure of Giovanni Porte, Onat, and Natalie Rigotti, Aces, starts from the assumption that the Vasco Rossi concert on May 20 has a double value: economic but also image. From an economic point of view, a study by Confcommercio Trentino have determined, according to it “in discretion”, an induced amount of More than 6,100,000 euros For companies in the third sector only. for these numbers Trentino upgrade value must be added.

“First of all – explains Natalie Rigotti, president of Asat Trento and Valle dell’Adige – The period is very interesting, because it anticipates the season and historically it is not a high season. From what I hear then Bookings are on average two or more days: average over two and a half/3 daysWhich means who comes? He comes not only for the concert but also for Trento and Trentino. Moreover, such a large number of visitors makes people talk about the city of Trento and Trentino, which is a good thing. I want to wish sincere So that this ceremony is truly a moment of celebration and opportunity for our economy and especially for tourism Struggling to get out of a very critical moment. Sorry to see this event exploit: I think that On these occasions, it is necessary to take a step forward and all work for the greater good And in order to respect these initiatives.”

risk that The event is being exploited by those who organize itand convert it into a kind of President’s Concertas it happened from the beginning, in fact He is very tall. On the other hand, there are those She does her job as advisors and journalists to the opposition who – which ”Supervision“So that everything It is done with the safety decorations and the attention it deserves A manifestation of these dimensions that I represented from the beginning Great danger to the region Which presented countless critical issues from a procedural and administrative point of view. To this must be added the inconvenience and inefficiency they cause to the rest of the population On the days close to the event, not to mention public vehicle use (from ambulances to firefighters passing through the police) which should all be ‘voted’ for the cause of the concert.

But the hoteliers, on their own, They are happy, Giovanni Porte explains From Unat Trentino and Valle dell’Adige: “Le There are economic repercussions and they are becoming increasingly evident, I saw the Brewing in the hotel sector (and not only) in the city and neighboring towns, even Garda. The study on the relevant activities that we carried out as Confcommercio Trentino would probably be very wise: a little less than a month after the event, we are seeing a growing demand that rewards both hotels and other companies operating in the tourism sector. But apart from the concert itself, which we all hope will be a success, this event gives us the opportunity to open up a discussion about the future of tourism in our province. What has been done in the past is certainly excellent, and it has allowed us to achieve important results. Although today The world has changed and the dynamics in tourism are also very fast: an event like the Vasco Russia event is also a sign of the region’s ability to adapt to change., to learn how to equip and work efficiently to deliver high-level experiences, without distorting oneself. I think the economic system and almost the entire population have understood the opportunities that open up to Trentino.”

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