Ubik Savona Library: culture, associations, books, passion

Savona – Walking through the center of Savona, in one of the most famous and lively squares, you come across a library that has been around for fifteen years. At first glance it may seem like one of many, but it is not. In addition to being a commercial activity like others, Over the years it has become the cultural center of the cityWelcoming young people from the various associations that in recent years have taken steps to improve the lives and rights of the citizens of Savona.

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Ubik Library: Top left Stefano Milano, owner of the library. Bottom right: Renata Barberis

But not only: Libreria Ubik Savona has also been organizing for several years, in addition to presentations and events throughout the year, Three-month literary festival. Much of everything this place represents is made possible by an energetic, sensitive and assertive person named Stefano Milano who has been the owner of the library since its birth in 2007.

When I asked Stefano to interview him to let him tell me This long and busy journey through the librarypassed the word on to Renata Barberis, who has been supporting him for years as a public face in presentations, organized events and artistic director of the festival.

first seed

“Books – Renata told me – have always been important to me and Stefano: an indispensable element for understanding reality, for exploring new ways of living and being. I am a psychosomatic therapist, Stefano’s friend for many years: Share your thoughts and ideas about what a library could be Even before he was born. One thing was clear from the start: it had to be not just a place of sale, but a lively place of ideas, exchanges, thoughts, ideas, and reflections. Thus the initial project already had a room within it available for events, presentations and even meetings.”

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Over the years, Renata has had the opportunity to hold scientific conferences, and at special events, even book presentations. Since the library’s opening, Stefano has offered her to be at the forefront of interviewing selected authors, beginning with Nico Orengo, the important Ligurian narrator and poet. Since then, many authors and female authors have followed each other In the room inside the library – including, a few weeks ago, Daniel Taruzzi, director of Italia che Cambia. These events over the past two years have also moved to the Internet, in order to continue to provide food for thought and hitherto unknown insights.

Cultural Presidency

Since its inception, the library has had a clear and specific goal, which is to have an active role in Savona’s cultural scenario: “Together with Stefano, we have thought for a long time and shared many ideas about what this library could be, both at the time of its birth and in the course of its history : What role could it be? How can it become an active part of our city?

The library originated in the pedestrian zone of the city and has a central space that allows it to be clearly visible and easily accessible. But it’s much more than that: this library is indeed a physical place, but The mental, psychological and cultural space is also perceived in a subtle but obvious way which she has created around herself among the people who frequent her, visit her and support her in recent years.

Opening a library is not a private business, but an event that has had an impact on the fabric of the entire city

Both Renata – and especially Stefano – being an active part of associations and non-profit organizations in the area, since its opening, this place has become a “home of associations”, especially those related to issues close to the values ​​of the stand: Environment, anti-fascism, solidarity, anti-racism, equality. Here these organizations are called upon to be champions in organizing and directing awareness-raising events on the issues they deal with, but also in selecting authors who can provide and communicate new insight, and stimulate reflection on complex issues.

Unusual wardrobe

During closings, especially the first, Stefano made a choice to keep the active thread that could still unite books and their readers, despite the limitations. Like? By continuing to take orders over the phone or online and deliver books on the bike. Not at all a trivial item that got me thinking, because it provides a lot of information about Stefano’s passion and love for what he does, but also On the role of culture and books in particular in the lives of many people. “People love to read, and it is indispensable to them, especially in difficult times like the ones they have been through in recent years.”

the festival

As mentioned earlier, from the experiences of individual presentations by authors and authors in the library, the idea was born to expand the audience and the time available to be able to delve into different topics and delve into more and more details. This is how I was born Parole Persians, a literary festival held every summer since 2009 Alpisola Square for three months, artistic director Renata, since its first edition.

“We are very satisfied with the work of these years: we even came to 500/600 people in the evening. We won an award in 2016, given to us by La Stampa and the Liguria region, for The cultural section as the best event of the year. We usually choose one author, artist, and character for each release and from there build the entire festival.

“Over the years we have dedicated the different versions to characters such as Don Gallo (godfather for years), Carlo Bertini, Simone de Beauvoir, Peppino Impastato, Luis Sepulveda. This year will instead be the centenary of the birth of Pier Paolo PasoliniSo he will have to dedicate this new edition, which will open its doors in June.”

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