Top and Flop Biennale Arte 2022

Here’s what convinced us and what didn’t convince us at the lake. Between exhibitions, projects, performances and digital arts. But also tell us what you think

The hectic week before the Venice Biennale of Arts opened to the public has just ended. dream milkedited by Cecilia Al Yamani, presented many ideas to the experts invited to preview, and also presented a rich program of guarantees added to the brutality between Giardini and Arsenal and the great hall of the National Pavilions. But this is what convinced us and what did not convince us.

1. Top – major group exhibitions

Surrealism and magic. View of the exhibition in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice 2022. Photo Irene Fanizza

Exhibitions aside The Venice Biennale has never been lacking and the standard has always been excellent. But this year, perhaps thanks to abstinence due to Covid, it appears the boundaries have been positively crossed. In no other city would you find, on the same days and just a few steps away, great staff Marilyn Dumas (Palazzo Grassi), a historical collection focused on Surrealism and magic (Guggenheim) and an exceptional focus on human brains With a breathtaking ambiance (Prada)? And we’ve limited ourselves to quite a few examples, because once you search, you’ll find, just to say, an unmissable gem like Joseph Boyce At Palazzo Cini.

2. TOP – events dedicated to Ukraine

Takashi Murakami and Damien Hirst, This is Ukraine: Defending Freedom, exhibition in Venice

After declaring its support for Ukraine, the 59th Biennial organized a series of demonstrations in close proximity to the occupied country: first and foremost, the solidarity installation Ukraine SquareWhich gave voice to Ukrainian artists, allowing them to express their resistance in art, tracing the sandbag-covered monuments we saw under the bombing. Then came the turn PinchukArtCentreAnd This is Ukraine: Defending Freedomwith works by Ukrainian artists along with works by artists from all over the world, such as Damien Hirstwho produced the custom work Heaven above conflictAnd Marina Abramovićwith impressive four-channel video stabilization count on usAnd Takashi Murakami And JR. Then came the turn without womenexhibition of a multimedia artist from Kyiv decoration Finally Colinaa statue of Ukrainian artist Oleksa Vodyak on a boat and traveled through the canals of Venice, before landing in Treviso, in an operation he promoted Imago Mundi Foundation.

3. TOP – HOMO FABER during the two-year period

Grégoire Scalabre, Thetis’ ultimate transformation, Ceramist

Born in 2018, Venice Expo Homo faber Organized by the Michelangelo Foundation, it found itself influencing the pandemic and rescheduled its rescheduling, which is curious to have happened in conjunction with the opening of the Biennale. The combination could not be happier (and I repeat it!): Many fairs, shops and stores of the city participated in the program “Homo faber in the cityIt aims to spread the contents of this great exhibition about high craftsmanship also throughout Venice. An additional opportunity for professional and knowledgeable visitors to the Biennale to discover artisanal excellence and the changing theme of contemporary art from time to time.

4. Top – Penumbra: Video Art Without Fear

In attendance and going exhibitions of the Biennale, Penumbra, promoted at the Ospedaletto Complex by Between Art Film Curated by Alessandro Rabotini and Leonardo Pegazzi, it had many advantages: introducing new works by international artists born between the 1970s and 1990s, all recently produced by the Foundation in an undoubtedly charming space, and providing space and interest to the video medium – which has always been the worst in major reviews – with works by Alessandro Rabotini and Leonardo Pegazzi. high quality. Among them is the video Pantelleria from Maspedo We’ve already talked about here, and it worked Jonathas de AndradeHe is also the protagonist of the Brazil Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. On the other hand, the quality of products between two As seen at the Biennale at Arsenal in the video torn it by the Athenian artist Janice RafaCreated for Mascarilla19.

5. TOP – Immersive Works by AORIST

DRIFT studio in Venice

Dutch duo Studio Drift, invited to carry out a project in the church of San Lorenzo, home of the Ocean Space, used one hundred small illuminated drones to project a dynamic feature of the natural world. Moreover, the organization the view She brought to Venice a work of Dutch artist Raphael Rosendal – one of the most famous representatives of the post-Internet trend – which can be visited at the meeting point of Venice, near the Arsenale. It’s an immersive little installation titled note Made of mirrors and screens that surround the visitor in a 360-degree angle with ever-changing shapes and colors. Complete the program X . code Online work signed by Swedish artist Jonas Lund. Beautiful program in art week lacking in digital art and immersive projects.

6. FLOP – San Marino deserves more

San Marino F. Matthew Banara

Great confusion, heterogeneous setup, many questionable choices and far from best setup practices and exhibits. Besides the selection of artists (eight, quite a lot!), the San Marino Pavilion has disappointed those who went as far as Fondamenta Nove where the splendid Palazzo Donà delle Rose stands out. This building and a thousand-year-old republic (and full of artistic excellence and landscape) like San Marino both deserve an entirely different function.

7. FLOP – Mark Quinn is out of place

Mark Quinn at the National Archaeological Museum in Venice with HistoryNow

iPhone screenshots appear in a gigantic format with artistic interventions superimposed. It is about the series date now for the artist Mark Quinn They were installed in the rooms – starting with the new entrance in the Piazzetta San Marco – of the Archaeological Museum of Venice. There is not a single room in which Quinn’s research (doubtful in itself) enters into a fertile and synergistic dialogue with the museum’s sculptures and artifacts. The operation failed.

8. Flounder – beautiful and slightly sustainable fairs

Kapoor Gallery Academia California Manfrin Girl. Irene Vanessa

Although, as we said earlier, there was no shortage of beautiful exhibits in the lake, a certain tendency towards muscular strength was observed, perhaps excessive, no doubt very unsustainable and perhaps not quite in keeping with the times. It is an approach that has involved many projects (from the exhibition Anish Kapoor To the galleries of Accademia and Palazzo Manfrin, from Anselm Kiefer In the Palazzo Ducale, right up to the Italian Pavilion in the Arsenale, just to name a few), it sometimes becomes more than anything else a gallery of power (and beautiful buildings), not only in an economic or political sense, but also in an artistic sense. All exhibits are very beautiful but victims of this situation.

9. Failed – schedule and dates

Arte Biennale 2022 Milk of Dreams Central Suite Ph.D. Irene Vanessa

Of course, Venice is a very expensive and complicated city, but how do you close all the spaces between 6 pm and 7 pm in the late afternoon on pre-opening days, effectively preventing journalists and operators in the sector from allowing themselves a few hours of work once it is over The central exhibition of the Biennale? Now in all art weeks around the world there are extended evening slots that allow you to improve times and lose as little content as possible to those who can’t stay in town for a week. Another factor for insiders to complain about was the early dates in April, between the Easter holiday and the April 25 holiday, with somewhat complicated regulatory and weather conditions. Finally, a plea to the press: Give us another day to preview the work. It is very difficult to write with respect for proper timing if you have to suffer between wing and ward in an endless queue (to see the Greek ward, on Wednesdays and not Saturdays, we spent two and a half hours waiting…). And if the goal is a double visit to find out more? forget that …

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