Top 5 Animated Movies About The Dark Knight

Simultaneously with the release of Jewel Matt Reeves (Read our review on The Batman), the masked crusader is back in the spotlight, especially after The Batman 2 was confirmed. Nobody. After recommending some dark and dark Batman comics, it’s time to move towards the comics strip.

One of the most famous incarnations is certainly the series that aired between 1992 and 1995. A product that still today, decades later, does not struggle to thrill both young and adult audiences. For nearly thirty years, Warner and DC Comics have collaborated to create successful transfers, both for film and for television. Let’s try to determine what they are Top Five Hangman Animated MoviesFrom the jewels of the turn of the century to the most recent.

Batman – Ghost Mask

It always starts with the best. In this case it is represented by ghost mask, from 1993, one of the best titles in character. Directed by Eric Radomsky A wonderful animator Bruce Timthe work presents an original story that delves into the hero’s past, and connects with the series but is very entertaining even for those who fast from it. Crime, mystery, love and action: every element is perfectly balanced from start to finish. The lesser known sides of the protagonist offering unique and memorable sequences, are explored with a level of depth never replicated even through live action rendering.

To make a DC feature film mind-blowing, Unmistakable design, able to give the appropriate thickness to a Gothic city in which unusual buildings dominate unchallenged. Joker’s role Mark Hamill And the mysterious and dark new Ghost Punisher who seems interested in the urban underworld.

Future Batman – Return of the Joker

Originally batman next2000 opera directed by well curt It is undoubtedly one of the most popular classics by fans DC Animated Universe (also known as diverse or Timvers, from the names of the creators). However, Bruce Wayne is not the protagonist of this novel, or at least not the main protagonist. Events, in fact, are events The young Terry McGuinness who, circa 2040, plays the new Ranger in the futuristic, technological, and cybernetic New Gotham. (With more than one nod to Katsuhiro Otomo’s new masterpiece in Tokyo, Akira – Who else do you share it with Main Animation Hiroyuki Aoyama).

To distinguish the title, based on the equivalent TV show, is the extraordinary style and lighter tones they hide behind More mature aspects (In fact, at the time of release, it was largely reworked due to a lot of violence and only in 2002 was the PG13 version released). An ancient evil believed to have been eradicated, which will shed light on a hidden past, will generate chaos.

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Many readers will not easily forget death in the familyone of the most intense and exciting stories of the masked crusaders. Under the red capwritten by Jude Winick (comic book author of the same name), starting directly from the end of the work Jim Starlin And the famous incident that marked the lives of the protagonists of the novel. Presently, a new character has appeared in the city crime scene, Red Hood, committed to giving anyone a hard time, justice and gangsters.

It must be said right away: those who are a little familiar with the comics and these characters, will not be surprised by the effect of surprise and the most disturbing revelations. But what matters here is not so much revelation as it matters How to get there and the consequences for the lives and psyche of those involved. Appreciated even by the most experienced, the nickname he sees Brandon Fetti Directing is a grim and gritty thriller, in which one of DC’s most exciting villains plays a first-class role.

LEGO Batman

Since the first appearance in the hall lego movie One thing was clear to everyone: Brick The Dark Knight literally stole the show in every sequence he was in. From there the next step, which is one Role Focuses on it completely directed by Chris McKay (Editor and co-director of the main project), it was inevitable. As we told you in our LEGO Batman review, what makes this product interesting is its premise: the person everyone loves actually fails to develop stable relationships and the Joker cannot accept that he is not considered his worst enemy.

The brakes jump when dozens and dozens of characters, related to the comic world and not (among them Voldemort, King Kong, and Sauron), enter the scene, collaborating for the sole purpose of entertainment. And they have succeeded completely, With a crazy spirit, a parody based on a very high pace, frenetic editing and a large number of fun gags. Are you still not convinced? Know that it’s also Hideo Kojima’s favorite Batman movie!

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Parts One and Two)

In the late eighties after the event Crisis on Infinite EarthsBatman’s face changes forever. The atmosphere is tinged with darkness and violence (bearing what has already begun Dennis O’Neill) and the assumed stylistic orientation after the television adaptation with Adam West. The advantage of this whole revolution Frank Millerone of the most important figures in the history of the ninth art, author First year And The Dark Knight Returns. This last work, between 2012 and 2013, achieved a new success thanks to a remarkable transfer.

Directed by Jay Oliva (Director Assault on Arkham And Dark Justice League) and written by Bob Goodman, this version Preserves with dignity the tones of Miller’s narrative arc, the atmosphere and the social and political implications, while distorting the visual sector. Indeed, the comedy from which the film sets off has a sloppy, rough line that doesn’t fit well with modern animation. Not bad, however, because the end results are excellent and the two parts honor the original artwork.

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