Tonight April 22 there is “The Band”, Rai Uno’s music turning point

For the column we see on TV, we’re reporting tonight April 22nd at Rai Uno at 9.20pm “the band”. Follow the press conference for the presentation. That’s what it is.

A garage, but a basement can also be used, to be soundproof (is the egg carton still there?). Guitar, drums, bass and microphone for sound. The dream: to become a rock band. or even not. Can. In the end, the important thing is to play. for passion. To be with the music by her side. At that point even age doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s exactly the old gadget to look for on the Internet, or the latest generation of keyboard, the tube subwoofer that doesn’t betray you when you’re on stage that keeps you, in case, you’re still young.
The new Rai Uno program that will build on these core components that cross continents, countries and generations Carlo Conte To deliver prime time on Friday, April 22, from the legendary stage Verdi Theater in Montecatini Terme. Four more episodes… The fifth episode in Mandela Forum in Florence Full of people to give well-deserved applause to the eight teams that will give life, to the voices of the covers, to this Rai brand talent in collaboration with Palomar. Also because, in the end, the winner won’t win anything other than a trophy with a gold plaque with “Squad of the Year 2022” written on it.
Yesterday’s press conference revealed all the details of a project that has been going on for three years. Manskin effectSo, it has nothing to do with it, it has been emphasized, to the point that there is a coordination of all of them in the pipeline at the moment top secret.
More than two thousand strictly unprofessional groups sent their nominations to Rai. Hence the skimming that led to the 16 teams that will compete on Friday from which the eight finalists will emerge and will be assigned high quality teachers.
Carlo Conte said: “We chose the teams that qualified for the finals – according to criteria that responded not only to ability to play; in fact, some of the excluded were worthy of appearing on stage in this sense, but we also looked for stories, characteristics and musical genres that they could give us.”
Indeed, the eight remaining to compete for the Platonic title will be able to count on the direct and certainly satisfactory contact of two exceptional teachers, one each: Jose Ferreri, Irene Grande, Dulcinera, Federico Zampaglione, Marco Masini, Francesco Sarsena, Rocco Tanica and Enrico Negoti.
It does not end here. For the eight teachers who will have the right to vote, there are three excellent jurors: Gianna Nannini, Asia Argento and Carlo VerdoneMoreover, at yesterday’s press conference.
“They have to break, I’m going to want this from them – patriotic Gianna said -. I don’t feel like a judge but a columnist who can give constructive criticism to these bands. I want to enter their past, listen to their voice like a doctor does, and hear everything.”
“Personally I will look for the vital force of each band – explains Asia Argento – Rock is this. For the rest, I am simply happy to live this experience with Gianna and Carla. I enjoy so much, in the literal sense of the term, to disagree: go elsewhere.”
“I took a very happy vacation after I found out what it was – explained Carlo Verdone – and the new path Rai Uno intends to take with this program. After all, my love for music is backed by hundreds of records and CDs, and I know the evolution of rock and soul. From the bands, I will research Above all about the originality, the personality of the singer, the quality of the formats, which is definitely important because they are songs about songs that could also be from the sixties and that have to live up to the current taste. So I will evaluate the spirit, the character and the originality.” Carlo Conte stated that the program could not ignore the proposal of covers that could expand the audience without forgetting those traditionally fond of proposals for Rai Uno shows and their format. On the other hand, he made it clear that in the last episode each band will suggest an unreleased song that will be able to draw on the precious teachings of teachers.
“This is my last entertainment program for Raiuno but the first, and I hope in a long line, for the new position at Rai Entertainment – Stefano Coletta in turn said -. The band is a source of pride that Raiuno has rejuvenated. We’ve scored significant numbers in the 15-24 age groups. And 24-34, male and female alike, the band is going in the right direction. Let’s change cards and the rock jump we’re making is beautiful. Public service needs it. Some time ago a cardiologist, at the end of my visit, told me he was playing in a band and invited me to go And listen. He’s definitely not the only person with a profession that’s not a musician but a passion for music that’s still alive. Do you have an idea how many bands play in our cities, in our villages, in clubs, in dance halls? Each of these has its own story to tell, and why He tells why; they have roots and ancestry among the most disparate nations of our country and with the band they will teach and share.”
“The goal – concluded Carlo Conte – is to bring family members of all ages together in front of the television.”
A new challenge for him, too.

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