“They teach boys.” Florida schools take 54 books

. state government Floridaled by Republican Ron DeSantis, banned the use of 54 books from mathematics in local schools, as Tallahassee authorities accused her of “teach boys“. Last Friday, the Sunshine State Department of Education banned these volumes from compulsory schools attended by children aged 3 to 17, arguing that the texts in question would contain”References to taboo subjects or inappropriate teaching strategiesThe content of the measure adopted by the State Department was detailed on Monday by Governor DeSantis himself, the conservative battle hero and potential challenger to Donald Trump in the procedures for selecting the Republican Party’s candidate for the White House in 2024.

Those 54 books, according to the governor, could have been banned because “Social and emotional contentIn fact, state officials tasked with reviewing 132 school volumes that had hitherto been used in the pages of accused texts, whose titles authorities did not disclose to local and citizenship media, ruled the federal entity, replete with references to explicit social and political issues such as racial issues, and sex, gender identity. Then DeSantis thundered: “Mathematics means giving the right answer and we want our children to learn to give the right answer, we don’t want them to tell us how they feel emotionally when faced with an arithmetic problem.“.

In detail, among the topics covered in 54 books, which were deemed unsuitable for developing regular study programs and “Contradicts applicable Florida law and educational standards“There were, in the first place, references to learning”social and emotional(Sell). This is a controversial teaching theory according to which the social and emotional characteristics of students must be recognized in the curriculum, the same importance as the language and mathematical skills that children learn in class.

In addition to references to Sel, those books were full of references to the so-called “cash race theory“The latter is a current of thought that racism in the United States would be an intrinsic feeling in American society and an instrumental in consolidating the supremacy of white citizens.

Of more importance in the books examined by the aforementioned section was the excessive adherence to these guidelines in the educational field promoted by proponents of”gradualCommon Core State Standards Initiative. This initiative is fiercely opposed by the conservative and religious world because of its fundamental will.”homogeneityAnd because it places little importance on the humanities, art and music in scholastic contexts.

The state Ministry of Education’s decision, which was upheld by the governor, received immediately applause Currents of the Republican Party are particularly sensitive to the religious message, while they have drawn harsh criticism from members of the Democratic Party and inspired liberal societies. Dame Carlos Smith, the LGBTQ’s first Hispanic Florida parliamentarian, attacked the ban by state institutions, denouncing the lack of transparency in the proceedings that led to the contested ruling. Then the parliamentarian took a nod from banning those mathematical texts to address puns directly to DeSantis: “The governor has turned our classrooms into political battlegrounds, and this is only the beginningChristopher Finan, a member of the National Coalition Against Censorship, also criticized the ban, describing it as “strangeDeSantis’ thesis that references to the critical theory of race can be clearly observed within the pages of popular school mathematics textbooks.

According to the governor’s critics, the Republican politician’s latest decision on the subject of education will be the final stage of the crusade that DeSantis has led in the name of his deeply conservative values. Before banning the use of these textbooks, the ruler had implemented his anti-liberal philosophy by signing the Don’t do gayA law that prohibits Florida school staff from talking to students about sexual orientation.

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