The Italian Recipe, the romantic comedy between China and Italy that opens the 24th Far East Film Festival

A Chinese romantic comedy set in Rome and born out of the idea of ​​Italian Alberto Simon. We talk to him about this global story about the dialogue between culture based on love, music and food that opens the Far East Film Festival in Udine.

A Chinese romantic comedy, but it was shot against the backdrop of the millennial beauty of Rome. a A global dialogue between cultures, in an unbeatable common language like love, between a Chinese boy and a girl, but also with Italian music and food. A mixed crew got their last shot the day Italy entered lockdown, in March 2020, after what happened in China for a few weeks. Italian recipeDirected by the young woman Hui Zuxin, will be shown on thousands of screens in the world’s most populous country. while The 24th Far East Film Festival opens tonight.

Co-production of Italy and China, which also includes Orissa production by Cristiano Bortone and Dauphin Film Company Written by Roberta Manfredi and Alberto Simon, with Al Rai cinema powered by Lazio regionAnd Lazio International Cinema Fund and support Rome Lazio Film Commission. The story is Mandy’s story, (huang yaw) A Chinese girl living in Rome dreams of becoming a chef like her superstar Antonino Canavaccolo. Pop idol Peng is also arriving in the same city to participate in a popular reality show. A series of unexpected events will help them meet, and after much initial mistrust it will be magical roman night To turn this confrontational clash into love story.

We talked about it with Alberto SimonAnd Original Story Author, Screenwriter, and One of the Producers of The Italian Recipe.

How was this project born?

Born over twelve years ago, he initially seemed to be a visionary. Imagining a project for the world’s largest film market was a foolish thing. The project found its way to explore the region, meet many interlocutors and make our own mistakes. meeting with Cristiano Burton Who has a lot of experience in China. We have identified important partners right there.

What is left more than this technical cooperation with the Chinese?

It was a great experience. In the first draft of the script I thought of something that united all people on this planet: love. The idea was to start from a romantic comedy, with the Italian protagonist and a Chinese guy, and then with Cristiano we realized that if we wanted a chance to enter that market, we had to tell a Chinese story that happened in Italy. Our values ​​and culture are what we offer. Thus was born the story of two boys who do not know each other but find an opportunity to meet in Rome. The best thing was to collaborate with a Chinese screenwriter directly from the writing, then with our chosen director, as well as seeing The artistic and technical staff, composed equally of Italians and Chinese, cooperates perfectly in the group. Something unique and unrepeatable, beyond our wildest expectations. Filming ended on the day it was also closed in Italy, while the Chinese movie was already in progress, causing concern for the Asian team on the set.

Love is the universal theme, but there are two other elements such as music and cooking, feelings that the two protagonists have been carrying for years.

The ingredients for the Italian recipe were, we thought about that by creating the title. Music was a very important component of the first theme. It was the music with its ambitions and dreams that brought the protagonist to Italy. Cooking is just as important The heroine, who dreams of becoming a chef by studying Italian cuisine. These are elements that not only unite different peoples and cultures, but that distinguish us in the world above all else. We are recognized and desired, even by peoples as far away as the Chinese. Being able to incorporate these elements into the story was certainly a winning idea to convince the Chinese of the feasibility of this project.

Speaking of communication between different cultures, not as at this moment, with this world premiere in Udine which has a long tradition of dialogue between Asian and Italian cultures, this story can be of particular significance.

The movie will be released in China once it reopens after what we hope will be the tail end of the pandemic. What he said amazes me, because we truly believe that finding the things that separate us from others in this moment is the simplest and wrong thing. With this film we want to convey the message that it is through the things that unite us that we can coexist on this planet. How two young men are chosen as heroes who begin their journey in life, overcoming the divisive elements even within the couple.. It could be an example of imagining a future in which we can live together without conflicts and excessive national identities.

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