The first Metaverse Music Awards

Logitech For Creators, the Logitech brand dedicated to content creators, today announced its second annual Logitech Song Breaker Awards.The first Music Awards show on Roblox. The awards celebrate the innovative creators who have shaped pop music through dance challenges, memes and trends they’ve created and shared on social media, especially TikTok and YouTube, over the past year. The show will premiere on Roblox on Saturday, April 30th at 7:00 PM CST, with three additional shows over the weekend. The pre-show starts today.

The Song Breaker Awards Show is just one of the ongoing projects under the global campaignTogether we makeFrom Logitech for Creators, who shares its vision of collaborating with creators to shape the future of content creation together.

This immersive world has been designed from the ground up as a creator-centric experience, making it fun for its community, which can interact and play with their favorite creators in unexpected ways. The Song Breaker Awards will be presented by famous digital influencer and artist Bretman Rock who said:

“I had so much fun collaborating with Logitech For Creators on the show… I’m going to be leading so you already know you’re going to have fun. I’m thrilled the community will join us in celebrating some of the most amazing and talented artists together!”

Also on the digital stage for the Song Breaker Awards will be Lizzo, the celebrity award-winning artist at the GRAMMY Awards. Lizzo, who presented her new song “Special” as part of the campaign hard logic From Logitech earlier this year, the song will be performing on stage at the awards ceremony said:

“I am delighted to be making my metaverse debut with Logitech and to be able to perform the song ‘Special’, a song that means a lot to me…As a musician and creator, I love that the Logitech Song Breaker Awards recognize the unique talent of all creators and creators. How does each impact them on pop culture and music.”

Other creators gathered for this year’s celebrations include Roblox MeganPlays Princess Peach, Twitch Streamer Shroud, and musician and activist Jaden Smith. There will also be a music performance by singer-songwriter GAYLE, best known for her song “abcde-forget-u”.

In a pre-show experience on Roblox, fans will be able to climb an epic roller coaster, Collect Creator coins, earn badges by playing to unlock special items, take XL selfies with friends, attend Creator Society cafe and hard logic Relax, and buy exclusive merchandise like Pop Key Hats, Litra Glow Wings and Lizzo Concert T-shirts for your avatar from the Logitech For Creators virtual store. Proceeds from all sales of digital merchandise will benefit MusiCares, the leading music charity. Founded by the Recording Academy in 1989, MusiCares serves as a safety net that supports the health and well-being of the music community.

For this year’s awards, Logitech and Breitman will highlight 10 creatives. These creators appeared on Billboard Song Breaker, a monthly music industry chart created in partnership with Logitech For Creators, to highlight the pioneering creators who are impacting music consumption through content creation and positively disrupting the dominant music business template.

Honorees include the Creators, the creators who initiated trends, dances and challenges, the Blasters, and famous content creators who have been able to post challenges to their audience and community. The honorees include:

  1. Cost n’ Mayor – “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind, & Fire (Remix). Couples Austin and Meredith Tlinko also teamed up with Logitech to create a motion capture to choreograph all of the winners, turning them into emotes on Roblox.
  2. David Vu – “Get Into it (Yuh)” by Doja Kat, Creator
  3. Derya Mac – “Own Brand Freestyle” by Derya Mac; originator
  4. GAYLE – “abcde-forget-u” by GAYLE; originator. GAYLE will receive this year’s Song Breaker Award. His song had the biggest impact on the Billboard Song Breaker chart, staying on the chart for three straight months.
  5. JuucyJ – “Might Be – Remix” by DJ Luke Nasty; originator
  6. JVKE – “This Is What It Feels Like to Fall in Love” by JVKE; originator
  7. Noah Beck – “Dinero” by Trinidad Cardona; amplifier
  8. Vano 3000 – “Running Away” by VANO 3000; originator
  9. Walker Hayes – “Fancy Like” Walker Hayes; originator. Hayes was nominated for this year’s 1st GRAMMY Award. During the pandemic, Hayes and his family have been making TikTok videos for fun, creating dances for many of the songs on his album. His TikTok video for “Fancy Like” garnered more than 2.5 million likes, which made the song go viral.
  10. Tracy Joseph – “Love Nwantiti” by C-Kay; originator

“This year we have pushed the boundaries, and we have continued to reimagine what an award show that focuses on creators can be like,” said Meredith Rojas, Logitech’s Head of Talent and Entertainment. “In building this engaging metaverse, we draw inspiration from the online communities that are leading the way for Web 3.0. It’s not a one-way conversation, it’s a two-way experience that brings creators and their communities together with the intent of creativity together.”

“We are always looking for new ways to bring unique and engaging experiences to our community,” said John Vlasopoulos, Vice President of Roblox and Global Head of Music. “Logitech’s hosting of the first Music Awards show on Roblox is exciting as we continue to push the boundaries of creativity on our platform and celebrate creators around the world.”

Attending the Song Breaker Awards Ceremony

The Song Breaker Awards will premiere on Saturday 30th April at 19:00 Italian time, with three additional shows on Saturday 22:00 Italian time and Sunday 1 May at 18:00 Italian time.

The Logitech pre-show trial and store open today on Roblox. Watch the trailer and try the preview at

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