The Duchess of Cambridge is now a style icon

Loved by the British, always flawless and elegant, it has become an icon of elegance and made us forget the endless controversies related to the Windsors: Eva Grippa’s book also studies aspects of the backlight

Catherine Middleton has managed to awaken the English royal house from the ashes in which it fell in recent decades: young, beautiful, always impeccable, gentle but never inappropriate or intrusive, thanks to the marriage of the coveted Prince William that made us forget the scandals, quarrels and gossip that She accompanied the House of Windsor for at least half a century. However, the life of Catherine, Kate for the whole world, was certainly not downhill. Immediately the English press did not dedicate entire pages to the Duchess of Cambridge in search of shades that could scratch the aura of perfection, but it seems that there is very little to blame for Kate.
Is this really perfect or is there a good image and communication work behind it? Try to answer this and other questions “Kate, lights and shadows of the future queen”, published by Republica journalist Eva Griba for DeAgostini: A fun, curious book that tells the tale of Catherine, who has gone from being a shy, petty student to a style icon who always lives up to her role.

Not exactly next door

There is a lot Public places to squander around Kate, was born in Reading, in the south of England, at the age of 40. She has always been presented as the girl next door who conquered a prince as in a beautiful fairy tale, but in fact, young Middleton, the first of three children, was not entirely of humble origins: his parents, two former British Airways employees, gave birth to a millionaire, Barty Pieces, able to guarantee well-being and comfort for the whole family. Catherine went to the best schoolsShe also had the privilege (perhaps not accidentally) to study at the same university, St Andrews, as the heir to the English throne, where she graduated in art history. It was the dream of many English girls, Prince. This is where the fileKate’s Rise, who in a few years turns from a very skinny and shy teenager into a beautiful and outgoing girl; The two get to know each other and become friends and little William begins to frequent Middleton’s house more and more, where a calm and cheerful atmosphere reigns away from the harsh and austere environment of the royal house.

fantasy wedding

The rest is a well-known story: the boys fall in love, try for a while to hide their union from journalists who are always looking for the scoop from the royal house and finally, In 2010, the post is official. Marriage comes between Kate and William Celebrated with great festivity on 29th April 2011 at Westminster Abbey Before an arrogant queen and a family finally united for a happy event. Her Royal Highness Kate wears a role that looks stitched on her, attends official ceremonies even without her husband, speaks in public, smiles and carefully measures information and news for transmission to the newspapers. Today we know everything about them thanks to the increasingly friendly press and above all thanks to social networks: the Instagram profile of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with more than 13 million followers, tells the family and the daily moments of the family that show children running on the beach, birthday cakes, grandmothers and grandchildren Tours and tennis matches as well as participation in official and social events.

Kate Middleton effect

In no time has he become an icon of style, his clothes (and those of the little princes George, Charlotte and Louis) being analyzed, studied, and reproduced in English department stores. Two years ago, described her as the UK’s most popular fashion influencer, while global fashion search platform Lyst calculated the impact on clothing buying: Searches for yellow jackets increased 20% immediately after its public appearance with a yellow shirt, while that searches for yellow jackets increased the striped upper part of the seas by 147%; It all has a name, the Kate Middleton influence, while Time listed her among the 100 most influential people in the world for two years.

What about the real Kate?

And here she is, beautiful, perfect, always smiling, no misplaced hair or mismatched bag, never at the center of controversy, never against the strict protocol of the royal house, never with the paparazzi in inappropriate situations: it is not surprising That the British love her, and that Queen Elizabeth II always showed her great sympathy. Is Kate really as lovable as she looks? Who is really Kate Middleton? “The answer I gave myself is that it’s all part of the character – Eva Grippa writes in the preface to her book – but the real Catherine, after all, no one knows who she is.” Ghariba certainly concluded by saying: “She is not ‘our’ princess, and she is not ‘one of us’, but she is an intriguing figure, the heroine of contemporary history, the character that takes place before our eyes.”

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