The competitor who was about to destroy everything

Like in fairy tales, or maybe not. The April 29, 2011 William of England And Kate Middleton Look from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, in front of a million people and nearly two billion people live on TV, sharing Husband and wife first kiss. Eleven years ago, Prince William and Kate they got married. a well-known girlBorn in the English county of Berkshire, he became Prince William’s wifeSecond in line to the British throne, the late Diana’s son, along with his brother Harry, is considered an “orphan of the kingdom”, as well as wanted descendant By a whole generation of girls, aristocrats and others.

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Eleven later can be said that a file The royal wedding is going well. Kate and Will are fine. But scandal close put pressure on their marriage. Indeed, over the years, the image of the perfection presented by the royal couple has only improved: the popularity of the Duchess of Cambridge has grown by the day. If at the first moments she seemed shy and awkward, now her popularity is universal and her behavior is impeccable for every occasion. William and Kate, with three heirs donated to the kingdom, are today The heart of the British monarchyThe couple the world dreams of seeing soon be crowned.

but the Their lives are not a fairy tale. Like any other couple, real or not, they have Experienced ups and downswith all the complications and difficulties of public life Washing dirty clothes at home, without leaking a trace to the newspapers. In these eleven years the spouses leaded also Third Disturbance Shadow. a rival in love for the Duchess of Cambridge. From the identity, released during the years of tabloid investigations, it is very similar to that of Catherine Middleton: tall, with long brown hair and a slender physique. A beautiful mother of three, the owner of a luxurious residence in the Norfolk countryside. It is located around the flowerAnd Marquis Cholmondelea woman of appearance It’s hard to forgetalso for Prince William.

Rose Hanbury was known in court because of her grandmother and bridesmaid to Queen Elizabeth at her wedding. that it previous model represented by Kate Moss AgencyAnd her husband, heir to a fortune estimated at about $100 million, announced their engagement in June 2009, the next day they revealed that Rose was pregnant and on the third day they got married.

With the marriage, it was Rose Become an incredible homeownerHoughton Hall, 1600 hectares of land and 106 rooms, but above all”neighborof the Dukes of Cambridge, who have their dukedoms in Norfolk country house, and part of William and Kate’s circle of friends. Rose’s three children, Oliver, Alexander and Iris, also have more or less The same age as Princes George, Charlotte and Louis.

After one night, during one dinner party From the Rose Organization for Charity, Kate was seen arguing with her husband Then she reacts in an icy manner to the smiles of the hostess. Then ask his closest friends in a concise manner: “Gradually eradicate rosesAccording to reports from royal family gossip experts, Rose and William were going to get a short flirt at Kate’s sensitive moment: when he was Pregnant with her third child, Louis. And the rumors reached Kate only a few years later.

Some friends of the royal couple suggest that after that evening “William tried to be a peacemaker so that the couple would remain friends, because they live close to each other and share a lot of common knowledge. But what Kate was very clear on the fact You don’t want to see them againDespite their social status.” Kensington Palace Reject gossip and insinuationIt threatens legal action.

But you know, from this point of view, the woman rules the couple. In fact, The beautiful marquis after that evening disappears from the radar Until you see it appears again unexpectedly by A Buckingham PalaceA guest at a dinner organized on the occasion of the visit of US President Donald Trump. Alone without her husbandalthough the couple were invited specifically because of the role of Lord Great Chamberlain by the Marquis of Cholmondele.

Kate and Rose are friends again, still suggest court malls. This is confirmed by the fact that Rose was seen attending a mass at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, on Sunday when William and Kate were also present. The rivalry between the two seemed to have eased after a period of parting. But many in the UK believe this is just a move aimed at permanently turning off the lights from Marquez. Wonderful woman put in serious crisis The fairytale wedding For a couple worthy of a Disney story.

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