The car that follows Orsini, the nightly negotiations, and Bianca Giletti’s solution to deceive Flores

One day we’ll talk about “The Scandal”, the unexpected and real-life drama in which everyone spied on everyone, everyone plotted everything, and anyone who seemed ordinary had committed at least one murder: the present-day treaty which at the time of the broadcast did not We acknowledge it as such. But today I would like to talk about a scene from the movie “Scandal” with Roman heroes.

I tell you this story as I have been told, I have no idea if it really happened (you won’t take me to anyone who gives news), and I tell you not so much as a sign of confidence in my country. Source (who swears it went exactly that way) as in honoring that old rule that says “print the legend”: if a story is beautiful, who cares if it’s fiction.

It is the night of Tuesday, April 19, and Professor Alessandro Orsini, having left the place he had been in contact with Carta Bianca, the Rai 3 program run by Bianca Berlinguer, realizes that a car is following him.

It is a service car, with two murderous assassins on board, the purpose of which is to prevent Orsini from talking about receiving phone calls from Mariupol, defying the sense of cynicism of the Italian public, who risks waking up from the interdicted congregation and thinking that, he should hear all this nonsense, he He prefers the addictive mythological stories of his sister-in-law about how many kilograms he lifted in the gym, and can the TV turn it off?

It’s a car for the fan club, who wants to show him his closeness, tells him he believes in everything, in his grandfather’s happy childhood, in the primacy of degrees in the humanities, in the poetic cosmic justice for which, they take money for guests of dogs and rays, will you see that Orsini Is the only one that should be shown on TV for free?

Is Skanzi the one who flips the window and admits “If they pay me, it’s a shame they don’t pay you”? Is it a batmobile? Is this a wagon about to turn into a pumpkin? Bianca Berlinger will thank him because it is thanks to him that, finally, the program that receives the most attention Tuesday evening?

never. They are the authors of Floris, i.e. Dimartedì, the rival program of the White Book conducted by Giovanni Flores. Tuesday evening on La7. If you intend to interrupt me by asking why the authors of Flores should approach Orsini on Tuesday night in the middle of the street, instead of calling him quietly on the phone during the day, or going to look for him at the university or some place free. Thinking hero spends his days, know that you are not suitable for “scandal” and the endless comment of disbelief is necessary to believe that Olivia Pope kills the Vice President of the United States with a chair hitting his head over and over, and no one. ever known.

So please don’t interrupt me while I’m intent on it print the legend. He says the legend it is in This is Tuesday At night, these two figures get close to Orsini, who is already unsatisfied with the basics. It is true that after the moralists closed the bars and his paid contract, he did what was urgent to tell the truth to the nation and went on to participate in the White Paper anyway, but he is not happy, and I would like to see you: would you have the same enthusiasm for your work if they did not pay you? (Sorry, I got the wrong question: You actually stay on Twitter all day for free, convinced the nation needs to know your view of the world. But I was talking about people who have a market for their opinions.)

So the authors of Floris told him: Professor, come to us, draw the number, there is a blank bank transfer ready for you. Sorry for a moment, says Orsini, a man with a price, and in front of them he names who for Italians he is the daughter of Enrico Berlinger, and for Mauro Corona it is Bianchina.

What should I do, Bianca, they pay me and you don’t. (It’s a reconstruction without my recording unfortunately, and therefore I can’t say if Orsini calls Berlinguer on air “dottoressa”, or Corona “Bianchina”).

Berlinguer, whom I like to imagine with rollers on her head already in bed while Manconi plays alongside Raimondo Vianello, tells him: Give me time until tomorrow, I’ll find a solution.

The next day, the solution would arrive, bearing a name, a surname, and a bandage on the hand (a bookcase seemed to have fallen: the weight of culture): Massimo Gilletti. I’m not going to rebuild you for my Gillette itself, because I’m afraid of getting lost: La7 streams, where everyone hates everyone, reminiscent of the Democratic Party (talking about it alive).

Spanking: Orsini can’t go to Formigli because (as they say) he’s now too attached to Fatto Quotidiano, which wouldn’t suit average guest Mario Calabresi; If you go to Flores, the Berlinguer threatens ruin; The solution is the connector everyone hates at La7, in that weird TV folks’ perception that not the arena is a network-lowering joke and eight-and-a-half jokes uplifting.

Since hatred is a two-way phenomenon, Gillette will bring back intolerance towards other broadcasters of the broadcaster, and therefore he will be happy to support the idea of ​​Bianca Berlinger: If you pay for it, dear Massimo, I can continue to do so. Free and beat this Tuesday broadcast guy who hates how we hate ourselves among professional opponents and you hate how we hate ourselves among brother-in-laws.

And so, last Sunday, Orsini went to Gilletti, and at one point–what a pleasure in good manners–he said “I came to her this evening because I like her style of driving,” instead of: I’m here for the bill.

But listening to the Gillette episode is less than usual. Not only that, but on the day before yesterday, Tuesday, our hero returned to where his attendance is free, to Bianca Berlinguer, and while continuing in his role as Lina Sotis from Geopolitics (“I know very well that Lukashenko is a dictator and a cyclist a gentleman”), he fails to Make it win in the evening.

The question is, will the pay-for-two deal last? Will Dominica Orsini be in Giletti again, and so for the next three Sundays, as they say by Ray, or was it a contract for one appearance and no one ever thought to keep it there as permanent furniture, as they swore at La7? Is it true that yesterday Flores offered him three thousand euros per episode and Orsini refused, a man for one? I would like to be a “scandal” type hacker, spy on contracts and transfers, know and be able to reveal the truth about the state-Orsini deal; Even if only to be able to say, like Ale to Bianchina, “I said it three weeks before the head of the CIA.”

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