The book about Capuzzimati was presented at Carusino

I submitted a picture book about Capuzzimati to Carosino

The book about Capuzzimati was presented at Carusino

Carusino – During the spiritual exercises of last Easter, a very common mass meeting was held in the Mother Church of Carusino, which is also very important from a cultural point of view. An evening of reflection on reality was the occasion to talk about a book with the symbolic title: “Amazement Before Beauty – My Memories of the Servant of the Lord Pierangelo Capozimati” by Ada Principale.

Due to print in March 2022, the book in question is much more than a simple autobiography dedicated to the late Pierangelo Capozimati. Over time, many were interested in the character of this young man, who lived with his beloved family in the nearby town of Faggiano, safely flew into the sky a little over eighteen due to a blistering illness. In short, the real “splinter of heaven” as Pierangelo already mentioned, and on April 26, 2016, the Holy See gave permission to start the cause of beatification and canonization. The concern for the basics, almsgiving and prayer that this young man called was already known from his early childhood and then grew more and more with his teenage years. In the experience of Pierangelo Capozimati, one can thus speak of transcendent goodness, unspeakable altruism and compassionate sensitivity, all given indiscriminately to the people he knew and whom he drew to God and to the Madonna. Nevertheless, the short earthly parable of Pierangelo still speaks today of his religious legacy even after years of his ascension to heaven, above all through his virtues accompanied by numerous testimonies he certainly does not lack. It is therefore very important to make this virtuous person more famous, and more importantly, Pierangelo’s exercise of love for God, just as Ada Principale did so well in her text presented to Carusino. The direct acquaintance of the spouses of Pierangelo and Capozimati (fathers of the young man), together with the presentation of the book “Amazement before Beauty – My Memories of the Servant of God Pierangelo Capozimati”, some excerpt and appropriate questions of Ada Principal were asked here for the occasion, the full text of the interviewer can be downloaded from the website web www.

How did the idea for this book come about nearly 14 years after Pierangelo’s death?
“Time – the director noted – although it does not erase memories, it strengthens the character, softens the initial emotions, and allows a more detached view of reality. I am happy to do it also out of a sense of justice towards Pierangelo, where a life full of faith and love must be said Like her life, not only to be remembered but to lead by example.”

How was Pierangelo like a child?
“Immediately Pierangelo seemed to be a lovable child and enthusiastic about everything, about coming to school, meeting with friends and teachers, learning new knowledge and living every moment as a gift. He had a sense of joy in everything he did.”

How Pierangelo faced his terrible illness.
“I can say – confirms Ada Principale, author of the book – that her illness surprised everyone and we were horrified. We noticed with increasing astonishment his always calm demeanor, without moaning, collapsing, or hinting of his illness. Pierangelo had a sublime control and inner strength. His calm was unsettling and gave a feeling, to those close From him, that all is natural and with inconceivable inner peace. Only faith – adds Ada Principale – can suggest fiery words to a teenager: … I have seen this experience of illness from the very beginning as a gift from the Lord … I do not understand, but I believe … ” .

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