The Bengal fire, the emblem of rock and roll

Capable of perfectly blending British rock influences with contemporary and uplifting writing, Bangla Fire is ready to make us hear new music: Jack (Nun Sa) is their new single, released on Friday (April 15), a few days after the first date of their upcoming tour.

Jack, the hero of the song, is emblematic of a form of bewilderment that each of us has probably experienced, sooner or later. Jack’s exasperation is not a happy ending, or a solution, but rather a point you’re beyond need to Something is happening, the point of no return, whether it is positive or black.

Bengala Fire has already shown us, fanning the stage from the latest edition of X Factor with a rock ‘n’ roll performance, that their natural dimension is the immediate dimension and they can’t wait to get back on stage for their 2022 tour which will see them champions at some of the most important clubs in Italy!

These are the first dates of their 2022 tour organized by Kashmir Music:
04/22 Brescia, Molloy Alban
04/24 Rome, Al Muroor Club
04/27 Milan, Tunnel Club
04/30 RONCADE (TV), New Age Club
05/14 Modena, Club Vibra
05/19 Turin, Hiroshima mon amor
05/20 Genoa, Crazy Ball
05/21 Florence, Viper | + Moutonia
05/27 Verona, factory

You recently announced your latest solo jack (Non sa) and the first round will begin in a few days. How are you these days. I think these are very busy days. How do you test it?
Jacques (Nun sa) is our first Italian song. The need to write in our native language was born thanks to Manuel Agnelli who urged us several times to try during our journey at X Factor 2021. We discovered that singing in Italian has an entirely new, attractive and captivating emotional impact on us.
As for the tour, we’re so excited, we can’t wait to get started and are excited to finally experience all of this as a job. Certainly when music becomes serious discourse and not limited to being a weekend pastime, everything becomes more tense, and the arguing between us also increases and cannot be experienced with the lightness we once had when we had nothing to lose. Unfortunately, making music at this level also involves many other bureaucratic and regulatory aspects that are certainly not the fun side of this world. But they’re part of the game and that’s okay.

It seems to me that you approach everything in a very professional and mature way. You, unlike other previous competitors, also took your time before announcing something.
We preferred to calmly evaluate all the offers that were presented to us and take the time to analyze which one was right for us, even though we had a great desire to come up with something.
At the moment we are cooperating with Kashmir Music in regards to organizing the tour, for example, we immediately found a great affinity with them because they are a young team that is growing a lot in the last period. They may not have been the biggest and most important fact in Italy, but we certainly share the passion and the intentions and that was key for us.
Obviously there are concerns as well in these days leading up to the tour, but I think we are positive too, we have to be positive especially because we have been playing together for almost 12 years. What we do we really want to do, otherwise we would have stopped or changed our approach long ago.

It is true that you did not come to the X-Factor stage as a beginner.
We saw x Factor as a great opportunity to introduce ourselves and from this point of view we are also very grateful to the program that we did not encounter any problems or conflicts. We found ourselves in pretty good shape, and actually I’d like to make an appeal because I know that maybe TV shows aren’t being watched well. I say this as someone with a huge bias before doing this program. It’s not stupid stuff, it’s stuff that can be really useful because in the two months of the program we learned a lot, both musically and by getting to know different people or humanely anyway.

In the past three years, The X Factor has definitely changed its look, transforming from a talent show to one for young, experienced artists. At the moment, winning the program is no longer necessary as much as it is necessary to participate and attract attention for as long as possible.
I think the spirit with which you experience that kind of experience and the drive that motivates you is key. To get the most out of it, you need to ask yourself and rely on the advice of people who guide you in trying to absorb and learn as much as possible. We trusted Manuel and Rodrygo when they offered us musical options that we either didn’t know or didn’t appreciate 100%, because if Manuel says “there are no men instead of this thing here, try to do it” or for example in the third episode of the live broadcast, We did a song by AC/DC that we would never have even heard of, it was a challenge for us and their advice opened up a world we had never imagined before. We definitely had a pretty clear idea of ​​what we could do and which sound we liked the most, but we didn’t go there to falter and say “we’re just doing this.” This could have been stupid of us. Now we have a different awareness of what we’re doing and we’ve also improved a lot in what we thought we knew how to do well enough already.
It was definitely a very important thing and a big help for us to make that choice at this very moment of our trip. In my opinion, our age between 24 and 29 has allowed us to face the broadcast with the right means to experience it to the fullest without wasting anything of what was offered to us. Before joining The X Factor, we all had jobs and something to lose if we didn’t try hard enough. A 16-year-old boy might face everything more easily but in the same way he might not have the right foundation to make the most of it.

I ask you a rather naughty question. Do you think that after the level has been raised, you will be able to face decisions, even between the two of you, with the same freshness? Now it’s no longer a game and you have nothing to lose.
More like a bitchy question (laughs). Obviously, when there is a lot at stake, there is more pressure, but you have to be careful to live in peace or else you can do nothing. This was taught by Manuel and Rodrigo who always tried to impart to us the calm way of dealing with things.

On April 22 your tour will start from Brescia and on 9 dates you will touch many regions. Have you ever been in 12 years out of your area?
We have rarely had many concerts over the years, we have had over 100 concerts but most of them are in Veneto; We did some small trips but nothing significant.

What would be the place where you dream of playing?
In Italy, we would definitely like to play in the Assago forum. It’s obviously a dream come true for us to think about performing in the clubs we’ll be visiting on our tour. We want to play as much as we can, and maybe one day go outside. We have always dreamed of reaching mega festivals like Coachella and many more.

Well, sure, after Maneskin’s global success, participating in X Factor Italia makes the dream unattainable.
definitely! We are glad to see Italian men like us who have made this journey so uplifting. We don’t want to think about it even though it could just be a dangerous delusion. Of course meditate but we don’t think about it too much, we just keep our feet on the ground.

As artists, how do you explain this gigantic, almost unimaginable return of rock music on top of the wave and among the genres followed by the very young?
I think this is the natural course of things. It can be compared to fashion in my opinion, meaning that the 80s and 90s are back in fashion as well as the fashion of the 2000s. In recent years, genres like rap and snare have had a huge impact on the music industry. And to be honest, I don’t mind swinging too, if done right. Among young people there have always been fans of rock music, and now she returns even to those who may not have known her before but are beginning to feel the need to listen to something new for them.

Our magazine is called MusicAttitude, What is your musical attitude in your life, How does music enter your life beyond your job?
Interesting question, I tell you the first thing that comes to mind, like when you take a shower with a song that causes you a lot of gas and I also tell you the Knights of Cydonia by Muse song in the shower is something special.
Seriously, I’m very loyal to this term that has probably been amplified of late, which also makes me a tenderness because we’ve been using it for several years now and it’s rock ‘n’ roll. It really made me smile when Team Maneskin won Eurovision and Damiano said ‘Rock n’ Roll never dies’. I looked at him and thought, “This guahda that in one moment says one thing and we beat ourselves up all these years with that term.” Rock ‘n’ roll is not a type of music, it’s just the emotion that listening to music gives you. Rock ‘n’ roll is also that atmosphere you get inside when you listen to techno music that makes you feel good. This is the attitude I want from music. Even a sad song can make you think, “Fuck I can do it.” That to me is the stand of rock music.

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