The 10 books released in May 2022 should not be missed

New month, new books coming out! In fact, interesting editorial news is expected in May.

10 Books Coming In May That Shouldn’t Be Missed

Here are the 10 May books not to be missed, from Elizabeth Strout to Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Oh, William!” by Elizabeth Strout

We start our news report with “Oh, William!” , the awaited new chapter in the story of Lucy Barton, the beloved hero of Elizabeth Strout’s novels. In this volume, Lucy searches for her origins by investigating the relationship she had with her first husband, William, the father of her children.

“The Alaska Sanders Affair” by Joel Decker

The bestselling author of “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair” returns to Italian bookstores starting in mid-May with the sequel to his masterpiece. The book focuses on a crime that took place in New Hampshire in 1999. The lifeless body of a young woman was found by a lake. Marcus Goldman, who simultaneously had success with the Quebert case, will find himself investigating the case to try to solve it, but will encounter ghosts from his past.

“Brutal Motherhood” by Romana Petri

In this intriguing book, Romana Petri looks at one of the world’s most studied and controversial relationships: the relationship between mother and child. “Brutal Motherhood”, which is not an essay but a work of fiction, brings together different stories, some real and some fictional, to search for the dark sides of motherhood, with a narrative framework at the center of which is the slogan “Wild Motherhood”: the Franzoni case.

The Life of Vivian Meyer, directed by Anne Marx

Anne Marks offers us a book entirely dedicated to the life of Vivian Meyer, the great illustrator who became thanks to willpower and the ability to fight stereotypes and life’s difficulties. In fact, the book tells of a woman’s entire life, tracing her place of birth and emphasizing family ties, often characterized by violence and negativity.

Accompanied by gorgeous photographs, some not published at all, the book traces the character of a woman who has suffered greatly, but has always distinguished herself as an independent and free woman. A must for photography lovers!

“Murder in Fleet House” by Lucinda Riley

How not to mention among the ten books to be published in May, “Crimes in Fleet House”? The editorial grandmother promises to be a hit also in Italy, where the saga of the Seven Sisters made the late Irish writer Lucinda Riley famous and appreciated. Murders at Fleat House chronicles the sudden death of Charlie Cavendish, in the strict dormitory of the Fleat House. What was initially dismissed as a tragic accident, will turn into anything but thanks to the intervention of Inspector Jasmine “Jazz” Hunter.

“My Day in the Other Land” by Peter Handke

If you want a short read, which you can finish on a weekend afternoon or in the evening for relaxing at home, this is the right address. Written by Nobel Prize winner Peter Handke, “My Day in the Other Land” was the protagonist of a farmer who attracted nothing but mistrust, with his stances. The narrative, which all takes place in one day, centers on the human desire to look at the world and the next with new eyes, away from the prejudices of the past.

“I’m Hungry” by Natalia Guerrieri

Zeno Prize winner “Bees Don’t Die” (Moscapianca, 2021), her first novel, returns in May to Italian bookstores with I’m Hungry, a book that introduces us to the hectic days of Chiara, a country girl who moves to the capital to leave behind the pains of a seemingly past past. It leaves no room to go out and realize the ambition of working in the world of writing.

“Fortune” by Valeria Barilla

Valeria Parilla also returns to Italian bookstores in May, after the success of “The Marina”. “La Fortuna” is a story centered on the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 BC and the subsequent destruction of the city of Pompeii. The terrible event is told through the eyes of the child Lucio, who is accompanied on his journey by various personalities, merchants, bankers, ministers, emperors, slaves, prostitutes, and gods. A book that fascinates anyone who wants to get closer to the classic world with a fresh perspective.

“I Missed My Loved Ones” by Andrea Vitale

Among the ten books that will be released in May, we also find “I Missed the Affection of My Loved Ones”, a long-awaited new work by Andrea Vitale, who is now one of the most beloved contemporary writers in Italy.

With this book, Vitale reviews episodes from the life of a Lombard father and his relationship with his children, creating a light comedy focusing on a stereotypical male model and on the history of Italy’s economic prosperity.

“For Ukraine” by Volodymyr Zelensky

Finally, we point out that the anticipated “For Ukraine” will also be released in May, published in Italy by La nave di Teseo, which collects all the speeches of Ukrainian President Zelensky, since the sad February 21, when the man called on his people to remain united and united against the Russian threat . The volume, to be issued worldwide, also includes a text by Maurizio Molinari. All proceeds from sales will be donated to the Ukrainian people.

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