Tetsuro Araki’s New Rare Gem is on Netflix

Among the new anime for Netflix in April 2022, the new movie of Tetsuro Araki It was really a long wait. bubble Available in the catalog starting April 28, with dubbing in Italian. produced by Story Inc. and move it studio wetBetween the fanciful notes and the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, this sci-fi thriller really has a lot to tell. Mysterious, sweet, strong, moving: these are just some of the innumerable adjectives appropriate to describe what, as you will see, has all the qualifications that can be considered an excellent result.

The main points

Since when Tokyo Exposed to a strange event, the city has become a place of ghosts. Giant amount of Mysterious bubbles It invaded the city, causing an explosion and generating gravitational anomalies. Since then, the inhabitants live in a semi-submerged place. The youngest decides to take advantage of the new configuration of the environment to start a series of parkour competitions. hibikithe first protagonist, is one of the best, but one day, he risks something very dangerous, falling into the water, near the so-called larval pit. The boy seems doomed, until suddenly the name of a mysterious girl Utah can not be saved. From that moment on, many doubts arose in the minds of Hibiki and her teammates: Who is she? Where is he from? But above all, what is the real reason behind the bubble phenomenon?

It is clear Post-apocalyptic situationBubble’s story might sound like one of many in the genre. At first, in fact, the assumptions of Tokyo’s destruction seem very similar to those of the Crunchyroll mini-series: To learn more, read our review of FreakAngels, which landed on the platform last January. This first impression is partially rejected. The plot, in its entirety, has itself Non-trivial narrative line.

For about half of the viewing, the obvious focus of the tale was the competition. The blue blades (BB) compete i dinky ninja at Tokyo BattlecoreThe players of each team, now without a home or family, challenge each other by giving up their basic needs. Another team, from contractor, Ready to challenge the BBs.

Therefore, the first part focuses a lot on explaining the rules of the game and studying new strategies, even the inevitable confrontation. Each member of the main team has Very accurate description, very common in a diverse and heterogeneous group. There are many stereotypes: the leader, the obsessive girl, the naughty, the irresponsible young man, the “lone wolf”, in this case the hibiki. Bubble character design was commissioned by Takeshi Obataa manga artist, who is also a well-known face of death note. It is impossible, however, to focus on each of them; Most of the attention, of course, is focused above all on the early heroes, and perhaps curiosity is left unsatisfied to deepen the psyche of some secondary characters.

Uta’s arrival immediately lays the foundations for a particular plot point, which finds its full development starting with the second half of the narrative. Araki takes it that way A different turn, definitely deeper and more emotional, which turns Bubble into a true drama anime. So the crux of the story, as mentioned, is to discover the biggest mystery that lies behind the emergence of bubbles. The Undertakers, who seemed to be the chief antagonists, are now giving way to the true enemy of history: the little-known phenomenon that has troubled the city.

magical atmosphere

bubble extraordinary work Which manages to capture the spirit of the spectator, not only for its thrilling story but also thanks to the amazing work that Araki is doing with the whole team and with the AI ​​team. A scene set in space starts from this magic tale It comes to life not only through words. The opening theme is already a whirlwind of color and suggestive images, intended to immerse the audience in this new world full of fantasy and mystery. Joe often completely detaches from reality, and brings the characters After hanging and ethereal.

It often happens that the dialogues between Hibiki and Uta are punctuated by a long, in no way alienating silence. A lasting sense of calm and peace permeates many of Bubble’s scenes, without slowing down or overburdening the narrative. In fact, much attention is focused on the sounds and sounds of the city or nature. In this regard, it must be said that The audio sector plays an essential roleNot only for the very realistic and captivating effects. opening piece “bubble” from and the fifth And riria (Uta’s voice), it’s nice to listen to the whole soundtrack and its tune with the composer Hiroyuki Sawanoliterally goosebumps.

As we said earlier, much of the magic that is conveyed to the audience is ensured by the core contribution of the WIT. The quality of this animation studio’s work is now well known, and Bubble is another confirmation of a team from which a lot is expected at the moment.

Araki movie has Indescribable aesthetic value, the result of a graphic process that combines pure creativity with techniques aimed at its practical realization. The narrative in particular often alternates with static, meditative and emotional moments, with other very energetic moments finding fertile ground in Battlekour’s long sequences. By imagining a fake camera, it gives evidence of A dynamic view of space. When the characters move, the point of view changes frequently, accompanying their movements and conveying to the viewer the idea of ​​being in motion with them. These sequences provide the opportunity to demonstrate the ingenuity with which a team can work. It’s no coincidence that some scenes remind us exactly of those we found in the first three seasons The attack on the GiantsWhen characters make use of 3D motion. It is an analogy, to tell the truth, that makes us think a lot about the way to approach new works that can thus exploit the tricks and elements already used by the animation studio itself.

Circle and its meaning

The story Bubble tells is not an end in itself, but becomes the spokesperson for very specific messages and themes, exploiting the symbolism that has long dominated many aspects of life. The title of the work is already illustrative: “Bubble”. This can be represented, on the two-dimensional plane, by Circle. In fact, the first scene of the movie immortalizes a large, perfectly spherical water bubble. This circular shape opens the work and returns several times inward, simple or spiral, through various elements: Earth seen from space, galaxies, vortices of air or water, circles of light, gravitational fields, or objects. Commonly used as bicycle wheels. Ota seems to be very attached to this geometric figure, in fact, she draws concentric circles on a fried egg. It is told several times in different terms, Eternal return theoryHistory repeats itself as if following a circular line. “It is said that the world is constantly collapsing and regenerating, it gathers and then explodes, disperses and reassembles itself.”: This is regeneration cycle.

The concept of repetition is the basis of this remarkable work, not only at the level of history but also at the level of narrative style. It often happens that some concepts or even some scenes appear again in a similar or identical way. Maybe this is weakness point, which, on the one hand, agrees with the basic idea that must be conveyed, but on the other hand, the viewer risks getting lost in a vicious circle, even on a visual level, a filler. As a matter of fact, it is not entirely necessary to show the same scene multiple times without a real practical purpose. Thus, the circle, which is a basic form, includes the story, narration and images, thus uniting all the levels that make up the work. A complex product like Bubble finds a way to simplify itself through what it becomes base symbol And in a way, his primal dimension.

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