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Rescue – Rescue the Boys It is the new documentary film by National Geographic directed by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi. The two, who married in 2013, are both filmmakers, but Chen is also a professional climber, photographer, and novelist. selectivity Which made the couple realize, in 2018, what is much appreciated free soloa work centered on the American mountaineer and mountaineer, Alex Honnold, who has triumphed in many world competitions.

If we highlight the fact that National Geographic has always been Quality mark in the documentary fieldThe feature film in question charges the audience with expectations in an exaggerated way and we can say it is highly respected, and the result is truly amazing. The main strength of the project lies in the extensive analysis of the upcoming story devoured from all points of viewuntil you have a complete picture.

We’re talking, in particular, about the epic rescue, in 2018, of a Thai youth soccer team that got stuck in the giant cave complex in Tham Luang Nan Non. The film premiered at the Telluride Film Festival in September 2021, to get to Italy on Disney+ (We recommend you check out the latest Disney+ movies as of April 2022).

Rescue: Technology and Technology at the Service of a Great Story

Rescue It follows in detail what happened on June 23, 2018 in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand. A soccer team of 12 boys between the ages of 11 and 17, along with their coach, have been imprisoned inside one of the largest caves in the country, Tham Luang Nan Non.

In fact, one summer monsoon flooded A large part of the natural complexForcing the team to remain in the long cave waiting for help. After disturbing a group of experienced people, including Navy SEALs, divers, advisors, the Army, and many others, the team was released on July 10 after much strategy, bravery, and the use of troops by the rescuers. movie direction Eclectic, diverse and persuasive: Through a combination of real-time sequences, custom simulation shots, and interviews with the protagonists, the filmmakers’ eyes are attentive and precise, and the result is obtained somewhere in between Between a classic documentary and an adrenaline-pumping thriller. directionMoreover, it uses sophisticated tools, including underwater cameras and ultra-detailed graphics that never take over, leaving the incident at the center of the story and, above all, the tactics that carried out the rescue effort. Instead the text is divided by daysshows how, as the hours progressed, the rescue required new ideas and solutions to prevent, first and foremost, the entire team from starvation and suffering.

At the writing level, we already have quite a few additions that go beyond the normal documentary story: some media irony and a small local mythological digression are the only cases, regarding A text that gives special weight to the interviewees’ interventions Which tells in a natural and honest way the pledge they had to fulfill.

Study a story in an accurate and scientific way

Another feature of the script by Rescue is to tell the Tham Luang Nan incident in a simple, effective and also cinematic way: if the audience can fully understand the tragedy, despite the scientific gaps, on the other hand, the spectators are Always in a state of stress Even if the success of the project was known, two lifeguards gave their lives for the project.

The whole project shows a deep A scientific, narrative, and indicative study Which allows you to tell the story objectively, but also with clarity and dedicated attention to our story’s protagonists. Besides the various sequences shot, the added value of the movie lies precisely in lifeguards interventionsmentioned in the previous paragraph, which were present in those dramatic days (in the rescue there are real Navy seals).

If we have to find the gods Company Codes We could not fail to involve the diving experts, who had already recovered the boys, and adopted a system that was insane, but proved to be effective: the idea of ​​numbing the missing began with them and proved to be a winning move. But they heard until the moment of success Huge responsibility on their shoulderssimple men with dangerous hobbies, who made the whole world in suspense.

This comes from their words highlighting the audacity, but also the fear and humanity of the Saviors. Another very important substantive aspect appears inside Rescue he is The amazing and unexpected human effort Which led to the company’s success: more than 1,000 people from different countries around the world, from America to Europe. win over Not only scientific, but also a solidarity that clearly demonstrates the value of brotherhood and community in the face of very complex and complex events to solve.

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