Tavasi cries for his mother (episode 12)

Live Isola dei Famosi 2022: Episode 12 and live commentary on April 29, 2022

Nicholas Vaporidis He faces his own internal crisisCelebrity Island 2022 And receives the encouragement of Vladimir Luxoria. Leader of the Week Guendalina Tavassi receives Mother Manuela’s surprise, regarding from the studio. Tavasi is affected as she restores her relationship with her mother; Later Ilary makes some blunders forgetting that Guendalina is the leader. So Savino taunts her and the hostess unleashes herself by harassing Marco Cocolo for being so talkative this evening. Finally, the nomination: Who will end up on TV? Many untouchables have pebbles to remove… (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Nicholas Vaporidis in crisis

Flash TV inCelebrity Island 2022 Between Laurie Del Santo, Marco Sines and Ilona Staller. Laurie and Ilona are rescued, while Marco is officially eliminated. The Senate received 24% of the vote, Ilona 32% and Lory 44%. Small disease, meanwhile, to Laura Madaloni Before the coconut contest. However, Alvin reassures everyone about his health and ensures that he is at rest just as a precaution. Elari Blassie’s right arm was gently scolded by the host and her guests for being too slow during rehearsals.

“I have to do it, at least let me do it”, It is shown during the live broadcast. A beautiful curtain is born before the discovery of the new leader of the week between Guendalina and Edoardo Tavassi. The girl beats her brother in the test despite Eduardo’s hatred. Then the space shifted to the crisis of Nicholas Vaporidis, who was moved directly by thinking about the time he did not dedicate to the people he loved. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Licia Nunez was eliminated by a kiss from Judah to Alexander

The first provisions inCelebrity Island 2022 For nominations. The first contender except Guendalina Tavassi, and the second Marco Cuculo. Eduardo, Gwendalina Tavasi’s brother, Lycia Nunez is still on the line. The envelope arrives at the studio and Elari Blasey immediately gets to the point: Elimination of Licia Nunez. The drowning woman must make one last gesture before leaving the island, that is, the kiss of Judas. The kiss goes to Alessandro, son of Carmen Di Pietro: “In the latter I’ve seen him flutter from one side of the island to the other without taking any stand, that’s why my vote goes to him!” , explains to her. Di Pietro shrugs her shoulders, Licia greets everyone and offers special wishes to her friend, “The one who lit up my life, who celebrated his birthday yesterday.” (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Lesia is merciless with a blind

“The ones that connect me with are fond memories, but they are part of the past. We got to a point where the story ended, at least for me. I’m sorry. We’ll never get back together.” with these words Roger Baldwin Archives the romance lived with Beatrice, unaware of the fact that as of next Monday, his ex-partner will be an official new rival toFamous Island. “I have never known a liar like him. Such a person is incredible. I can never fall in love with a person like that,” Beatrice says disappointedly in contact with Elari. The presenter changes the subject and returns to the island to compare Lycia Nunez and the Blind. The outcast has something to say to the young singer and accuses him of strategizing. He apparently rejects the accusations against the sender… (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Laura Madalone Asphalt Guendalina Tavassi

body resumes A fight between Gwendalina Tavasi and Laura Madaloni. The former felt threatened by the aggressive undertones of Clemente Rousseau’s wife, but according to the latter they are only fantasies. Nerves light up during the live broadcast of Isola dei Famosi 2022 and Blasi announces that the authors have decided to challenge them to a physical exam Laura and Gwendalina To grab a bag full of vehicles. Tavasi doesn’t feel it, and says the challenge is uneven. But Elari Plassey encouraged her to get busy and not give up. However, there is not much to do, the Maddaloni drops it to the test of strength and endurance, having paved it with words. Sparks entered again? Not even for an idea. The outcasts continue to tease each other… (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Carmen abused her son Alessandro

Twelfth episode ofCelebrity Island 2022 Also this evening we are ready to follow it and comment on it live. First contact in Honduras with Carmen Di Pietro and her son Alessandro. Between the two, there are a few things that need to be made clear: She’s very intrusive and he’s now reached his limit of stamina. The announcer takes the boy’s side and introduces Carmen as a “demanding mother”. “And then Alessandro is twenty years old, no longer a child!” , says Elari Blasey. How do you blame her? But Carmen does not agree with her and is offended. “I would just like to be her protective ward,” comments the shipwrecked. Space then to the brawl between Guendalina Tavassi and Laura Maddaloni, all for coconuts. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Isola dei Famosi 2022, preview and live episode 12, on April 29

L ‘Celebrity Island 2022 He continues to bring some touches to the audience that will follow tonight’s twelfth episode of his reality show ilary plassi. The episode airing tonight will be one full of fights and confrontations following the latest dynamics that drove outcasts to squabble in Honduras. Besides Elari Blasey, as always, there will be commentators Nicolas Savino and Vladimir Luxoria Who will comment on everything that will happen in Palapa where the outcasts will find themselves under the supervision of envoy Alvin.

One of the most anticipated moments is definitely face to face between them Guendalina Tavassi and Laura Maddaloni. Strong and outspoken, in the past few hours, Guendalina and Laura have been heroes in a food-fueled brawl. Guendalina chose to offer coconuts only to her former mates of the Cucaracha tribe, unleashing the wrath of Laura and Clemente who didn’t like Tavassi’s attitude at all. Tonight, Blasey will pit Gwendolyn and Laura against each other in a showdown.

The love triangle between Estefania, Roger and Beatriz on Celebrity Island

There will not only be discussions, but also talk about love during the twelfth episode ofCelebrity Island 2022. In particular, Hilary Blasey will try to clarify all the story points in between Estefania, Roger and Beatriz Marino who agreed to leave for Honduras to get a face-to-face clarification with her ex-boyfriend.

After comparisons to previous episodes, this evening, Beatriz will face both Roger who was to break his vows before leaving for Honduras and with him. Estefania who spent important words for Roger also talking about marriage. What will happen tonight between Beatrice, Roger and Estefania? Will Roger choose to stay with his partner, or will he return to Beatrice?

Carmen de Pietro worried

Space, then, interesting Carmen de Petro who is increasingly concerned about his son Alessandro who is still impatient with him, and wants more independence and autonomy. Furthermore, during the evening, Ilary Blasi will officially shut down the television broadcast of the famous Island and one in between Eduardo, Gwendalina Tavasi, Marco Cocolo And Lycia Nunez He will leave Palapa to reach Playa Sgamada.

Moreover, there will also be in Playa Sgamada the result of the TV broadcast that will decide between them Laurie Del SantoAnd Marco Sinnis And Ilona Staller He will have to leave the island permanently at the request of the public.

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