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SACHA NASPINI, “OUR AbsENCES” (E/O, pp. 174 – 16.00 euro) – I think that discontent is the main character in the books, of the characters of Sacha Naspini, and it is represented in his most important novels, specifically “Houses of the Discontented”. That feeling of resentment, of a desired, emotional, or physical invasion that has … Read more

Iole Mancini my party, I remember everything but I don’t want – books – a book a day

(by Morita Capuano) (ANSA) – ROME, April 24 – Iola Mancini Vecchio Concept, A PARTISAN LOVE (FELTRINELLI, PP 224 EURO 18). Partisan Twenty Years Old Forever, Iole Mancini, the last survivor of the prison on Via Tasso – the symbol of the Nazi occupation in Rome where Eric Prebec was tortured – tells her story … Read more