Betrayal of childhood dreams – books – a book a day

SACHA NASPINI, “OUR AbsENCES” (E/O, pp. 174 – 16.00 euro) – I think that discontent is the main character in the books, of the characters of Sacha Naspini, and it is represented in his most important novels, specifically “Houses of the Discontented”. That feeling of resentment, of a desired, emotional, or physical invasion that has … Read more

From the monastery to Santa Marta, two popes coexisted – books – a book a day

Massimo Franco, abbey. Benedict XVI, Nine Years of the Pope of Darkness (Soliferino, p. 288, €18.00) Two popes, one governor and one emeritus, two oddities in the history of the Vatican, two “circles” of friends and supporters. Thus became the Convent of the Ecclesiastical Mother, where Benedict XVI lived, and Santa Marta, where Pope Francis … Read more