Farzan Ozbek announces an app and a book, and the shooting of the new movie will start in October

The Turkish naturalized Italian director is going through a very intense period at a professional level: a few days ago he returned to the screen, this time small instead of big, with the TV series he directed from his cult film, “The Foolish Fairies”. He is already working on three other projects, one technological, one … Read more

Best books to make spring special

Any time of the year is perfect for reading and AprilWith spring now ready to accompany us with mild temperatures and sunny days, this is no exception. A trip out of town or a relaxing day in the park is the perfect opportunity to take some time for yourself and devote yourself to your favorite … Read more

Books to read before being made into movies in 2022

Few elements of thriller, romantic intrigue and style scandals BridgetonThe return of Emily Bronte and the great classics. According to the magazine tatler There are at least six Books must be read before they are shown in theaters or streaming platforms in 2022. This year promises to be full of news for binge-watching, but how … Read more

I tell Corriere – Vandals train and wire transfer

Dear AldoOccupying seats for 25 disabled people on a GenovaMilano train is as horrific as the fact that they couldn’t free them. Franco Sarto When organizing trips with the disabled, you must make sure in advance that everything is going as agreed. The opposite does not exist. The train was not supposed to leave Genoa … Read more

Earth Day 2022, 14 books for children 3-10 years old

Earth Day 2022 Earth Day needs many little heroes who know how to build a new collective consciousness to protect our planet. They are of course children who, through a book, can discover that our land is in their hands. Enjoy reading! Protecting the environment is among the basic principles of our Constitution, because the … Read more

30 books in 30 days, meeting with the author of “Mushroom Knights of Malta” on April 22, 2022 Messina events

Return to Messina “30 books in 30 days”. Appointment, Friday, April 22 at 4 p.m. at the Institute of Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnologies, with the presentation of the volume Pepo Le Cascio “Mushroom of the Knights of Malta. The plant legend of the ancient melitense pharmacy is Cynomorium coccineum Linn.” An event organized by … Read more