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Dancing Day, Joseph Fontano’s book “The Dancing Lightning. almost a novel

A biographical book of one of the fathers of contemporary dance was published. A hymn to the art of dance written by the master and choreographer who has trained generations of dancers, and is now head of the World Dance Alliance in Europe. Leonita Bentivoglio wrote in the preface: “When she danced it was a flash, a twinkle, a cloud, a bolt of lightning driven by currents of charisma.”

He is one of the fathers of contemporary dance in Italy. One of the first to bring Graham’s technique directly from America and then developed his own artistic language that shaped generations of dancers. Joseph Fontano celebrates his 70th birthday with the song “Dancing Lightning.” Almost a Novel”, an autobiographical book (published by A & B and written with Marialisa Monna) Which comes on April 29 to celebrate International Dance Day, which this year marks its 40th anniversary. This day, promoted by the UNESCO International Dance Council, was established in 1982 with the aim of promoting and spreading the universal values ​​of this art.

“When he danced it was a flash”


“Nuit Romaine”, a Preljocaj movie with Abagnato and Dior . costumes

president World Dance Alliance in Europe And from 2009 to 2013 fromInternational Dance Committee – International Institute of Theater Of UNESCO, Joseph Fontano was born in New York. His mother was one of the Rockettes of Radio City Music Hall in New York, and his father was a war hero. As a dancer, he perfectly captured the magic and rebelliousness of the ’70s through a natural, lightning-quick dance as Leonetta Bentivoglio recalls in the prologue.

“A fluid and thin young man, with peculiar elongated and flexible muscles, Joseph had a queer charm, far from the stereotypes of a dancer, and in this peculiarity he proved incredibly harmonious. When he danced he was a shimmer, a shimmer, a cloud, a thunderbolt driven by the currents of charisma. (. ..) His leap that crossed the stage of the theatre, or that cut during lessons, the space of the great hall of study on Via del Gesu, or the Roman school that Joseph led with Elsa Piperno, is like the flight with the outstretched wings of a huge brown bird. Or an anti-romantic angel. Or a mysterious demon. It was thin but very strong, solid. (…) For the knowledge of modern dance, not only in Rome but throughout Italy, those years, the signs of revealing the theatrical use of the body and new views of the presentation of the dances, were decisive. The illuminations came from the United States, and the dance center of Via del Gesu was one of the decisive drivers of these discoveries in Italy.”

Beginnings in New York and meeting with Elsa Piperno

From a young age he showed his ability to the arts, first approaching drawing and from 1968 to dancing. He completed his first studies in New York at the School of Visual Arts and later at the New School for Social Research University under the supervision of Laura Furman. Here he studies contemporary dance with Paul Sanasardo, who would later be one of the main figures in his life and career realization, along with Remy Charlip, Cliff Thompson, Yvonne Rayner, Manuel Alum and Trisha Brown. Between 1968 and 1971 he studied at modern dance artists She participates in a series of workshops with Anna Sokolow, Alvin Ailey, Paul Taylor, Pina Bausch and Manuel Alum. In 1974 he was noticed by Martha Graham who invited him to study with her and her company and with whom Fontano had a relationship that lasted until 1979.
1971 is the year of the artistic turning point in Fontano’s career as a dancer and choreographer, he decides to move to Rome where, in CID (International Dance Center) , Meets Elsa Babernowith which he began a technical partnership that led them the following year to establish with others The first contemporary dance company in ItalyAnd Contemporary Dance Theater in RomeAnd Of which with Piperno is the technical director, and The first professional center for contemporary dance. For Joseph, the Roman years represented the real turning point in his long and promising career. The most influential figures of the Italian dance era meet in the studio on Via del Gesù, a true crossroads for choreographers, dancers, journalists, critics, decorators and lovers of the world of dance.

Hymn to the art of dance

The book, which tells about the birth and realization of a dream, is autobiographical and, at the same time, a mural of New York in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and Rome, the city that became his second home.. Among the memories, digressions, ideas and reviews taken from the newspapers of the time, the book is a hymn To the art of dance and to all those who were its greatest heroes. All told through encounters, the work and love of a man who had never imagined entering the history books as one of the pioneers of a new way of seeing the art of dance, a dance theater that Italy had never seen before. .


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Farzan Ozbek announces an app and a book, and the shooting of the new movie will start in October

The Turkish naturalized Italian director is going through a very intense period at a professional level: a few days ago he returned to the screen, this time small instead of big, with the TV series he directed from his cult film, “The Foolish Fairies”. He is already working on three other projects, one technological, one literary, and an inescapable film project

Farzan Ozbek is in full creative ferment: the Italian naturalized Turkish director is going through a very intense period on a professional level, returning from the success of his TV series based on his cult film “The Foolish Fairies”.

The television version of his 2001 movie starring Margherita Buy and Stefano Accorsi debuted on the small screen, debuting April 13 on Disney+ as the first Italian Star Original project.

But Ozbek is not the type to rest on his laurels, having success in his hands: the Istanbul-born director is already working on three more projects, each of different genres and sectors.
He himself was the one who anticipated them in Ansa, announcing upcoming releases that consider him the absolute champion in three different areas: technological, literary and cinematic. If the director and writer have already been accustomed to the last two sectors for some time, it is the first area – the technological field – that is surprising. Farzan Ozbek told the press that he will soon release an app, a book and a movie, the latter of which will be released later than previously announced, given that the director has chosen to postpone filming until October.

Postponing filming


Clueless Fairies Trailer TV Series

The director talks about the option to postpone his new film. “Warner wanted to go out for Christmas, but I asked to postpone the collection until October. I want to spend the summer in peace and then with the war no one knows what will happen,” Ozbek told Ansa, in an interview to present the photography exhibition Fermo imagine, an exhibition In Rome dedicated to Venice (the exhibition is in the Galerie La nuova pesa by Simona Marchini, until May 27).

The project is inspired by “Venetika”, a visual video installation signed by the Turkish director and which can be seen until April 30 at Maxxi in Rome. It is an immersive journey in which the video is reflected in the water tank as the scent of the lake spreads, accompanied by the music of Sezen Aksu.

Designed in 2019 for the 58th Venice Biennale, this installation presents the city as a “woman submerged in water” with the face of actress Kasia Smotniak. The Romanian exhibition organized at the La nuova pesa gallery chronicles the work with seven great photographic works selected by Farzan Ozbek himself, as well as several published behind-the-scenes photographs.

The app, the new book and the new movie


Clueless fairies, the unreleased Mina on the series’ soundtrack

Uzbek spoke of “an app coming out in a month, all of my design, a new book and a new movie.”
At the moment, he hasn’t added information about the app he’s working on, which has kept an aura of mystery for both that and the book we’ll soon see on the shelves.

His new cinematic effort also remains in Mystery Nebula, an always-cool nebula…
“We’re still completely in the writing stage,” the director explained, “but I’m going to shoot it in Rome or Italy anyway.” “The Foolish Fairies – Serial” was also filmed in Rome, mostly on the balcony of Lanificio on Via di Pietralata.

Ferzan Ozpetek in whole creative yeast


Clueless fairies, the differences between film and TV series

Recently, Ferzan Ozbek has been an endless well of ideas and projects, which pleases him but also us.
“I am always amazed, it may be that I am getting old, but for three years I have come up with new ideas and projects. I have not only managed to make them, but always successfully. […] Now I have put a notebook on my nightstand, because thoughts come to me during the night. I get up and notice them so that I don’t forget them in the morning, ”Ozbek added during the interview with Ansa.


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Best books to make spring special

Any time of the year is perfect for reading and AprilWith spring now ready to accompany us with mild temperatures and sunny days, this is no exception. A trip out of town or a relaxing day in the park is the perfect opportunity to take some time for yourself and devote yourself to your favorite author’s book.

From exciting adventures to romantic stories, just scroll through every page and in an instant our day will become rich and full of emotions. There was no shortage of news in April, so here are some headlines not to be missed.

Sera’s return from Maria Dueñas

Maria Dueñas -2

Sera is the protagonist of The Night Has Changed the Noise., returns to fill the pages of the new book by Maria Dueñas. After completing her assignment with British intelligence and marrying her colleague Marcus Bonnard, the woman moves with her husband to Palestine. While a man must take up a new position on behalf of the British government, Cera could have a new turning point in his career: a job at radio, but above all facing motherhood that will revolutionize his private life. Fate puts her on the line once again, a woman has to deal with a series of tests to save her life and the lives of those she loves on the long journey between London, Madrid and finally Tangier where it all began.

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Just courage. Giovanni Falcone by Roberto Saviano

Saviano -8

Roberto Savino traces the history of Giovanni Falcone From the point of view of private life and working life, the judge and all those who fought the mafia with him were brave people who gave their lives. Saviano reconstructs Falcone’s character by investigating and studying all trial and sentencing documents, actions that bring us back a man determined to get justice, despite having to deal with the memory of his colleagues who died at the hands of the Mafia. To support him on this long journey, the love of his wife always remained by his side.

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Kyiv Moon – Gianni Rodari

Rodari 2

Nearly 70 years after it was first published, one of the most famous children’s songs by Gianni Rodari, taken from the group “Songs of the nursery in heaven and on earth”, after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, was shared on social networks so much that it became a symbol of a request for peace. For the occasion, Beatrice Alemagna decided to enrich the text with her illustrations and all proceeds from sales will be donated to the Italian Red Cross for the emergency in Ukraine.

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The Calafate Conspiracy by Francesco Abate

monastery book -2

Among the most emotional types of all There are undoubtedly mystery books and this volume by Francesco Abate is perfect if we want a little adrenaline. Set in Cagliari in 1905, the book depicts Clara Simone, a Chinese-born journalist (on her father’s side) who writes for L’Unione. The woman is also the granddaughter of the island’s most important shipowner, and decides to attend a party to meet an Italian embassy official returning from China who can tell her about her father, who has since gone missing. insurgency. The party turns into tragedy when some of the guests, Cabras, are murdered with the driver on their way home, and many consider a political murder because Cabras was hated by his staff who were treated harshly. Suspicions abound and Clara can’t help but investigate the case.

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The Burning City of Don Winslow

Winslow -2

Don Winslow returns to the library With a new novel always in high tension. Located in New England, it is divided between the Italians and the Irish who live in peace. To break the deadlock, comes the modern Helen of Troy who will push the two groups to cancel the alliance and engage in a bloody war. In this context, Danny Ryan appears, a man who has always dreamed of a peaceful and conflict-free life, but when war breaks out between the two groups, he is forced to give up his desires and become a ruthless strategist to save friends and family..

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Law of the Wolves Lee Bardugo

Law of the Wolves by Lee Bardugo-2

In the second volume of the fantasy series Grishaverse “King of Scars”, We find Nikolai Lantsov, Zoya Naziansky and Nina Zinnik embarking on a new adventure, the three of whom must do everything to save their country. The king, general and spy Ravka cannot remain indifferent, but they must unite to remove a dark future from their land and avoid their final collapse.

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The great lands off the coast of Vanessa Veselka

Veselka -2

Levi and Xi’anThey are two sisters with the same father, but different mothers. A woman fond of witchcraft, Kirsten raised the two girls by taking care of both, never revealing the biological daughter. The two women now, fed up with smoky tales, decided to clarify their past and at the age of thirty-three decided to travel to find out. The search for their origins will lead them to discover America, a journey that will make them grow not only physically, but also spiritually.

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Five Hundred Gold Chains by Salvatore Basile

Basil -4

The heroine of the story is MariaThe girl’s family has always worked and sowed wheat. Although related to her origins, she has big dreams, so big that she decided to learn to read and write. This little secret she only shares with her father, because he is the only one who has always pushed her. When a guy has to leave for America to support his family, the girl feels lonely, and the messages sent by the guy will give her some relief. The world told by her father is full of tall buildings, images that move on the screen, and when she tells her family all this, she is considered a visionary that should be kept away from her. Only with the help of Domenico, a photographer known by chance, will she be able to prove that she is not a liar.

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The Opossum Strategy of Roberto Al-Ajamo

Ajamo 2

Giova, the night guard of Palermo Becoming a detective, in spite of himself, in the book “I did not want to come”, he returns to investigate, but this time at the center of the search will be his family. His sister Mariela is about to get married, the best day of her life “ruined” by the seemingly unattainable groom, until it turns out that he was murdered. The only person who can handle the case is Giova, the one to whom no one will be entrusted with a mission and who reluctantly stumbles upon the truth.

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The secret of the alchemist Alfredo Coletto

Coleto 2

If we want to venture into a historical storyThis book is the right book for us. Set in Bologna in the year 1314, everyone is in turmoil as a comet passes through the sky seen by some as a sign of a bright tomorrow, by others as the beginning of the impending apocalypse. Meanwhile, anatomist Mondino de Liuzzi (the forensic pathologist who actually existed before Leteram), holds a lesson but is interrupted by the arrival of Rembertoccio, the captain of the people, who accuses him of murder. Before a named man dies, even if Mondino declares him innocent, and Rembertuccio insists on investigating the murder and its mysteries, the academic acumen is not enough, at his side also his son will take the field and his wife who wants to prove her intelligence.

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Books to read before being made into movies in 2022

Few elements of thriller, romantic intrigue and style scandals BridgetonThe return of Emily Bronte and the great classics. According to the magazine tatler There are at least six Books must be read before they are shown in theaters or streaming platforms in 2022. This year promises to be full of news for binge-watching, but how many times have we thought “was the book better?” ; or “I’d have preferred to read the story first, I certainly didn’t miss too many details.”

Here, we still have plenty of time to make a feast of books before the release dates.

Swamp Girl (Delia Owens)

The The New York Times Placing Owens’ novel on bestseller lists, critics, and newspapers (such as Watchman) welcomed him equally favorably. The drama will premiere on the big screen next July, and the cast will include such exceptional stars as Daisy Edgar Jones and Taylor John Smith. Set in the 1960s, the story follows Kya Clark, a girl who lives according to the dictates of a bohemian life, known in the country as the “Marsh Girl”. She becomes the prime suspect when the body of Chase Andrews (played by Harris Dickinson), an ex-acquaintance, is found lifeless near her home. Yellow has already become one of the most anticipated titles of 2022.

Lady Chatterley’s Mistress (DH Lawrence)

The story of D.H. Lawrence’s novel is closely related to our country. The first version of the novel was published privately in Italy in 1928. We had to wait until the 1960s to find an uncensored version of the book on UK shelves. Countries such as the US, Canada, Japan and India declined to post instead, due to the explicit content. Mrs Chatterley’s lover It tells of the adulterous love between an aristocratic woman (married to a barron) and Oliver Mellores, who instead comes from the working class. The film will premiere on Netflix, and will star Emma Corinne, who will go from the role of Lady D (in the series The Crown) to the role of Lady C.

Mrs Chatterley’s lover

great novels

9.50 EUR

Talking to Friends (Sally Rooney)

In 2020, the series with the most streams on BBC was Ordinary people (Common People), it’s no wonder Sally Rooney’s debut novel also sees the light on screen (director and screenwriter will be the same, respectively Lenny Abrahamson and Alice Birch). Talk about it among friends It explores the dynamics of the relationship between Frances (the narrator), Bobby (her best friend), and a married couple, formed by Melissa and Nick.

Talk about it among friends

Enaudi jeep. the book

11.40 EUR

Storm Peaks (Emily Bronte)

Emma Mackie (Mave of sex educationIt will be Emily The new movie is produced and distributed by Warner Bros. Inspired by a timeless classic Wuthering HeightsThe film reimagines the life of Emily Bronte, documenting her transformation from a young teenager to becoming an enigmatic and impressive writer who rewrote the rules of women’s literature.

Snake Essex (Sarah Perry)

Love, monsters and murder. All the rules of the thriller meet in Sarah Perry’s novel. The background to the story is the green hillside landscapes of the Essex countryside, all drenched in a Victorian vibe. Widow Cora Seaborne’s life changes as stories of mythical creatures and inexplicable disappearances grow increasingly urgent. The premiere will take place on Apple TV, and among the cast will also be a star Avengers Tom Hiddleston.

Back to Brideshead (Evelyn Waugh)

Story of the Back to Brideshead Brideshead Revisited has been revisited again, but this time by the BBC, which has hired excellent staff for the occasion, including: Andrew Garfield, Joe Alwyn and Rooney Mara. The satirical adventures of illustrator Charles Ryder and the Flytes family (an eccentric and an aristocrat) intertwine in this new edition. Who is the director? Luca Guadagnino (new from the hit Call Me By Your Name) will be back behind the camera once again.

Back to Brideshead


13.30 EUR

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I tell Corriere – Vandals train and wire transfer

Dear Aldo
Occupying seats for 25 disabled people on a GenovaMilano train is as horrific as the fact that they couldn’t free them.
Franco Sarto

When organizing trips with the disabled, you must make sure in advance that everything is going as agreed. The opposite does not exist. The train was not supposed to leave Genoa until the boys were safe on the train.
Marosca Ricciardi

The feeling that the entire transport system, far from the most unpleasant event, that occurred in Genoa, has worn off …
Franco PontiMilan

Dear ReadersAnd
The story of 25 adults with Down syndrome (I wouldn’t call them disabled: they are people we can learn a lot from) who were unable to travel on reserved seats should shame us all. These are the moments when Italy gives its worst. series of responsibilities. Vandals who hit two vehicles, in a certain impunity. Trenitalia which was not able to regularly equip the train (traveling by bus is not the same thing, in any case the passengers arrived in Milan three hours late). Other passengers who, if they were already occupying seats that were not theirs, had to get up. In a perfect world, it would be the vandals who started the chain who would have to apologize and do something for these 25 people. One fact remains: the transportation system was dramatically unprepared for the resumption of tourism. I only report on episodes that readers have written about. On Saturday evening, in Naples, tourists who went to eat pizza in Marechiaro could not call a taxi to return; Waiting for hours The charity restaurants eventually offered a ride with their own means. On a Sunday afternoon, there were no taxis in Rome at Termini station; It could not even be called Samarkand, the historical anchor of salvation. In Venice, they did not accept the ride to the airport, only to Santa Marta, where I moved to the car: both the boat and the car apparently rounded the fare, and the car did not accept credit cards. I know the answer: Easter. But for this very reason, more transportation will be required, not less.

Other Letters of the Day


Famous Solitary Waves by Flavio Insinna

Dear Cazzullo, We’ve read your response to Flavio Insinna’s Corriere reader, and we disagree on reconstructing the facts. In the famous outward wave of your affairs broadcast by Striscia la Notizie, the host of the parcel game was not angry – even insulting – at the pressure behind the television machine, but because of the unsuccessful falsification of the end result of the program. We remind you that in that wave – in the plural because it wasn’t one case, but several documented by satirical news – Strip reveals that Insinna pushed to change the selection of competitors by explicitly requesting that the lottery be ignored (provided by regulation) to choose competitors more sympathetically: they rigged Votes to make up the republic, or else they would revolt against the monarchy, and we can’t put five nice people in the envelope? But, above all, would Striscia be that cruel in your opinion? And then insinuating that he’s giving a malicious dwarf to a rival without even apologizing to her? In the most famous movie Off the Wave, Insinna says what the chiefs of the Affari tua should have done: stop taping and convince the opponent from Valle d’Aosta, identified as a dirty dwarf, to turn down the doctor’s offer, even with violence: There she hits her in the lower stomach and says: “Now come back and play! Why Raiuno and not Valle d’Aosta News. Mortacci for you!”. Without forgetting the verbal violence (and not only) practiced against women in the books written by the host. We have reported on a clip taken from Not Even With a Bite in the Ear (Mondadori, 2012), chapter The bitchy nurse: See and Speak with the inevitable rage that bespectacled, ugly, bespectacled women sometimes feel in their bodies. And in the next chapter he imagines the following scene: he gets to his car and opens the door and doesn’t have time to get in, I arrive from behind, I take her by the neck and hit her in the face with her new car. Purchased in sixteen convenient installments. She has a nosebleed, but she does not pass. Turn her towards me to look me straight in the face. “Oh, can you hear me, can you hear me? Then listen, you ugly asshole, don’t you dare leave me out of my father’s room again. You stick to organizing in your ass and you’ll see you’re also having some fun. Have a father reply the ugly dwarf bitch! And if you try to report me I will come back tomorrow and kill you with my own hands.” Meditation words, written and published in a book. Thus convictions are firmly rooted in the beloved Flavio Encinna.
Striscia la Notizia press office

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At the Marrucino Theater 24 hours with books

The reading marathon at the Marrucino Theater has returned to the audience: 24 continuous hours combined with the great classics of literature and the latest texts, the theme chosen for this edition is precisely that of the theater. The appointment is from 8 pm on Wednesday 25 May to 8 pm the next day with “The City That Reads”, the marathon is promoted by the Supervisory Authority for Monuments, Fine Arts and Landscapes of the Provinces of Chieti and Pescara, by the theater delegation Marrucino from Chieti and from the Park of Readings General … and more – Aps.

The event is part of the national campaign “Il Maggio dei libri”, which aims to support the social value of books as an essential element for personal, cultural and civic growth.

One hundred titles chosen from the works of authors of every time and place, able to connect with an imaginary thread those feelings that have always shaken and shared the human feeling before the representation and narration of life through works of living art such as the theatre.

Reading Marathon: List of Books Selected

1. Behind closed doors Jean-Paul Sartre
2. Adelce, Alessandro Manzoni
3 – Aida, Antonio Gislanzoni (Opera for Verdi)
4. Working with Grotowski in Physical Acts, Richards Thomas
5. At present, Danio Manfredini
6. The host, Plutos
7. Anna Karenina, Lev N. Tolstoy
8. Antigone, Sophocles
9. Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett
10. Dance Only for Me, Vincenza Alfano
11. Candide, Voltaire
12. From the stars, Silvia Calamay
13. Dona de Paradiso, Jacoboni da Todi
14. Empedocles, Friedrich Hölderlin
15. Courage to Break Free, Vito Mancuso
16. Theatrical work, Dacia Marine
17. Faust, Johann W. Goethe
18. Giova and King Solomon, a. Celestine and Maja Selega
19. The Brothers Karamazov, Fedor Dostoevsky
20. Righteous, Albert Camus
21. Professor of Dramatic Research Franco Pirelli
22. The Barber of Seville, C. Sterbini (Opera by G. Rossini)
23. The divine clown. A genius named Fu, Romina Pichichi
24. The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Lerou
25. Natural Son, Denis Diderot
26. Cherry Garden, Anton Chekhov
27. The Free Game of Life, Steven Nachmanovich
28. Judge and executioner Friedrich Dornmatt
29. The actor worked on the characters of K. Sergeevich Stanislavskij
30. The Catalanote Method, Andrea Camilleri
31. The World as Will and Representation, Arthur Schopenhauer
32. Sergeant Marco Paolini
33. Dreaming, J. August Strindberg
34. Pippo Delbono Theater, Marco Tullio Barboni
35. The theater and its double, Antonin Artaud
36. Think Love, Gabriel Vasese and Lila Costa
37. Conspiracy and Love, Friedrich Schiller
38. The Divine Actress. Eleonora Dawes in the theater … Cesar Molinari
39. Scrooge, Moliere
40. The Adventure of the Poor Christian Ignazio Siloni
41. The Importance of Being Serious, Oscar Wilde
42. The Opera Threepence, Bertolt Brecht
43. Kite boat, Eugenio Barba
44. Bernarda Alba’s house, Federico Garcia Lorca
45. Woman of the Sea, Henrik Ibsen
46. ​​Yorio’s daughter, Gabriel D’Annunzio
47. The seagull and the cat that .. Luis Sepulveda
48. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Tennessee Williams
49. The Treasury, Patrick McGrath
50. The War Explained to the Poor, Ennio Flaiano
51. The owner of the inn, Carlo Goldoni
52. La Mirtilla, Isabella Andreini (Critical article by Cinzia Saccotelli)
53. The Birth of Tragedy, Friedrich Nietzsche
54. Theatrical Passion, Paola Carmenani
55. Evening in Colono, Elsa Morante
56. Tomb of Antigone Maria Zambrano
57. The Tabernacle: Theater and Knowledge, Etisani-K. sini
58. Life is a Dream, Pedro Calderin de la Barca
59. The Voice in a Forest of Unseen Images, Kiara Ghedi
60. Trojans, Euripides
61 – Lysstrata, Aristophanes
62. The theater space, Fabrizio Crocciani
63. Empty Space, Peter Brook
64. Macbeth, William Shakespeare
65. Madama Butterfly, L. Illica-G. Giacusa (Puccini opera)
66. Mandrake, Niccol Machiavelli
67. Minimal Guide to Actor Dario Fu and Franca Ramy
68. Media, L.; Seneca
69. Emigration, Lina Brusa
70. Notre Dame de Paris, Victor Hugo
71. Twentieth Century, Alessandro Barrico
72. Life Nureyev, Julie Kavanagh
73. Oresteia, Aeschylus
74. Notebook forbidden. Comedy in two stages Alba De Céspedes
75. These ghosts, Eduardo de Filippo
76. On a poor theater, Jerzy Grotowski
77. On human theatre, Giorgio Streler
78. Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw
79. Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi
80. Black Pinocchio, Marco Baliani
81. Poetics, Aristotle
82. First Steps on the Moon, Andrea Cosentino
83. Remember Angrily, John Osborne
84. Portraits of the Future, Laura Corino
85. Theatrical novel, Mikhail Bulgakov
86. Noises off the stage, Michael Frayn
87. Saul, Vittorio Alfieri
88. Six Characters Looking for an Author, Luigi Pirandello
89. Seven Jewish Girls, Karel Churchill
90. Lucia Calamaru was seen at dusk
91. Talbot, Odin Teatret
92. Theatre, Pier Paolo Pasolini
93. I married you for fun, Natalia Ginzburg
94. Tragedies that Franca Valerie laughs at
95. The Mouse Trap, Agatha Christie
96. Three floors of the theater, Elsa Flacco
97. Triple glasses, Emma Dante
98. Theater in the Landscape, S. Bramini and F. Galli
99. Another Perspective, Peter Stein
100 ideas for theater, Luca Ronconi

“The Reading Marathon was proposed – explained the organizers – as an experiment aimed at engaging the community and the community of readers on a date that today, after the recent health emergency of Covid-19, wants to constitute ‘a true experience of relationship and meeting.’ The defining theme of the 2022 edition is the theater, a symbol timeless for tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and a place of excellence in live entertainment, artistic production and cultural pluralism. The subject is intended in its broadest sense and includes all possible traces of an artistic, literary, historical, philosophical, allegorical and introspective nature.”

A maximum of 230 readers are expected to participate: interested parties must fill out the appropriate registration form and indicate the book chosen from among those indicated in the specified regulation, in which a passage can be read for a maximum of six minutes.

The deadline for registration for the Reading Marathon in Chieti is set for May 16 at 12 noon: by that date the ticket must be delivered by e-mail to [email protected] or by hand at the box office of the Marrucino Theatre. In one of the city libraries participating in the initiative (De Luca, Mondadori, Mondadori Book Store, dei Piccoli Rimedi, Giunti al Punto).

Regulations and application form attached

Reading Marathon Regulations – The City That Reads – Edition 2022


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Earth Day 2022, 14 books for children 3-10 years old

Earth Day 2022 Earth Day needs many little heroes who know how to build a new collective consciousness to protect our planet. They are of course children who, through a book, can discover that our land is in their hands. Enjoy reading!

Protecting the environment is among the basic principles of our Constitution, because the Constitution is like a tree that must grow, expand and change to make everyone feel good. (Dustour Al Shajar, Snus).

From here young children can begin to learn to love the environment in which they live and, above all, protect it. The tool to learn how to do it? Simple book of course! (Thanks tera! , Lapis)

Every tree was a plant, every man was a child. A dialogue between two seeds telling each other about their own transformation. (I’m a tree, you’re a child, lapis)

Have you ever seen Tindirlinis? It’s small, maybe that’s why you didn’t notice it. They are the oldest recyclers in the world, live on Junk Island and have funny, tireless names. (Tenderline beaver)

Jonas, the lighthouse keeper, is rescued by Blu, a gentle whale: but Blu swallowed them, thinking they were jellyfish, and bags and plastic objects of all kinds got lost in the sea. Her stomach needs to be cleaned right away! A real achievement! (I love you, Blue, Papalibri)

24 hours to set off to discover Earth’s wonderful habitats and the animals that inhabit them. It is the journey of two young girls in the hope of building a different future on our beautiful and fragile planet. (It is one world. 24 hours on planet earth )

Did you know that there are dragonflies that can cross oceans in flight? And that there are spiders swimming under water? It is the wonderful world of nature to be discovered. (Insects and Other Arthropods, Fabri Editor)

How does respect for the environment that surrounds us and care for this wonderful underwater world that is the sea explain to children? With sweet words and patience. By example and respect. (Underwater world. Loving the sea, bread and salt)

Mountains, lakes, rivers, prairies, forests and deserts are full of ancient wisdom. Every landscape has a message to teach us, if we know, young and old, listen to us. (Earth is your mate, Rizzoli).

Books for 3 year olds


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I love you, Blue!

by Barroux

Publisher: Papalibri

Jonas, the lighthouse keeper, is rescued by the gentle whale Blue during a storm. A story of friendship that tells the urgent need to save our oceans.

I love you blue

Books for 4 year olds

Earth is your companion

By Anna Balbosso, Elena Balbosso and Patrick J. Lewis

Publisher: Rizzoli

Mountains, lakes, rivers, prairies, forests and deserts are full of ancient wisdom. Every landscape has a message to teach us, if we know how to listen.

your earth mate

Thanks Earth!

by Tony Yuli

Publisher: Lapis

Where does rain come from? What about honey, plants, and wool? Thanks Earth!

thank you earth

I am a tree, I am a child

by Sylvin Jawi

Publisher: Lapis

Every tree was a plant, every man was a child.

I am a tree I am a child

Books for 5 year olds

It is one world. 24 hours on planet earth

by Nicholas Davies

Publisher: Editoriale Scienza

This story begins and ends at midnight: each of the twelve chimes of the clock corresponds to a stage in the journey of two young girls, who, from their bedroom in London, imagine setting out to discover the wonderful habitats of the land and the animals that inhabit them.

24 hours

the earth breathes

by Guia Risari

Publisher: Lapis

Admire, meditate, marvel and enjoy the spectacle of life.

the earth breathes


by Roberto Brual Reeves

Publisher: Snus

Risperus is a fish. But it may also be amphibious. Or maybe it’s a bird, too. He transformed himself, as he explored the land, from the depths of the sea to the highest peaks.


Books for 6 year olds

Two brothers, one forest

by Noritake Yukiko

Publisher: Terre di Mezzo

Two ways to live in nature, to nurture, to be together, and to imagine the future.

Two Fratelli Forest

Underwater world. I love the sea

Written by Fulvia degli Innocenti

Publisher: Pane e Sale

A book about the environment, explaining to our children how to respect the environment around us and take care of this wonderful underwater world that is the sea.

underwater world

Insects and other arthropods. 3D Building

By Camila Bedoyer de la

Publisher: Fabri

Did you know that there are dragonflies that can cross oceans in flight? And that there are spiders swimming underwater in a diving suit made of cloth and centipedes that eat bats? Curiosity about insects can also be built into 3D models.


Books for 7-year-olds

Evolution Secrets. Books to discover

by Emily Boone

Publisher: Usborne Publishing

Where does life originate? Why do animals look like this? The answers to these and many other questions about evolution.

Evolution Secrets

The Tirlindini and the Plastic Island Volume 1

by Sally Gardner

Publisher: Il Castoro

Have you ever seen Tindirlinis? They are the oldest recycling companies in the world, always committed to turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s treasures.


Books for 8 year olds

tree composition

By Valeria Sigliola and Elisabetta Morosini

Publisher: Snus

Protection of the environment is included among the basic principles of our Constitutional Charter: Because the Constitution is like a tree that must grow, expand and change to make everyone feel good.

tree composition

Cantalamaba. A strange atlas of places and strange stories

by Wu Ming

Publisher: Mondadori Electa

The 15 Stories of the Travels of Guido and Adele Cantalamappa.



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30 books in 30 days, meeting with the author of “Mushroom Knights of Malta” on April 22, 2022 Messina events

Return to Messina “30 books in 30 days”. Appointment, Friday, April 22 at 4 p.m. at the Institute of Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnologies, with the presentation of the volume Pepo Le Cascio “Mushroom of the Knights of Malta. The plant legend of the ancient melitense pharmacy is Cynomorium coccineum Linn.”

An event organized by BCsicilia and the Messina Regional Library. After giving Sabrina Battania, President of BCsicilia Sede di Messina, and greetings to Enzo Foti, Grand Sicilian of the Order of Saint John in Jerusalem, Knight of Malta, and Domenico Internato, University of Rome, Unitelma Sapienza, the letters by Balisio Maniaci, President of UniTRE at Messina, and by Simone Cappello , researcher Cnr-Irbim from Messina. Conclusions of Alfonso Lo Cassio, BCsicilia Regional President. The author will be present. Coordination will be undertaken by Tomasa Seragosa, Director of the Regional University of Messina Library. Limited number event. Reservations can be made via WhatsApp at 389.9761204. At the end of the event, refreshments will be provided to all participants.

The parasitic fungi Cynomorium coccineum Linn. It has proven to have a very long history, with the first mention going back to the time of Job or Jacob (30:4), the patriarch of the Hebrew Bible who saved many human lives from the famines that periodically swept the Palestinian territories. One of these violent acts that struck the land of Canaan, forced Job’s family to migrate to Egypt with their cattle and all their belongings. A series of archival research on the plant and its derivatives made it possible to discover facts and historical and scientific considerations of particular importance: already in the Middle Ages, Arab doctors identified Cynomorium coccineum Linn. , a “pharmaceutical gem”, or rather a natural product containing one or more biologically active ingredients and in the field of pharmacology has been recognized for excellent therapeutic uses. Doctors of that time showed that the plant was irreplaceable for fighting blood disorders in all its bodily manifestations. Its derivatives represent above all an exceptional medicine against stroke and venereal diseases and given in powder form, it was used as a contraceptive, toothpaste and even as a textile dye. The red dye of the plant gave fans another advantage, that it is used by the women of the tribes of the United Arab Emirates as an effective textile dye, very resistant to abrasion and produces a shade close to “blood red”. The Arab-Kindi philosopher and doctor, who practiced in Arabia between the ninth and tenth centuries AD, recommended the use of “mushrooms” also to treat infections caused by subcutaneous globules that cause inflammation, with tissue regeneration. Compared to the definition proposed by the Swedish naturalist Carlo Linnaeus, the Arabs, who are well acquainted with the pharmacological properties of the plant, similarly defined the plant using the terms “Zeb Arbi” and “Zeb Turko”, which more or less agree with the Greek word cynomorium, having the meaning “canini genitalis”.

Pippo Lo Cascio, from Palermo, degree in pedagogical sciences, researcher in history and archeology in the territory of Sicily, author of numerous articles, articles and monographs of a scientific and popular nature. He published the following volumes: Partana Mondello and Its Architectural Heritage, Palermo 1992; Mondello Among the Dungeons and Pirates, Palermo 1995; Isola delle Femmine, Palermo 1996; Sferracavallo, Acicatena-Catania 1996; Sicilian towers for the delegation in 1717, Palermo 2000; Palermo outside the walls. Plain of the Hills, Palermo 2000; Tonnara Mondello. Retrieved Correspondence (17th-20th centuries), Palermo 2001 (et al.); Communication and broadcasting. The Long History of Human Communication from Fannie to the Telegraph, S. Mannelli 2000; Historic and Archaeological Profile of Campofiorito, Corleone 2001 (et al.); Pipes rediscovered (by the Ethnographic Museum “Giuseppe Pettieri”) Palermo 2004; Pirates and Pirates in the Seas of Sicily, Palermo 2004; Stories and Legends of Isola delle Femmine, Palermo 2005, Archaeological Heritage of Monte Gallo. Archaeological Map, Palermo 2005 (together with F. Mercadante); Santa Maria del Bosco. Land ownership of the Calatamoro Monastery: fiefs and plantations, in the Monastery of Santa Maria del Bosco di Calatamoro, Palermo 2006; Knights of Malta, Turks and Barbarians for control of the Mediterranean, Palermo 2006; Sicilian Towers and Torrents, Palermo 2006; Palermo Towers. Plain Defenses and Coastal Fortification Works in the Fifteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Palermo 2006; The towers between Acqua dei Corsari and Sant’Erasmo: protection of the coasts and countryside, Romagnolo and surroundings. From Sant Erasmo to Acqua de Corsari. Memory Paths, Palermo 2007; Sant Erasmo plan. A Thousand Years of History in Marina di Palermo, Palermo 2008; Cards of the coastal horoscopes of the Palermo region (Torre Sant’Elia, Capo Zafferano, Capo Mongerbino, Lanterna del Molo, Monte Pellegrino, Tonnara di Vergine Maria, Rotolo, Addaura, Tonnara di Mondello, Prickly Pear, Mazzone di Gallo, Amari or Dammuso di Gallo, Vuletta, Sferracavallo, Ciachea), in constellations in the coastal landscape of Sicily (13th–19th centuries), Caltanissetta 2008; Monte Gallo. Architectural, ethnic, anthropological and natural heritage. From the Byzantine era to the twentieth century, Palermo 2009 (with F. Mercadante): La Valle dello Iato between Archeology and History, Palermo 2011 (et alii); Stairs, Nevers and Trazer. Historical Routes of Communication, Trade, and Economy in the Province of Palermo, Between the Fourteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Palermo 2012: Solomon’s Knot. The millennium symbol of human history. Compound ropes and braids in Sicilian ethno-historical notation (2nd and 3rd centuries AD to the 20th century), Palermo 2014; Sinan Paksa aka Scipione Cicala. Messina in the Service of the Turks at the Sublime Gate of Constantinople and Islamic Culture in Europe, Terme Vigliator (ME) 2016; Lighthouses of Vanni and Sicily. From ancient connections with fire to electricity, in Scrutando il mare: Lanterns, Lighthouses and Lanterns in Sicily, Villabate (Palermo) 2016 (et alii); Between Spain, France and the Netherlands. The Civil War at Messina (1674-1678), op. first publication, Messina 2022; Mushroom Knights of Malta. Ancient melitense pharmacy legend plant: Cynomorium coccineum Linn. , Palermo 2020; From Sant Erasmo to Castellammare del Golfo. Historical, Natural and Religious Aspects, Camus 2020; The Religious Communities of the Ballermitans Piane dei Colli and di Gallo. The birth and development of the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Partana Mondello, Palermo 2022. He is also the author of some of the archaeological finds he has published for the review Sicilia Archeologica: Among the main articles: Sòlanto: New Archaeological Discoveries (1990); Topographical Survey in Cozzo Paparina (Altofonte) (1990); Military settlement along the Militia River: Pizzo San Nicola (1991); Watchtower on the coast of Palermo. Il Dammuso di Gallo or Torre Amari 1992; Mirabella lace. Military settlement of the Swabian period (1994); Caramola Cave in Fossa del Gallo (Mondello Palermo) (1995); Santana Tower and Hypogen Basilica in San Martino delle Scale (Palermo) (1996); Roman Farms in Marino (Palermo) (1997); The prickly pear tower in Mondello (1998); mud net weights (1999); Two trappeti della cannamela in the Palermo region (2001).