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Yesterday Telegatti, Today TV Rewards Itself (and Income) :: Blog on Today

The hypothesis that Telegatti ceremonies could return to television after 14 years was enough to evoke old memories such as grandma’s petting. “Super star smiling, you are the best in the world” For a few days it reverberated in the memory of the people who grew up in it Bim Boom Bam And glasses of milk with cocoa powder drunk during cartoons, chasing in a whirlpool of emotional discovery, nevertheless, will remain so. There will be no televised event honoring people who were “only” famous at the time and gave autographs, not selfies; No one in front of millions of spectators would receive a figurine of a sympathetic “domestic” cat like the TV that was fun; The audience, once identified in the weekly newspaper readers Smiles and TV songs Whoever voted for the best shows and characters last season, it’s different now, it’s something else, just a user of a sector-defining service that lately seems to be more inclined to self-censor than allow themselves to party. Aldo Vitale, director of the magazine that relaunched the historic award in a completely different style, explained: “The world has changed, as has the way of making entertainment that has been enriched by social, digital and broadcast media. On the way, the timing and methods of the awards are also changing: the new Telegatto will be delivered at different times during the course of the year. year, to become an appreciation of the benefits of those who receive them.”

Here, in fact, is merit. Something seems to have changed here too, even in the way of understanding the qualities and virtues of those who stand today in front of a public television camera, and for this alone, they seem to automatically be commendable. Doesn’t the viewer do it? Perhaps because he is distracted by the broadcast, burdened with offers that go beyond demands, satisfied with what he wants and when he wants thanks to the demand? No problem: the same protagonists of this ill-conceived television are keen to turn the spotlight on themselves, amplified by the power of social networks and the millions of followers that have been heralded as a testament to the popularity.

The boundaries between television and social media, talent and merit

In general, the feeling is that we have lost the boundary between talent, the genuine that is evident after months and years of work and jobs with good old apprenticeships, and the popularity gained through beautiful pictures and funny stories. On various Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. The equation “if you have a lot of followers, it works” seems to permeate virtual life as well as real life, with potentially unsatisfactory effects for those who believe (and hope, and invest a lot of money too) surely in the massive network world to be discovered next Corrado and Raffaella Carrà, Sandra Mondaini, Raimondo Vianello, etc…

Don’t worry: it might be so. Never say never woe to lose confidence. Comedians, conductors, new dancers and singers will return to shine like luminous stars in the sky of the Italian star system, and will be very good at entertaining an audience that is increasingly demanding, subtle, and sometimes highly critical with those commentaries written at the same time as the broadcast of a program that becomes through thick and thin the topic of a trend. In the meantime, while we wait for creative flashes of new formats and perhaps even the emergence of eclectic characters truly worthy of being considered “inspirations,” the custom of dedicating evenings – full-events to the heroes of decades of television and music has become increasingly popular in the limp timeline of late.

Albano and Romina, for example, have them 55 steps into the sun Celebrating two evenings in 2019; Claudio Baglioni, who spent three Saturdays with the crowd Uà – a man of different ages; Iva Zanicchi was honored at the one-woman show at two events filled with guests who were called to pay tribute to her; Michelle Hunziker sponsors her career with the latter Michelle is impossible; Maurizio Costanzo, who is rightly honored on the 40th anniversary of the most important and famous talk on television: these are the cases that indicate how television today, and Canale 5 in particular, navigate the confusing void of ideas and contents, and at the same time guarantee an income thanks to the heroes of the generation that Know and learn how to deserve glory. The applause and appreciation of the audience and also thanks to Bersilvio Berlusconi, author of public letters addressed to those who have been crucial to the company’s growth, however, recalling past successes, also lifts the void of his present.

Radio of the Year, Personality of Revelation (male and female), Best Test, Diversity, Music, Sports, Science, Information and Culture Program: these are the categories awarded with Telegatti over the years dedicated to professionals of the caliber of Ravella Cara, Loretta Jogi, Alberto Castagna, Fiorello, Mike Bongiorno. Today nothing more, green light for imagination. And that’s fine at the moment.


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Bang Bang Baby, review of the great Italian TV series by Prime Video :: Blog su Today

We weren’t sorry at all Life is like Carlo And MonterossiDespite the fact that, especially for the experience of Carlo Verdone, there was no shortage of criticism. but with bang bang babythe TV series that will be released on Prime Video on April 28, the streaming platform Amazon has created what, in our opinion, is the first true masterpiece of Prime Made in Italy.

We’ve previewed the first 5 episodes out of 10, the episodes releasing on April 28th (the rest will be released on May 19th) and we’re very pleased with this production. We explain why in this review, where we allow ourselves even a little, very little criticism of this masterpiece bang bang baby.


What is bang bang baby

Let’s start with a chronological point of view: the series takes place in the eighties, namely in 1986. The hero is Alice Giammatio (Ariana Pecheroni), a high school student in Bussolengo, in the province of Verona, who in the first scenes we see a mafia take the oath of her strange parallel to the girl from the Big Ad Babol.

Alice lives with her mother, Gabriella Giamattio (Lucia Maschino), who also took her surname about ten years ago, her father Santo Maria Barone (Adriano Giannini) being shot dead while watching his wife and daughter ride. Her mother raised her alone, in a feminist and independent spirit, not without some difficulties but generally with a lot of affection.

bang bang baby _ prime video _ (18) -2

One day, while at the electronics watch, Alice discovers that although her father is not dead, he has just been arrested for immorality after being found naked on the street. This discovery will upset her life more than she (and the public) can possibly imagine, because to see him she will reopen a closed chapter of her childhood, the chapter connected to her patriarchal family, a historical clan from the ‘Ndrangheta in Calabria who have moved to Milan dealing with corrupt politicians headed by the fearsome grandmother Lena (Dona) Romano) known as “Grandma Heroine” and not in the sense of heroes…

bang bang baby _ prime video_ (13) -2

This will be followed by blood, sex, drunkenness, drugs, ’80s series, George Michael, Umberto Smiley, and many other things that we don’t reveal to you so you don’t get spoiled. Meanwhile, watch the official trailer for bang bang baby.

Why do you see Bang Bang Baby

The canons of the Italian TV series “De Mafia” have revolutionized lately ChristianSky TV series with Edoardo Pesce. Bang Bang Baby certainly can’t be defined as Christian’s “heir”, but in a sense he fits the same path, because he manages to mix genres and records with (unfortunately) a rare brilliance in the serial jigsaw of our country.

Bang Bang Baby _ Prime Video_ (38) -2

Comedy and drama alternate, sometimes even coexisting in the same scene. We laugh, there is tension, and there is also this kind of “effect”. Weird things“For reviving the ’80s with all that the national folk imagination of that era entailed (and those who lived through it probably very excited).

The plot runs fast but deep, the main cast and the supporting cast have never really outdone themselves, and by the way, the old-fashioned soundtrack is really great. In short, if we don’t give 10 to Bang Bang Baby, it’s only for fear of frustration at the end, and certainly not for the small note we move on to below.

Bang Bang Baby _ Prime Video_ (23) -2

Only the slightest flaw in Bang Bang Baby

So here we are at the only flaw in this series. A defect that few will notice, only those who have a certain knowledge of Calabrian dialects. Basically: the Barone and Ferraù clan must have been from the province of Reggio Calabria (judging from the license plate of cars), yet the dialect of the Calabrian champions sounds closer to Catanzaro or Cosentino than to Reggio.

Moreover, as someone will note, there is no shortage of linguistic contrasts, such as the alternation between “lauru” and “fatiga” and “travagliu”, or as Dona Romano betrays her Neapolitan character (or Rocco her Sicilian character). But, let’s be clear, such a minimal flaw does not in any way affect the quality of this great Italian production of Prime Video.

Rating: 9


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I tell Corriere – Vandals train and wire transfer

Dear Aldo
Occupying seats for 25 disabled people on a GenovaMilano train is as horrific as the fact that they couldn’t free them.
Franco Sarto

When organizing trips with the disabled, you must make sure in advance that everything is going as agreed. The opposite does not exist. The train was not supposed to leave Genoa until the boys were safe on the train.
Marosca Ricciardi

The feeling that the entire transport system, far from the most unpleasant event, that occurred in Genoa, has worn off …
Franco PontiMilan

Dear ReadersAnd
The story of 25 adults with Down syndrome (I wouldn’t call them disabled: they are people we can learn a lot from) who were unable to travel on reserved seats should shame us all. These are the moments when Italy gives its worst. series of responsibilities. Vandals who hit two vehicles, in a certain impunity. Trenitalia which was not able to regularly equip the train (traveling by bus is not the same thing, in any case the passengers arrived in Milan three hours late). Other passengers who, if they were already occupying seats that were not theirs, had to get up. In a perfect world, it would be the vandals who started the chain who would have to apologize and do something for these 25 people. One fact remains: the transportation system was dramatically unprepared for the resumption of tourism. I only report on episodes that readers have written about. On Saturday evening, in Naples, tourists who went to eat pizza in Marechiaro could not call a taxi to return; Waiting for hours The charity restaurants eventually offered a ride with their own means. On a Sunday afternoon, there were no taxis in Rome at Termini station; It could not even be called Samarkand, the historical anchor of salvation. In Venice, they did not accept the ride to the airport, only to Santa Marta, where I moved to the car: both the boat and the car apparently rounded the fare, and the car did not accept credit cards. I know the answer: Easter. But for this very reason, more transportation will be required, not less.

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Famous Solitary Waves by Flavio Insinna

Dear Cazzullo, We’ve read your response to Flavio Insinna’s Corriere reader, and we disagree on reconstructing the facts. In the famous outward wave of your affairs broadcast by Striscia la Notizie, the host of the parcel game was not angry – even insulting – at the pressure behind the television machine, but because of the unsuccessful falsification of the end result of the program. We remind you that in that wave – in the plural because it wasn’t one case, but several documented by satirical news – Strip reveals that Insinna pushed to change the selection of competitors by explicitly requesting that the lottery be ignored (provided by regulation) to choose competitors more sympathetically: they rigged Votes to make up the republic, or else they would revolt against the monarchy, and we can’t put five nice people in the envelope? But, above all, would Striscia be that cruel in your opinion? And then insinuating that he’s giving a malicious dwarf to a rival without even apologizing to her? In the most famous movie Off the Wave, Insinna says what the chiefs of the Affari tua should have done: stop taping and convince the opponent from Valle d’Aosta, identified as a dirty dwarf, to turn down the doctor’s offer, even with violence: There she hits her in the lower stomach and says: “Now come back and play! Why Raiuno and not Valle d’Aosta News. Mortacci for you!”. Without forgetting the verbal violence (and not only) practiced against women in the books written by the host. We have reported on a clip taken from Not Even With a Bite in the Ear (Mondadori, 2012), chapter The bitchy nurse: See and Speak with the inevitable rage that bespectacled, ugly, bespectacled women sometimes feel in their bodies. And in the next chapter he imagines the following scene: he gets to his car and opens the door and doesn’t have time to get in, I arrive from behind, I take her by the neck and hit her in the face with her new car. Purchased in sixteen convenient installments. She has a nosebleed, but she does not pass. Turn her towards me to look me straight in the face. “Oh, can you hear me, can you hear me? Then listen, you ugly asshole, don’t you dare leave me out of my father’s room again. You stick to organizing in your ass and you’ll see you’re also having some fun. Have a father reply the ugly dwarf bitch! And if you try to report me I will come back tomorrow and kill you with my own hands.” Meditation words, written and published in a book. Thus convictions are firmly rooted in the beloved Flavio Encinna.
Striscia la Notizia press office

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