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Liberation Day, 6 Anniversary Films

April 25 is a very important date in the history of Italy: on that day, in 1945, the Nazi occupation and the fascist regime in our country ended. Those moments have starred in many films over the years. Here is a choice

April 25 marks a very important date in the history of Italy: on that day, in 1945, our country was liberated from Nazi occupation and the fascist regime. That day also represents the culmination of the military phase of the resistance. Those moments have appeared in many films over the years. Here are some of the most famous.

Rome is an open city (1945) and Pisa (1946)


April 25 the most beautiful parties

Roberto Rossellini was able to brilliantly describe the occupation in Italy and the last months before liberation. at Rome is an open city (1945) – an allegorical work of Italian neo-realism – tells the tragedy of the German occupation of Rome after the armistice of Casabelle. at Pisa (1946), on the other hand, Rossellini returns with the second film of the War Against Fascism trilogy, to mention the advance of the Allied forces from Sicily to northern Italy, in 6 episodes: Sicily, Naples, Rome, Florence, Emilian Apennines and Porto Tolle.

Mussolini – The last act (1974)

In this film, Carlo Lisani focuses on the last days of fascism and the German occupation of Italy. He tells them and makes them live the personal stories of Benito Mussolini. The story takes place from April 24, 1945 in Milan, where the Duce refused the mediation of Cardinal Schuster, until Saturday, April 28, when he was killed alongside Clarita Petacci by the cannon of Colonel Valerio.

San Lorenzo night (1982)


April 25, because liberation is celebrated

The film talks about the period leading up to April 25, but at the heart of the story is always the search for freedom. On the night of August 10, 1944, in the town of San Miniato, part of the population decided to flee from the Germans. The fugitives, after a very difficult path, would be able to break free. The Taviani Brothers film, starring Omero Antonotti, won an award at Cannes.

partisan johnny (2000)

partisan johnnyAnd Directed by Guido Chiesa, and based on the novel by Pep Vignoglio, Johnny, a young intellectual college student from a middle-class family, decides to join the resistance in Lange, despite doubts and insecurity. He will face a very harsh winter, but through suffering he will find the true reason for being partisan, always remaining true to himself.

The Forgotten Front – Resistance in Bologna (2020)


Liberation Day How to explain April 25 to children

Through the photographs the life of Bologna – the largest city in northern Italy on the front line – during the war is told. With partially unpublished documents and materials, the documentary traces the historical events that involved the city from 1943 to 1945, including the German occupation and of course the liberation struggle waged by the revolutionaries and the residents who supported them.


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What to do on a weekend in Forli and its surroundings

The weekend that extends with the feast of 25 April, which in addition to institutional celebrations offers several dates, along with the remembrance of Earth Day. Don’t miss a series of parties and theatrical performances between classics and events for families. There are also evenings of food, music, markets, and fairs in the area, ranging from comics to painting, sculpture and recycling. Here are the events from Friday to Monday.

Stridoli and Sangiovese

After two years of interruption, due to restrictions imposed by Covid measures, it returns on Saturday and Sunday Sangiovese di Modigliana Festival, which in 2019 reached the milestone of the fiftieth edition. An event that wants to celebrate Sangiovese and combine the name Modigliana with this prestigious wine, the symbol of Romania. Saturday evening begins with a “senengiro,” a wandering dinner that develops along the paths of the historic centre. The characteristic field grass typical of the spring season is instead the protagonist of Galeta. Traditional returns on Sunday Stridolo Festival, which can be tasted in the food stalls of the Place Gramsci and which will serve typical dishes. On the streets of the center, from the morning, itinerant market stalls will form.

in music

On Friday, for the “Forli Grand Musica” show, the date entitled “Mozart and his surroundings” dedicates the duo that formed it. Young and talented brothers Paravicini, Ludovico and Nicolo, who will play in the church of Sant’Antonio Abate in Ravaldino in Forlì with music by Mozart and Beethoven. Fifth Instead, they held the concert for the music program Forlì Musica PrimaveraOn Saturday at the Diego Fabri Theater in Forlì. Maestro Gianna Frata in the direction of the Maderna Orchestra will present a program that includes Tchaikovsky’s Romantic Masterpieces, Brahms’ first symphonies and the Mangani acrobatic arrangement of Verdi’s pages, which will be performed by the extraordinary Corrado Giuffredi on the clarinet. The cycle of “Musical Paintings” also continues, appetizer parties at the “School of the Spectator” track: Sunday at the Ridoto at the Diego Fabri Theater, a new musical show, “Women in Music”, performed by “Luminoso Duo”, composed by Tadeja Kralj on the ukulele and Tanya Jark on the flute. The Music Adoption Contest Reaching its eighteenth year this year, it is for young music students up to 16 years old, open to all musical genres and aims to support and promote young talent. The finalists will perform accompanied by the Maderna Orchestra, always under the direction of music director Gianna Frata, on Monday at the Teatro Diego Fabri in Forlì.

On the stages of theaters

On Friday, the Verdi Theater in Forlimbopoli will host Beppe Casales who will present his monologue “Nazieruopa”: The show was among the final works in the eighteenth edition of Casa Cervi’s Teatro Resistente review, and was the winner of the Theatrical Mass 2019. Casales’ monologue travels over two tracks, Word and Images, and is together with a letter to a daughter and a journey that begins in Germany in the 1930s and up to Europe from the border. Arrived at Predappio Municipal Theater “AA (Aspiring Assassins)”, organized by The Fellowship of the Ring Directed by Francesco Lisa. Appointment on Saturday and Sunday with three abused employees, a homicide consultant and a one-of-a-kind killer: unexpected events, misunderstandings, and twists and turns in the new prose of La Compagnia dell’Anello. Display Silver nose of Progetto gg Presented for review “A Teatro in Famiglia”, Saturday in the Dragoni di Meldola: Taken from the folklore story also collected by Italo Calvino in the Fiabe Italiane. Also in Forlimpopoli, on Saturdays, off the family theater, with The Nutcracker from Fior di Teatro: Reality and fiction, meek games that turn into valiant fighters and nightmares that turn into sweet dreams, all mingle in the story of The Nutcracker.

April 25th is Earth Day

to Celebrating the 77th Anniversary of National Liberation, 25 April 1945-2022, in Forlì, the calendar of events accompanies the whole weekend, highlighting Monday, in addition to the institutional festivities, there will be an afternoon celebration in the urban park “Franco Agosto” with children’s theatrical moments, entertainment activities and a band party Forlì City and the Prom. The municipality of Bertinoro celebrates the 25th of April with “March of Resistance”: A journey of nearly 3 hours, between the vineyards, paths and caves of the Bertenoro countryside, accompanied by the stories of resistance told by Giancarlo Dini. All time In Bertinoro on the occasion of Earth Day, occurring on April 22 each year, there will be three days of events, including Roberto Mercadini’s play “The Little Boy”, the code name that, with terrible irony, was given to the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6. In 1945, which caused the largest massacre ever for the number of victims (160,000) and the environment. On foot or by bike, from Friday to Sunday The visitor center that Spinadillo participated in promotes a rich program of initiatives on the rapids of the Ronco Riverin collaboration with Eco Trekking Guides, Green Reality and Regional Promotion: On the occasion of World Earth Day, the weekend begins with the opening New equipment supplied to the channel. For Liberation Day, an appointment also at the regional animation library Alessandro Callegati ‘Calle’, proposed byOnline exhibition entitled “Moso Comics”, which collects the covers of American comics published from 1941 to 1944, related to the presentation of a portrait of Benito Mussolini. ‘Musso’ was a nickname often used in comics to identify Mussolini, at the time a tape titled ‘Musso the Wop’ was also published on the Beano comic strip from 1940 to 1943.

What to do on a weekend in Cesena

What to do on a weekend in Rimini

the outside

Morgagni Square was conquered from spring until Sunday with “spring Eid”: Lots of grilled meat courses and first Romania will be the protagonists of the festival as it features live music with ‘Trio Santa Maradona’ on Friday evening and ‘Same old shoes’ on Saturday, also on Sunday there will be games and entertainment for families and kids. On Saturday, the Franco Agosto Urban Park in Forlì hosts black day: A series of initiatives by local clubs, including Solidarity, such as a “rabbit walk” for children and their families and a trip to the historic center led by Gabriel Zelle. Always looking for solidarity, the Diocese of San Giorgio hosts the initiative again on Saturday “Saint George of Ukraine”: Food kiosk and shows to raise money for refugees. appointments “Sunrise, Taste and Walk”, an initiative organized by the Rio del Sol farm and La Sabiona farm Dedicated to trekking, Nordic hiking and cycling enthusiasts who want to discover an evocative corner of Romania, with its flavors and landscapes. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, on foot or by mountain bike, it will be possible to travel on a five-kilometer itinerary, between breakfast and appetizers. moving towards Meldola, Rocca delle Caminate can be visited again To the public, after closing in the winter. Throughout the summer, the castle will be open on Saturday and Sunday and unusually also on Monday, April 25.

Markets and Reuse

The historical center of the hosts of Forlì, in addition to the traditional Monday and Friday markets and antiques markets, unusual events such as Sunday with Promotion Gallery. A new appointment, in the area of ​​the old furnace in Piazza d’Orsay Mangeli in Forlì, Sunday, with “Car Boot Market”the typical English market where car trunks turn into flea market stalls: things, furnishing accessories, clothes in good condition but no longer needed.

Art and cinema in all respects

The new exhibition date at the San Domenico Museums in Forli is open to the public, dedicated to the great female legend of our history, a mysterious and disfigured figure: Mary Magdalene. Through some of the most precious and amazing works of art dedicated to her, Forli exhibition “Madalena. Mystery and the image”. In 2022 – curated by Cristina Asedini, Paula Reeves and Fernando Mazuca – he intends to investigate the unsolved mystery about a woman named Maria who is still anxious and dazzled. Until July 10, the San Domenico Rooms will host 200 of the most important works of the 3rd century. AD to the 20th Century, divided into 11 sections, in an exhibition path that includes painting, sculpture, miniatures, tapestries, silverwork, and charts that permeate the greatest names of each era. On the occasion of the upcoming holiday, there will be another chance to better appreciate the wonderful exhibition: It will be activated in Fixed Departure Guide service Allowing you to take advantage of a guided tour without having to organize yourself as a group. with exposure “Art and Business – Dino Zuli, 50 Years of Creativity”Scheduled until October 2, at the Dino Zoli Foundation in Forli, the official opening celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Dino Zoli’s entrepreneurship activity: the exhibition offers a journey through the permanent collection’s work and key art projects promoted by the Dino Zoli Foundation. 3 years after the last exhibition dedicated to Benito Partisani in art Mastro Lupo, Farniti Art Gallery in ForliAn in-depth study of the artistic journey of this exceptional character. Painter, painter, ceramist, and sculptor Benito Partizani (Predappio 1906-1969), he was a prominent man in the Predappio municipality, of which he became mayor in the immediate post-war period. Contemporary Art at MAF in Forlimpopoli, with an original proposal linking the Archaeological Museum in Piazza Fratti with the natural oasis of Spinadello: At the MAF it is possible to visit the exhibition “Animalium” of Silver Plachesi, and in parallel, at the Spinadello lift station, the “Aquarium” will be opened By Plachesi himself: The two exhibitions tell in the same style – recycled art technology (or art made from recycled materials) – the animal world on land (at MAF) and at the bottom of the sea (at Spinadello). The photographic exhibition opened in the Chapel of San Sebastiano in Forli “Invisible Children. Childhood Insurance”: The management of “Infanzia” magazine wanted to give a voice and image to this state of disappearance, urging families to represent it through depictions of games and educational activities (remotely), moments of daily life, and tests of resistance and resilience in place. In their homes during the lockdown. Beginning in 2022, Comic Strip Dante begins the “Dante701” project, starting with a calendar of shows that sees Dante Disneyano event in the foreground. The gallery presents, both on-site and online, all the forms in which the Dante side has been presented through the work of Disney. At Palazzo Morattini, Pievequinta di Forl, one can visit family trees gallery From local families from Carpinello to San Pietro in Vincoli, sponsored by Mauro Mariani. In Mussolini’s hometown of Predappio it can be visited from Saturday Exhibition “From Dovsha to Predappio Nova”: is an exhibition of books, documents, paintings, sculptures and bas-reliefs from collectors or public bodies that trace the history of Predappio and the surrounding lands. For the penultimate weekend of April Sala San Luigi chooses to show “Belfast”which is an autobiography of adulthood directed by Kenneth Branagh.


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What to do from April 22-25

At the Mostra D’oltremare, the appointment with the Comicon returns, in the Casa della Musica there is Francesco De Gregori in concert, in the Pan exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol is the protagonist, in Piazza del Plebiscito free shows and games for children with the day of the lions, in Pietrarsa three days With hours stretched between the beauty of historical trains, music and appetizers overlooking the sea and in Noble you travel in hippie culture with a colorful flower party. There are also many open museums and current exhibitions that citizens and tourists can visit

Action packed for young and old on a long weekend in town.

Here are our tips for what to do and see in Naples (and surroundings) from April 22-25:

Comicon 2022

Expected date with comicon With a complete program for guests and events. The spaces of the Mostra d’Oltremare will once again host the International Festival of Folk Culture, from April 22-25 [Clicca qui per tutte le informazioni]. Moreover, the live music program is so rich with the “Live Music” section that it has almost become a festival within the festival, with four days of non-stop live music and artists such as Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Cor Veleno together, Giancane, the latest and many others and the novelty of “Music Talk” “. [Clicca qui per tutte le informazioni]

Francesco de Gregory in concert

Saturday appointment at Casa della Musica. De Gregori will present his greatest hits to the audience accompanied by his band consisting of Guido Guglielminetti (bass and double bass), Carlo Gaudiello (keyboards), Primiano Di Biase (Hamond), Paolo Giovenchi (guitars), Alessandro Valle (steel guitar pedal and mandolin) and Simone Talon (percussion). ). A special occasion for all her fans who will be able to listen live to some of the songs that have marked the history of Italian music. Click here for all the information

Andy is back, the gallery dedicated to Warhol at Ban

Until July 31, at the Palazzo delle Arti in Naples, the protagonist Andy is back. An unprecedented exhibition – curated by Edoardo Falcioni – with more than 130 works from private collections, telling the eclecticism of the father of pop art who remains among the most famous artists of the 20th century. Click here for all the information

April 25th with a noble flower

Returns Monday, April 25th at the Nabilah Beach Club Flower, a journey into the hippie culture and charm of Ibiza for the most colorful party of the year. The explosion of positive energies, love, happiness, flowers and bright colors, will take us back to the atmosphere of the legendary sixties, with the melodies of the greatest songs becoming a hymn of peace and freedom. Click here for all the information

Weekend “with taste” in Pietrarsa

Also in this long week, the Railway Museum in Pietrarsa will celebrate for hours. In particular, on Saturday the 23rd he will present “AperiArt”, an evening based on music and appetizers taking place at Caffè Bayard, starting at 19:00 with the last entry at 22.30. A unique opportunity to enjoy a good drink with a view of the sea and wander the flower-filled paths with the opportunity to admire the wonderful historic locomotives and carriages displayed in the large covered suites. All accompanied by exceptional musical moments. Click here for all the information

Black day in Piazza del Plebiscito

Saturday, in Piazza del Plebiscito from 10 to 16, an appointment with the event promoted by the members of the Lions. There will be free demos dedicated to hearing, vision, diabetes, heart and nutrition, and there will be games for the little ones in the field. Click here for all the information

Sal da Vinci in Augusteo with We are sea drops… The journey back

Until Sunday, the artist will be on stage at the Augusteo Theater in Naples with a performance inspired by his latest album and a sequel to the successful show “Symphony in Sal Maggiore”. Led by a Neapolitan singer on a sea of ​​notes, the cruise ship’s voyage resumes, as the most famous melodies of all time intertwine with the songwriter’s songs with entertaining interludes. Click here for all the information

In Capodimonte, between art and nature

Also open this weekend is the magnificent Capodimonte Museum. An opportunity to enjoy – in addition to the wonderful collections on site – the new layout of the royal apartment, the just opened gallery Beyond Caravaggio [clicca qui per tutte le informazioni] And Death Triumph 2019huge painting (535.94 cm x 535.94 cm) by Cecily Brown [clicca qui per tutte le informazioni]. A relaxing and rejuvenating walk through the wonderful roads of Real Bosco is also not to be missed.

Musical experience, a candlelit concert in San Lorenzo Maggiore

Saturday, 20:30, appointment with a private candlelit concert in San Lorenzo Maggiore, an exciting experience, surrounded by an intimate and suggestive atmosphere. Five musicians (violin, viola, cello and piano) from the Naples Music Association will present some of the most beautiful live soundtracks, from Ennio Morricone to Nino Rota. Click here for all the information

Dali meets Hitchcock: global preview of the exhibition in Naples Amazing

Easter in Naples with Dali and Hitchcock. Indeed, the world of Dalì chose Naples and the beginning of the tourist season for the world premiere of SPellbound: The Scenography of a Dreamthe exhibition by Benjamin Levi dedicated to Salvador Dali and Alfred Hitchcock, is on display at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Pietrasanta from April 14 to September 30, 2022. Click here for all the information

Biagio Izu on stage with Tax harassment

The final show of this theatrical season on the Acacia Theater, from April 21-24, will be the new comedy written and directed by Eduardo Tartaglia, “Tartassati dalle Tasse”, starring Biagio Izzo. The funny story of Innocenzo Tarallo, an entrepreneur in the catering sector, who finds himself the proud owner of a world-class sushi restaurant at the mercy of thousands of difficulties and problems. Click here for all the information

To Edenlandia between entertainment, games and shows

A program full of free events, April’s event in Edenlandia, the great park of Naples, including performances, entertainment, workshops, jugglers and many traveling artists. The park will also remain open to the public on April 25. Click here for all the information