CARPETS & CANDLES Corrupt Blood is the rock band’s debut album in which music plays a role in saving and moral redemption.

Ten paths punctuated by life stories, from adolescence to death, from social discomfort to love, where music has a role of saving and moral redemption. Album release on April 29, 2022. Bad Blood is the first album by Carpets & Candles, a group that has always worked on their own songs, born from visions of … Read more

Arena di Verona 2022 starts again with Zucchero and Måneskin

With 14 passes from Sugar Fornaciari, the season begins again. A kiss, simple minds and a tutu are expected, among others The 2021, The year the road to restarting the entertainment sector began after the health emergency saw us come to the fore Arena di Verona SRL Which achieved significant results for the season of … Read more

Beatrice Fenzi: “A beauty? problem. I hit the violinist who attacked me in a fit of hysteria.”

“I’m the crying type, yes. When things go wrong at first, I’m frustrated, shedding tears for three days. But then I start again: when they refused to accept me at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, I said to myself for the first time: Beatrice, well, Wait a year, get ready, you know there are … Read more

List Actor: “Bye bye Greenwashing.”

He had to call himself End timebut you want to put with Good-bye? The original title was too grim, not in keeping with the song’s disastrous euphoric spirit, and there it is. Good-bye, As the most effective, they are “hands, feet, head, chest, heart, and ass.” What we all listened to, everyone sang, and everyone … Read more