Sylvie master seven thousand shots with VIPs: «Dream? Michael J Fox. I prefer? with the Dalai Lama

Ricardo Scalise in a selfie with Pope Francis
Ricardo Scalise in a selfie with Pope Francis

From Pope Francis to the Dalai Lama, passing by the stars of the Hollywood sky. Ricardo Scales, 38, from Venice, aka Mr. Sylvie About to come out with his first literary effort Rickypedia-Si Selfie chi pu! , 266 pages where he retrieves The story of 7,000 selfies with celebrities. Your dream selfie? With Michael J Fox, even if I thought it difficult given his health conditions, but I wouldn’t say never. Hollywood is not far away. I’m the only one in the world to have been featured on the Walk of Fame even though I haven’t been there yet.

Not a cell phone but a camera

remarkably In his celebratory autobiography, there will be a series of selfies in which he tells and tells about himself. I have more than 7 thousand and it was not easy to choose, inside you you will find several hundreds but I did not actually count them, on some pages I put nine, in another twelve. Among them, an infinite notebook with the great stars of world cinema: Directors Quentin Tarantino and Clint Eastwood, Actresses Uma Thurman, Gina Davis, Whoopi Goldberg, Actors Al Pacino and Vin Diesel For example, but not limited. And again: Ozzy Osborne, Giorgio Armani, the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis. The cover is an explicit reference to Wikipedia, the revised online encyclopedia with an ironic key. Nineteen chapters in addition to the introduction, appendix and thanks. He begins by honoring the world of photography, focusing on his specialty, selfies. I never do it with my cell phone, but with the reaction that categorically explains. Then a chapter in which he undresses and talks about the illness that forced him to be hospitalized at the age of four. I had a brain tumor that kept repairing. I also talk about the four operations that I had to perform. If I’m now a piece of the ’90s — he says, underestimated — and can’t lose weight because of this troubled past. But those memories were welcomed back then An unexpected gift from his father WalterCamera, Olympus C50. When I think about how many laps I had him develop, I still had to laugh. Thanks to him I became passionate about photography and am now a graphic designer.

shadow circle

From the Pope to Quentin Tarantino
Fabio Ruvasi asked me to take a selfie

In the next chapter he then talks about the birth of the character who made him famous, Mr. Sylvie. Now – he says – People stop me on the street and ask me to take selfies while I’m at the Venice Film Festival, sometimes mistaking me for Giuseppe Battiston. And I play the game, so they are happy. They complement me and tell me they can’t wait to see me act in another movie. Thank you of course. Then keep scrolling through the folder, and divide the photos by categories and Goes from Oscars to music legends, to private encounters. Certainly – he says – the funniest selfie was the one taken two years ago at the Venice Film Festival. My nephew loves Fabio Ruvasi and I wanted to surprise him. There were a lot of people and what does the singer of Milan do? He raises his voice and says: Stop! Stop everyone, I want to take a picture of myself with Mr. Sylvie” to the amazement, laughter and applause of those present.

No and Jordan’s affection for the Dalai Lama

These are all stories mentioned in his book in great detail. Among the missed selfies are those with Michael Jordan, the NBA legend. He told me he couldn’t because of some items the heroes would carry with them for life. Then he took pictures with the restaurant staff where he was eating. I don’t add anything else. An unforgettable selfie? The Dalai Lama episode in Milan. Incredible emotion as he reaches out and that feeling he will never forget. He waved at me despite being surrounded by his bodyguards. Awaiting the launch event at Forte Marghera in which he is a VIP, he is working on the English translation of the book.

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