Summer Festival 2022, schedule of events presented at Bellini Park

Black Eyed Peas, Blanco, Lucci, Tactical Nuclear Penguins, Litviba, Capariza, Sangiovanni, Rikumi, Irama, Makna + Coco, Jimitis. And again, Roberto Lipari, Fabri Vibra, Galli, Franco 126, Cabo Plaza, Arete, Maracas, Mannarino, Karl Prive, Ernia. Just some of the great artists who will perform in Bellini Park, “Villa” Catania, center of one of the most intense artistic and musical seasons ever, Among the most famous seasons in Italy, Catania Summer Festival 2022 which begins on June 21 with the concert of the National Rai Orchestra .

A billboard of exceptional value promoted by the municipality that will be the cornerstone of the program of major events in the natural kindergarten of Piazzale delle Carrozze in Bellini Park, an evocative theater and concert venue capable of welcoming more than 9 thousand spectators.

Presenting the great events of the Summer Festival, in the Palazzo degli Elefanti Council Chamber, Acting Mayor Roberto Bonacoursi, Counselor for Culture and Major Events Barbara Mirabella, and Prime Minister Giuseppe Ferraro. Chancellor Sergio Baresi, Superintendent of the Massimo Bellini Theater Giovanni Caltrera with Commissioner Daniela Lo Casio, Chairman of the Council’s Culture Committee Giovanni Grasso also represents the Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory, and Director Luca di Fusco of the Teatro Stabile (video link) representatives from the world of music and entertainment.

Roberto Bonacoursi said: “Catania is the first major city to offer the program until October – it is a good omen for a city with an attractiveness and attraction. The fact that the entrepreneurs, in coordination with the municipality, have spent themselves in such an intense activity all season, with a high-quality programme, It means that the work done in recent years has yielded important results. We are very pleased with the opportunity that we will give to the citizens, in a magical place like Villa Bellini, which will give the induced citizen an important return on events. The economic commitment – the continuation of Bonaccorsi – will not affect the municipal budget and thus the The pockets of the residents of Catania, because it will be financed through the tourism tax. On the fringes of this important commitment, with artists of national importance, there will be another commitment to local and regional companies and groups: we will soon publish an expression of interest to collect artistic proposals, performances and theatrical performances in order to present them to all “the opportunity performance in this extraordinary event.

“We are very excited – has started Chancellor Mirabella -. Say it around you: it will be the most beautiful season in Italy. It will be opened on June 21 by the National Rai Orchestra along with the Massimo Bellini Theater, and then continues, weather permitting, even after October 10 With concerts from the Bellini Theater and other exceptional artists such as the Black Eyed Peas and Blanco.The latest success of Sanremo, to many others who will make this summer a very prestigious event and other names that will soon be added to this exceptional program are not excluded.

“There will be – the addition of Mirabella – a program dedicated to the artists of our territory, welcomed in equally beautiful locations starting with Piazza Dante, new this year, a place brought back to the city two years ago thanks to the closure of car traffic. New initiatives include thanks to the suburban invitation of the Ministry of Culture , with one million and 107 thousand euros that the municipality of Catania will invest with events in the six municipalities. Summer for the whole city and a wonderful period awaits us and we are ready to address it also Addressing many tourists, with events focused on music and theatre, after two very difficult years, with an extraordinary incentive that this will bring To the city.Interve today and also those who have not been able to participate such as the regional tourism advisor Manlio Messina and the commissioner of the Portuguese metropolis. Even the Prime Minister Giuseppe Ferraro for his attention to every detail in the Amts and in Metro Fce: all events will be supported by systems that promote sustainable mobility.”

Cultrera and Lo Cascio, for their part, focused on Massimo’s season in Bellini Park, on the important synergies between genres, the interactions between pop music, classical music, and the work of workers. As part of the Catania Summer Festival, along with the notice board for major events, more programs are planned, with expressions of interest to be published soon with the aim of collecting artistic proposals that will enrich the theater and performances. Live the summer of Catania, live organized by the municipality of Catania.

The sites chosen for these performances are those of the Palazzo della Cultura, Piazza Castello Ursino, the amphitheater Le Ciminiere and Piazza Dante, in the area in front of the Basilica of San Nicolò l’Arena, which has been pedestrianized for two years. As in past years, a specific agreement will allow the Teatro Stabile, Massimo Bellini and the Etna Conservatory to use the spaces provided by the municipality, further qualifying the summer programs.

Moreover, thanks to a call from the Ministry of Culture aimed at promoting social inclusion in the hinterland, all six municipalities will also be interested in live performances. During the town hall meeting, Culture Committee Chairman Giovanni Grasso spoke, also on behalf of the Bellini Conservatory, who highlighted the importance of bringing theater to the suburbs and director Luca di Fusco who announced some prestigious summer performances at the Etna Stable, which features the centenary of Verga Starting with “La Lupa” which will be the protagonist of the novel, actress Catania Donatella Finociaro. Finally, the major event-goers present emphasized Catania’s role in music and how the city is now a popular destination for all artists of national and international importance and thanked the municipal administration for promoting and coordinating these great events.


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