So true, the disappointment of Floriana II and her son after the island

Fresh from experience toCelebrity Island 2022And Floriana again Was a guest on Silvia Tofanin a very right For an intimate interview in which he showed a side of himself that he often hides from viewers. A woman with a strong personality, “Fire” because she likes to define herself and is always ready to catch fire whenever she realizes her freedom is in danger. Why Floriana? He has gone through a lot of difficult moments since childhoodHe has often learned to defend himself by attracting the hatred of people, those who do not fully understand what his imaginary “aggression” is hiding. A pure and simple soul, returning from Honduras, He had to deal with the disappointment of his dear ones. Including beloved son Domitian.

So true, Floriana Second and the disappointment of her son Domitian

Although it was one of the favorite competitors inCelebrity Island 2022Floriana Secondi’s adventure in Honduras ended long before predictions. Television does not forgive, and when an outcast becomes a cause of controversy and indulges in excessive fiery reactions, it must take into account what the reaction of the audience might be. So it was for “Daughter of Reality”, as she herself defined her several timesWho left Palapa in the episode that was broadcast on Holy Thursday evening.

After all, Floriana was expecting it, as she was munching on a reality show. Perhaps what he could not have imagined is You find deep disappointment at home Of his dearest feelings, even those of his son Domitian, whom he loves more than his life: “My son hasn’t wanted to talk to me for a few days – Revealed to Silvia Tovanen – It was really bad and so was my partner (Angelo, editor). I had to deal with people who loved me, who were very disappointed.”

Scandi words very right They were imbued with bitterness but also consciousness. That’s from a 44-year-old woman She realized that she still had a lot to learn about herselfEspecially with regard to instinct and originality are so high that they lose control. His son Domiziano even went to Elari Blasi’s studio to give her all his support, but the effort was of no value: “It’s my alter ego – Floriana continued -, he is calm and thinks a lot before acting. He told me I could do better“.

One Floriana Mom is in love with her son But he did not see only the negative side of the strong reaction of Domitian. We felt bad, of course, but on the other hand, after a few weeks, I found a little boy who had turned into a young man, more mature and independent: “I have never been separated from my son Domitian in twenty years, I did thisIsland also for Try to break this umbilical cord“.

So true, Floriana’s difficult past and an apology to Elari

“Take this opportunity to thank production and I feel like apologizing to Elari and everyoneAfter exiting the game, she had to think about her behavior in Honduras, and by making a file My fault, I realized that she crossed the line in certain circumstances. “You got lost in this Island I wanted so much – A . said very right -, I worry a lot about wanting others to do or not do. I’ve lost my purpose, I no longer think about trying to be what I want. I have a little of it with me I wish I was able to manage these situations at the age of 44.”

But it’s easy to get caught up in quick judgments when you don’t really know someone. It’s the risk to anyone who enlivens the world of entertainment, in all its looks and sequins. Maybe that’s why Floriana Seconds couldn’t resist the weight of the cameras and A realistic show that will put anyone to the test. Hunger and boredom made her think of a painful past, which she spoke with great force to Sylvia Tofanen.

Her parents separated when she was just a child, a mother who suffered and decided to indulge in forgetting drugs, Dragging the rest of the family into this darkness. The same mother who, she revealed to Sylvia Tovanen, had been absent most of her life and who she could not see again until many years later, thanks to Barbara Dorso.

No hard feelings, just the desire to make it up and rid itself of the past. And certainly experience inCelebrity Island 2022 Floriana had another step in her personal growth.


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