“So it ended with Ida and why did you disappear”, he says on the show

where have you been Elie Manishi? The 47-year-old, who is a manager of an American company, decided to take part in it men and women To attract Ida Platano, One of the historical ladies on the throne. And so the man landed in the studies of the Maria De Filippi program (he is in Rome able to work in it smart work) to try to identify a Brescian woman. The task was accomplished halfway, as Elie managed to deepen his acquaintance with the ex-lover of Riccardo Guarnieri, but without leaving his mark. Moreover, at one of the stages of the televised courtship, he disappeared from the radar of Channel Five. a reason? This was stated by the person concerned by interviewing Issa and Shea on the portal.

Ida and Ellie, while dating, saw each other on different occasions. Platano made it clear, after several meetings, that she was more attracted to the 47-year-old mentally than physically. Suddenly Eli disappeared from Radio Mediaset and from the life of the Lady of the Throne. What happened? “You know, my last appearance was in that wonderful “theater” where I, Ida, Ricardo and Alessandro We found ourselves at the center of the study,” The manager started talking to Issa and Xia. “On that occasion – he added – I didn’t even have time to say anything about what happened with Ida, etc. “

Now he tells Eli what he would like to tell on the broadcast, explaining that the night before “the theater” he was having dinner with Ida, and he had a lot of fun. “After dinner, we were in Ida’s room listening to music, relaxing, and I waited for her to fall asleep. We were really fine!”confirmed. But after the aforementioned “theater” something broke out and the path of knowledge was cut off:

“Immediately after the aforementioned theater, if you notice, Ida and I are no longer sitting. I left the studio because I wanted to escort Ida to the airport where she had to return to Brescia before the end of the recording. We were in the car, toward Fiumicino and suddenly our tension stopped, reminiscing about what we had done together that night. previous”.

Thus the “couple” reached Fiumicino, but was delayed compared to the flight that should have carried Platano, who lost the plane. Stay with her until boarding the next plane – Always mentions Ellie. We were outside, they were smoking, we hugged each other until that moment arrived when you are 4cm apart… Sunset, we were so close, everything was perfect for something but even in this case we preferred not to touch each other. It was more beautiful than the kiss itself, not touching each other was more intimate.”.

Then the salutation, according to Ellie, should be a goodbye, not a goodbye: “She greeted me with ‘Run, walk away’ indicating a situation that could certainly have developed into something physical. This brings us to a few days later, when I learned that for business reasons only I would not be able to participate in the program. From that moment on, that Wednesday, Everything changed!”

Eli indicated that he overheard Ida over the phone, in a conversation in which the lady shed tears as he made her understand that he would never return to the studios of the dating show Canal Five: “I understood that I would not be able to return to the broadcast to continue my acquaintance with her”. In addition to work issues, the director had to face another difficult situation at the family level.

The director said that his mother, on the day of the casting, was the victim of a “dark nature” traffic accident but without reporting any serious physical consequences.. However, the situation later worsened: “You will understand very well that we (my brothers and I) had to understand the dynamics of the accident caused by the disease. I can tell you today that my mother’s health has already deteriorated.”.

Finally, broadcasts on Canale Cinque broadcasts:

“My reservation about broadcasting (I wanted to escape from the first day), dissatisfied with certain facts that I would not have (while trying) to disfigure my being, put an intimate field on the market I consider my greatest treasure, the enforced layover, and what To that, he made me finish my way to casting.”

At the moment, Ellie and Ida are no longer dating.

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