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Fina Rose

Fina Rose is an energetic and charismatic artist, with a recognizable voice like a painter’s style. One of those who do not need to overdo it and who with a few well-aimed brush strokes creates a masterpiece.

Music printing comes in pretty early, thanks to your parents.

“They are both musicians. Just thinking that when my mom was pregnant, she and dad used to hang out in the evenings. Let’s talk about the 80s. At that time, concerts of RAI artists were opened when they came to Sicily and Calabria. I also have many uncles who sang and played when they came to Sicily and Calabria. They were young, and my brother also plays and sings, in addition to doing many other things. We can say that I was born into music.”

With a family like this, your family was almost a must.

“My parents didn’t force me to pursue a career in music, but they supported me when I decided to go down this path. They were a great support and still are today, which is why I consider myself lucky.”

At a certain point in your career, after collaborating with the likes of Giorgia, Bocelli, Alexia and several participations in TV shows and radio broadcasts, you move to London. What motivates you to make this choice?

“I wanted to leave my comfort zone, ask myself as an artist and do my own work. I wanted more. I knew I had reached certain levels, but I also knew I couldn’t rise to a higher level. I knew that, going this way, I was going to crash By a different reality, but I had an artistic and creative need that pushed in that direction. I wanted to expand the circle of things I knew that didn’t give me the opportunity to grow.”

And what did you find on the other side of the veil?

“It was a very positive experience. Just think about when I debuted in 2019 with my first single [Breathe Again, ndr]And It made more noise in England than it did in Italy. And I think the reasons, in addition to the English text, are the phonetic appearance and the impressive research work. She worked hard in the studio to give the songs a unique look and the reception was the best. The reviews were great. Unfortunately, while promoting my EP [Crossroads, ndr]We went into lockdown and everything stopped. I had many dates, many concerts. At the time I was on tour here in England and was very happy with the way things were going. Not so now. thanks for the cute denial I’m taking back that segment of the audience that I lost a little bit by staying away from TV.”

on cute denialWhen the song goes into the chorus, it’s as if she’s listening to a pop that Michael Jackson never forgot. Your other songs also sound the same: modern, elegant, delicate, and powerful all at the same time.

“I’m glad to hear that, also because Michael Jackson is one of my references. With cute denial That personal voice I’ve been talking about before that you’ll hear in the future is defined even more specifically in the songs I’m working on. I make very conscious choices, which craft alternative pop music that is more and less obvious than radio songs that you accidentally listen to and then forget. What I listened to were songs with meanings and implications that express my energetic soul.”

The soul you show on stage Marino’s tongue. How did you decide to participate in the competition and with what awareness do you receive the competition?

The occasion happened to me during Christmas time last year. One of the organizers, whom I met at Sanremo Rock, sent me a message: ‘Would you like to participate in Marino’s tongue? ‘I wanted to expand the audience to an international market, and then I really wanted to sing live, so I said yes right away. I obviously didn’t think I’d get into the Grand Final, but I would have liked to. I gave up my art and felt happy on stage. I did not experience competition anxiety. It was good regardless of the outcome. I knew victory would be almost impossible, especially after learning about Achille Lauro’s participation. His victory was almost a foregone conclusion, and the cards were completely open. I am proud of my sixth place, which I got without management support or company registration.”

Is Lauro’s victory in terms of image more than substance?

“If you run a competition in which emerging artists also participate, you either don’t enter such an important name or you make it known from the start. That way everyone is aware and plays on an equal footing. Also because the big guys go straight to the final, while we do the whole process. But if we talk about opportunities. I would do like him. I have the possibility of going to Eurovision, what do I do, should I not take it? However, if we talk about the content, it is so far from me that I can not make a comparison. Achille Lauro is a character. She is gossip, provocative and has a pleasant stage presence. Acknowledging these advantages. So I understand they’ve sufficed the image.”

We talked a little about cute denial Which, speaking of contents, is a very rich piece. It is no coincidence that you chose her for the contest.

cute denial I wrote it a few years ago. When I had the opportunity to contest, I immediately thought: “This is a song that can work.” Given how active it was, it seemed to fit in a box like the Eurovision one. The song is about an emotional addiction. He describes the inability to deny a strong attraction to someone who is emotionally unavailable and doesn’t know how to live love in a healthy way: “gentle denial” to which I compare putting your hands in flames.”

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