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If it is true that a file dog He is man’s best friend, and it is also true that there is no better companion than one cat For a relaxing afternoon immersed in reading. Maybe that’s why I macarons They are the protagonists of several books. In the Novels And in the stories, cats invade human life and disfigure them or become reality storytellers Diverse adventures. here you are 6 books Cat lovers should read it.

1. The Cat Who Came From Heaven – Hiraide Takashi (Inaudi)
one chibi silent kitten Who does not like meow and one morning, by chance, finds himself in a kitchen From a young couple. It seems that husband and wife no longer find common ground and even me Dialogues Among them now do not exist. This will be the entrance The four-legged guest – Who will not be adopted by the two, but will stay for a while to maintain the company – to create one new routine And open a crack in one Date That seems to be over.
a a novel Short but intense, with fairytale features, which enables meticulously to tell a love Found. Perfect for those who love romance as well as cats.

2. She and her cat – Shinkai Makoto and Nagakawa Naruki (Inawadi)
This novel was published in 2022, and he co-wrote it Shinkai Makoto and Nagakawa Narukicaptures and expands the story it tells Makoto In a manga published in Italy in 2018. The heroes of this case are four women: Miyu, Reina, Aoi, and Shino, they are all different and all united Loneliness that characterize their lives. Things will change when a different person enters every woman’s life cat Stray, eager to be pampered and cared for.
fragility h suspicion Which turns into a calm. The the book Perfect for those who love stories of redemption and rebirth.

3. Charles Bukowski – About Cats (Gwanda)
If in the vast majority of his works, Bukowski He tells about the unbridled feelings of women, alcohol and excesses, in this writing American writer Indulge yourself in meditations on cats. These kittens were actually his real cats life companions. Free, rebellious, independent, indomitable and sometimes cynical, are also cats the animals in which Bukowski introduced himself and in this group of ideas he describes them as masters Survival.
Unprecedented face Charles Bukowski who does not depart from his style of writing but adapts to a completely new topic.

4. Walking with Bob – James Bowen (Sperling & Cooper)
James Bowen is a former drug addict and street artist Who spoke in this autobiographical book about his meeting with Bob, A red cat Which he found by chance in front of his door. James cured it and gave it to him warm place to return to him, without forcing him or imprisoning him, and at the same time – inexplicably and silently – Bob Help his “master” get rid of his addiction and cure his addiction again life. The book tells of the countless adventures the two experienced together.
fun but also Movingthe movie of the same name with Look Treadway Like Bowen. The novel also has a sequel titled: “The World According to Bob”.

5. The Cat That Fixed Hearts – Rachel Wells (Gerzante)
Rachel Wells collected her passion for writing And that’s because I the cats In 2016, he published his first novel, The Cat Who Firm Hearts. The protagonist is Alfie, the cat who – after spending his life in an apartment – gets lost in the streets of London and finds himself walking among the terraced houses of Edgar Street. At first it was not well received by residents NeighborhoodBut things change when everyone realizes that Alfie has the power to understanding desires Deeper and more sincere than all the people he meets.
After this novel, Wells published – between 2017 and 2022 – eight more articles they see two thousand as the protagonist. Cats saga to read in one breath.

6. Simon’s Cat Big Book – Simon Toffield (TEA)
“Simon’s Cat” (literally “Simon’s Cat”) is an animated series created by Simon Tofield And available on YouTube. The author says I problem His four-legged friend gathers him and each episode ends with a trick the cat uses to get food. During the episodes, some characters are introduced that interact with Simon’s cat and become his co-heroes adventures. In 2009, Tofield compiled a book called The Great Book of Simon’s cat In fact, the best tables and fees related to cats.
a graphic novel Everything that laughs can please both adults and children.

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