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Russia’s Channel One showed a simulation of the devastation that nuclear weapons could cause to European cities. Moscow reiterates that it does not want a nuclear war, but Russian rhetoric has now framed this in Ukraine as a broader battle between Russia and the West.

Since the beginning of the conflict Russian TV It played a crucial role in defining what Russians should know about the war in Ukraine. From the start, she has found herself in a position to deny reality—no one is empowered to define war, for example—and flip accusations (defining fake news massacres like Bucha’s), and find hard ways to tell the facts. Coming from the field (as in the case of those who seek revenge for the sinking of the lead ship of the Black Sea Fleet, Moskva, without realizing that the cruiser was hit by a Ukrainian missile).

But now, state television is expanding its role – and Western analysts see increased danger in the narrative of the war that followed.

In the past few hours, for example, a chilling simulation of how it was developed has been shown on Russian TV Russian nuclear attack To some European capitals – London, Berlin, Paris. According to some guests of one of the main Russian talk shows, 60 Minutes, hosted by Channel One, These cities will be destroyed within 200 seconds of being released Missiles from the Kaliningrad base.

Alexi ZhuravlyovNationalist Party leader Rodina said that A Sarmat missile will suffice, and the British Isles will no longer exist. He noted that I am speaking seriously, while another guest explained that Britain also has nuclear weapons, and no one will survive this war.

Zhuravlyov’s countenance was not unexpected by the fact that at that point television appeared Graph of the default trajectory of the missiles – which apparently could be launched from Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave between Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea – towards Berlin (106 seconds for impact), Paris (200 seconds) and London (202 seconds).

The sentences on Channel One come as Russia continues to say that it has no intention of seeking a nuclear confrontation with the West.

had to Russian President Vladimir PutinThree days after the start of the invasion of Ukraine, he ordered the nuclear deterrent system to be put on alert.

During a meeting with Defense Minister Shoigu in the Kremlin, Putin said that Western countries are not only imposing hostile sanctions on us, but also that the leaders of large NATO countries are launching aggressive claims against Russia. That is why I ordered the deterrence system to be put on alert. He said the consequences would be like never before in history.

Putin said last week that Moscow’s hypersonic missiles have the ability to bypass every defense system in the world.

What has alarmed Western analysts, more than the hypothesis of using nuclear weapons on the European capital, is the fact that Russian television has been invaded by statements calling for escalation — making it necessary to win an existential challenge. The deputy head of the Duma described it as a metaphysical clash between the forces of evil and the forces of good, a holy war that we must win.

In this sense, as Paolo Valentino writes here, the victory of the extremist wing within the Kremlin has already translated into very clear television messages. An all-out conflict, therefore, without any concern about military, political and economic costs: General Menekeev said: We are at war against the whole world, while the head of Russian diplomacy – Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov – made it clear that NATO is fighting a proxy war against Russia. Putin himself said that the West and NATO are trying to destroy Russia from within.

“Our submarines are capable of launching more than 50 nuclear missiles, which guarantees the destruction of the United States and NATO,” said Dmitry Kiselyov at the opening of his program on Sunday, March 28. What good is the world without Russia?

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