Sano e Altea, a therapy session with the latest Italian pop music

When the name Thru Collected last summer began to appear more compellingly in the Italian musical bush, we immediately knew we had encountered something new. First Editions, Videos, Poster Collective Disc, UnfamiliarWe convinced everything. That’s why we interviewed them last October, and highlighted them among the best Italian recordings and videos of 2021, with Alice, a label member, listed as the Promise of the Year on our class for 2022. To surprise us again, however, here they are starting the new year with the upcoming release , just one week later, from the group’s first two solo EPs: Industry, Pop, Camera, Sex by Sano e do not forget me from Altea.

Sano, 21 years old, from Naples and Altea, 23 years old, from the province of Lecce, two names we got to know in Unfamiliar Which we expected a slightly denser output to understand its technical significance. Spoiler: They kept their promises. EPs emerge from the same artistic magma, recycling inspiration and Thru Collected production, but despite these connections, they explore two similar, but at the same time, particularly different worlds of sounds. On the one hand, Sano’s avant-garde pop, ADHD music, a mixture of chewed, spit, and disjointed genres as the lyrics, and on the other hand, the aesthetics of Altea’s sound that finds a home in a rare setting allude to certain audio material from the English school .

To tell us about their private outings, we took them to a couple’s therapy video session between Milan, Rome and Naples, and found ourselves in a natural complicity that overcame the technical difficulties of a call spread across several cities.

Let’s start the session: How did you meet?
Altea: In my house, in Naples, as soon as I moved. I have lived with some guys who made videos for UANM group of which Ricardo is (The .’s real name correct, n.d.). So I found it at home, we made videos and took pictures. We met like this.

When was the first time you heard each other’s music?
Altea: On that occasion, while we were shooting those videos.
correct: When Altea started composing music with Reiner, one of the producers of Thru Collected. It was there that I first dealt with his talent.

And what was the first impression?
Altea: I did not understand their music! I had never heard this kind of music before moving to Naples.
correct: I was impressed with the voice and the situation, but I was sorry that he sang in English at the time. I wanted to hear her sing in Italian because I knew she was going to break, as she later proved.

The first song you wrote and recorded together?
correct: In my opinion it was a series of neglected songs!
Altea: But you were there in mullet (one of the songs Discomoneta, nda)?
correct: yes!
Altea: so it was mullet Because it’s the first song I wrote in Italian among other people and not alone in the bedroom. This was my first time with Thru Collected and I got hold of this part which is now, in various forms, mullet.

What does this mean for your first EP?
Altea: It is an achievement. I have always wanted to make music and be within a broad musical and artistic environment. As long as I was in Puglia, my life was completely different, but when I arrived in Naples, everything changed. Making this EP in which I was able to do whatever I wanted and felt, despite everything.
correct: I found myself in my little room, with my equipment, needing things to say, do, and produce. Up to that point I had never produced. I wanted the first version to be done in my name by me with the few possibilities at my disposal, in order to represent, for better or for worse, and in the bedroom, who I am now. It is a gesture of liberation.

What inspiration did you start with?
Altea: people around us. I am a scientist, an intimate and personal world that constantly inspires me
correct: TRUE! I agree.

So I wonder, what are you collecting through?
correct: Thru Collected is an iridescent figure that is constantly moving and changing, maintaining the spirit of friendship, harmony and mutual stimuli we generate between us to create things. Even these individual editions, to me, are mass releases. It is a label, a group, a group, with strong personalities.
Altea: you are right.

In your opinion, is there anything else connecting these EPs besides what has been collected?
Altea: a significant change, a turning point, whether positive or negative. It is to punish the point.
correct: They certainly share the exact historical period in which they wrote. It is known that in both, there is an urgent necessity to say things to someone or to society.

What do you like most about the other person’s work?
correct: I go crazy when Altea attacks on the chops, I really do have a fetish! It always surprises you, it’s magic. She also has an incredible voice and the whole atmosphere that Rainer, Giovanni Troccoli and Riccardo Sergio created around her is, in my opinion, perfect.
Altea: For me the fact that Sano always dismounts. He always has an ace up his sleeve. It goes straight to the point with the simplicity of disarming. This EP is like that; He says a lot of things about himself and others and says it to his face.

What did you think or feel when you first heard about each other’s EP?
Altea: I remember it well. It was morning, and usually when I wake up I don’t want to listen to anything and be at peace. But that morning, Ricardo sent me his EP and I had to listen to it totally and forever. I cannot miss a word of what he said; It was something very important. It then occurred to me two more times that when I listened to listen, I couldn’t do anything else, it froze me.
correct: On the other hand, I’ve seen the Altea EP be born and grow in the studio from the start and have very clear memories of all the steps that led up to that record. I’ve lived like this, a lot from the inside.

Is there anything you learned from the other?
correct: Many things.
Altea: Yes, but it’s like asking someone for a word, it’s complicated. His presence, his movements, the way he talks, thinks, relate to other people. There is always something to learn, be it technical or human. We especially help each other a lot with harmony and sounds. We give some other tips.
correct: very right.

Let’s move on to a defining moment in this session: What did you learn about yourself while writing these pieces?
correct: I’ve learned that songs gain value when you actually have something to say and are able to attach it to images, concepts, words, and names that are able to bring together something personal beyond what the listener encounters. This pushes you to produce in an honest and natural way.
Altea: I realized I couldn’t lie and learned that I had to be honest while writing. I don’t care to pretend or be something else. Writing is therapeutic.

The titles of the discs contain their images. So can you tell me how it got to you?
Altea: Ricardo, I’ve also wondered what it means to you.
correct: At a certain point I realized that this first product could have reached a slightly larger audience than the one I’ve always had. And I thought to myself: Why stick to the standards? So I wanted to translate my dystopian and destructive notion of pop and mainstream as much as possible. Hence the embarrassing, challenging words and the word-filled title to make you instantly understand how important the words are to this record. However, the titles were picked at 5 AM just before the discs were released!
Altea: We have projects with other addresses on the computer! It came to my mind because “Don’t forget me” is a flower I loved so much as a child and this phrase Don’t forget me, don’t forget me, repeats, I loved so much.
correctkisa: In fact, it rocks pretty well!
Altea: Thanks!

These (EPs) are multifaceted, as they say a lot, but in a very short period of time. In fact, neither of them had arrived in a quarter of an hour. We understand that Thru Collected does not want to respect industry-typical rules and standards, and so I ask you, what is your way of understanding music and publications?
correct: It’s a very spontaneous thing. Everything that surrounds us is very fast and attention to things is, in 2022, very short: a story that lasts 15 seconds and watches computers, TV and phone at the same time. Having the freedom to experiment and find our own dimension, we represent what we live in this historical, cultural and social context. Sudden changes in which ten thousand things happen in twelve minutes and all are accompanied by a constant call to the attention of the listener, as well as to ourselves and our production processes.
Altea: We are very bored people. We get bored with the music we listen to, and therefore we push ourselves to find new solutions. This is the fulcrum of our work together. Everything is new, everything is constantly changing. We do things because we are good together, because it goes there.

Session time is over, so I ask you one last question: to connect EPs, there is also a short film. How was the idea of ​​the shared narrative path born?
AlteaOur business was so close that it seemed natural to put them together and bring out more reality (and imagination) for what we were experiencing. It also shows a little “everything collected through the video, as it should be.

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