Rocky II: All the Curiosities About the Movie with Sylvester Stallone

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1976 movie rocky One of the most famous films in the history of cinema, it is a timeless classic of the sports genre capable of winning an Oscar for Best Picture and launching the career of its actor and screenwriter. Sylvester Stallone. The success was so great that the producers then decided to give life to a sequel, which was released in 1979 with the simple title He rocky SecondlyAnd Which deals with the story of the famous boxer there where he left the previous movie. Once again written and starring by Stallone, this second act also directed him, allowing to give voice to all of the actor’s great cinematic talents.

Ideas for this sequel were many, starting with Stallone’s desire to have Rocky play a political role. However, he decided to abandon this plot in favor of one closer to the original film and in this case Stallone also incorporated autobiographical elements into the script, such as the concept that heroes of the past can be quickly forgotten. distance rockyIn fact, Stallone struggled to find a new significant role. And so the film alludes to the character’s revenge, who once again shows all her value in and out of the ring.

Rocky II It was another resounding success, with a global gross of $200 million against a budget of just 7. While not peaking the previous chapter, this second chapter cemented the character’s influence in the collective imagination, making it real and possessive. icon. Before proceeding to see the film, it would certainly be worthwhile to delve into some intriguing things about this. By continuing to read here, it will be possible to find more details regarding plotto me cast and all alternate ending. Finally, the main items will also be listed broadcast platforms Containing the movie in their catalog.

Rocky II: movie plot

Set a few months after the first movie, Rocky II be seen rocky balboa He returned from incredible fame after meeting the hero Apollo Creed. But soon people started forgetting about him, so Rocky chose to step away from the world of boxing to devote himself to his girlfriend. Adriana And their baby is on the way. Although he is no longer a boxer, Rocky still lives a particularly expensive life, which forces him to look for a new job as soon as possible. However, constant insults and nostalgia for the ring make him more and more depressed and unable to enjoy the feelings that surround him.

The chance to get back to doing what he loves comes when Apollo Creed invites him for a new match against him. In fact, the hero was accused of not giving his all against Rocky and frightened by the idea that he wasn’t the best anymore, he decided to provide further proof of his abilities. By accepting the meeting, despite dissenting from Adriana’s opinion, Rocky consequently began training with his trusted coach mockeryHe’s preparing for what could be the most important meeting of his life. But getting to the ring will be more difficult than expected, thanks to life’s obstacles.

Rocky cast II

Rocky II: the movie crew

As expected, Stallone is of course playing Rocky again. However, he also covers the director’s role here, and this was his second audition for the role, after directing the previous unfortunate year. Taverna Paradiso. From his participation in this sequel, the accident that Stallone suffered while training is especially well known. A 100kg weight fell on his chest causing his muscles to tear. After this event, Stallone had to change the fighting style of Rocky, who strikes only with his right hand even though he is left-handed. It took the editing eight months to make the scene of the final confrontation compelling.

Next to Actress Stallone Talia Shire He reprises the role of Adriana Pennino, who, however, cannot be present during the filming of the final battle due to a commitment to another group. So Stallone rewrote the script by making sure Adriana stayed home to watch the match on TV. Carl Weathers He returns to play Apollo Creed, Rocky’s rival. However, there were some disagreements between him and Stallone and at the end of the second round they both continued hitting each other despite the bell rang. At that moment the two of them were hitting hard and angry with each other. Then Stallone judged the moment so well that he even kept it in the film.

Rocky II: Alternate ending, trailer and where to watch the movie on broadcast and TV

As mentioned, the film’s ending has been partially rewritten to avoid Talia Shire being unable to appear. So Stallone found a trick to get his character to follow the fight on TV, allowing him to film that scene later. However, from some of the photos circulating on the Internet, it seems that the actress was initially able to be present in some of the ending moments and thus was able to celebrate her victory with Rocky. However, the additional commitment may have made it impossible for Shire to complete her presence on stage, and thus it was decided to remove her altogether.

You can take advantage of Rocky II Thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. This is already available in catalogs Google Play, Apple iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video. To see it, once you choose the reference platform, simply rent one movie or sign up for a general subscription. This way you will be able to watch it in complete comfort and with the best video quality. The movie is also on TV schedule Friday April 22 at 21:20 on the channel Italy 1.

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