Rockstar testimonials most likely to advertise

by Erin Nolli

also in Italia We’re used to recognizing famous faces on commercial slots, actors, and comedians above all, but rock artists and songwriters are seldom related. It would be strange to see Russian Vasco or Piero Bello Shepherd’s cheese or Francesco de Gregory Promoting jeans and perfume brands… well, that equivalent happens a lot in England and America!

Buttered bread by Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols

From a few years John Lydonlong ago turned into a comfortable bourgeois life after writing a history punk, by the well-known English butter brand “Country Life”. The ad is very ridiculous as well as the bright colors of the necktie and weed he is wearing match the many eyelets. On the other hand, millions of children have grown up with him trusting his word to choose such an important product for the British breakfast.

That sweetheart Ozzy Osbourne

It was once also a testament to the butter that promised to make “fairy cakes”. However, the most authentic matter is the launch Teddy bear To celebrate the incident he (involuntarily, we now know) gave to A paddle In the 1982. The announcement read: “Today marks the 37th anniversary since I bit the head of a silly bat! Celebrate with this commemorative plush from detachable head“.

Rolling Stones… 32 bits

When Microsoft launched on the market Windows 95 The marketing efforts were enormous. here you are Bill Gates So we appeal to the greatest rock band in existence for instant resonance for a captivating and dynamic hit. “start me” Using the start button on your PC. It seems to give up the song Jagger and dismissed his people Between 6 and 14 million dollars… who knows how much they got from a famous house in cereal In the 1964 To sing the famous Rice Krispies song?

Bob Dylan’s underwear

In the 2004 The vocalist and the future Nobel It shocked millions of fans when they decided to sponsor the Brazilian supermodel Adriana LimaL’intimate For a famous brand all over the world. I winked with two angel wings, and sang in his icy style lovesickfrom the album Time to get out of mind (1977); in the background Venice. All are high glossy.

“Swing” Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper He didn’t retire but decided to devote a lot of time to it golf, so much so that Callaway brand chose it as a permanent endorsement and later linked it to the sport as well to sponsor the Apple Watch! After all, Hard Rock chose golf for several years A weapon to defeat addiction I also gave him a book, The Golf Monster: My 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict.

Water… a kiss!

In the 2006 The band launched ahis cologne And to describe it as “the best I’ve ever smelled”, “a spray of liquefied virginity” etc… Metaphorically, Jane Simmons They produced their treasures by mixing fir, bergamot, balsam, black cumin, white pepper, musk, sandalwood and anise: the vision on the page is true. store From their official website!

Neil Young Trains

Despite being one of the most important songwriters on the planet, the greats small He is also known for leading a simple and real life. Between music and taking care of his farm, he always found time for another passion: collecting and modifying railway modelComing to cooperate with a company in this sector, Lionel trains. With them, he created a remote control device for the disabled to make it easier to drive small vehicles and an audio device designed to reproduce the sounds of trains in a realistic way. Then, when the plant was in danger of collapsing, he did more, personally intervening as a lender and witness to save it.

Iggy Pop Yatooq Car Insurance

In a fun commercial for Swiftcover Car Insurance, the wild company AG transformed to Sales Representative before the eyes of the spectators. The Godfather of Punk Starring in a Commercial for insurance: It’s such a contradiction that it’s somehow… extreme!

Kanpai, David Bowie

One last gem you wouldn’t expect: in 1980 The white duke sponsored by an interest for the Japanese market. At that time, many Western music and film stars presented themselves for these operations far East, knowing that they would never be exposed at home. Well, YouTube access has caught all the cards, even after several years. However, the elegance boy In an advertisement that resembles a short experimental movie, and perhaps many will remember the protagonist lost in translation.

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