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Refer to the Toast Show that includes the most popular songs queenThe Queen at the Opera“: an appointment Tuesday, April 26th at 9pm at Nuovo Teatro Verdi.

A show that debuted with an international tour in 2015, collected a standing ovation and sold out two years ago, when it had to stop at the peak of success. Activate the 2 x 1 offer at the box office: with a full ticket, the price of a second ticket is 1 euro.

In 2015, he made his gorgeous debut on an international tour, gaining acclaim and “Welcome to Stand”. After a two-year hiatus, the symphonic rock show “The Queen at the Opera” Refer to the Toastto me Verdi’s new theaterAnd Tuesday 26 April at 21 hoursLike a phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, drawing its strength from the rock of the departed group Freddy Mercury. An intense, sophisticated and elegant tribute with More than forty artists on stage And the audience on the other side is sitting and becoming An integral part of the show, not just for that feet batting in unison – as if a heart was beating – to celebrate a legendary time”we will Rock YouBut for all the songs sung together, this clap served as a percussion instrument. Tickets are available at the circuit tiktoon and in Theatrical box officeopen Monday to Friday, 11-13 and from 16.30 to 18.30 the day of the show, 11-13 and 19.30-21. The promotion “2 x 1” is active only at the box office: with the first full ticket, the second costs 1 euro.

Not the usual homage: “The Queen at the OperaIt stands out because it achieves and popularizes the union of genres in the British band’s masterpieces base, which is why it continues to command onlookers, in fact perpetuating the legend. It is no surprise that this visual show has been increasingly successful Duncan collected over the years, whose production was born even before the award-winning film “bohemian rhapsodyOn stage, a familiar repertoire with the band’s most representative songs (and some surprises) MercuryAnd Brian MayAnd Roger Taylor And John Deacon Such as “We Are the Champions”, “Barcelona”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Shake You”, “The Show Must Go On”, “Radio Ja Jaa”, “Sort of Magic”, “Under Pressure” and “Another Bites the Dust”. The backbone of the repertoire is also in its overwhelming splendor thanks to the sound fusion of symphonic and rock music.

The singers’ troupe voices alternate on stage and the real stars of stage music follow each other among singers like Alessandro MarchiAnd Luana FracalviereAnd Giada Sabiliko especially Luca Marconi And Valentina Ferrari (photo), veterans of other music dedicated to queen jointly produced by Italy and the United Kingdom,”World War II“. Valentina Ferrari, a multifaceted artist (singer, actress, vocal coach, art director and songwriter) who has worked on “Romeo and Juliet”, “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”, “Rapunzel” and “Her” and is the translator of the BBC Planet Heart of National Geographic symphonic project (with music by George Fenton) , heightens the quality of the show, being the historic Italian “Killer Queen” coveted at any cost by Brian May in 2009. Its presence lives up to the excellence of the performers and performers, between lyrical extended recordings of sopranos mixed with rocker rock and acrobatic electric guitar sequences along with Along with the sweetness of delicate strings. Lights, visual effects and a live orchestra complement the rock’s symphonic staging.

born from an idea Simon ScorselitiProducer and Artistic DirectorThe Queen at the OperaIt is entirely based on the legendary music of queenOrganized by Maestro Piero Gallonew arrangements and formats. passion scorelite to queen He is born into school desks and it takes ten years of testing and work to become “The Queen at the Opera“Until her debut, in 2015. the word “queen” – He said scoreliteIt can’t be missing in the title of this show. But the original touch lies in the fact that everything is arranged in a symphonic key, with an orchestra that does not distort, but rather authentically dresses the songs of Freddie Mercury. The show deals with songs With respect and gratitude. Music It changes We are doing our best to remind the world of that Real music is immutable In its constant transformations, because always excites. with this offerIndeed, very often Audiences of all ages joinYou can share your memories with new experiences and inform the very young about the Queen’s “royal” art, which in my opinion remains an extraordinary generator of emotions. When I listen to their music I feel emotion and lightness and I hope our show will evoke the same in the audience. We owe it to Freddie Mercury a completely different way of visualizing art from the past, and his style of music, the way he performs it and communicates with the audience was absolutely unique and timeless. This legacy must be passed on“.

The Queen at the OperaHe recalls the band’s famous songs, eschewing the stylistic features of tradition. “The project was born out of the passion and vision of Scocelletti – He explained Valentina FerrariWith the quality of merging music, talent, and art, they stand out as they bring new sound to Discography Queen, a band that not only made great music but also delivered important messages to the world. We travel the path of legend by redesigning each piece with a personal interpretation, without provoking comparisonsNo movie celebrates a story. Mercury & CoNo music has traveled around the world in this media wave. Until one day a purple curtain began to open on the legend.

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