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A talent that originated in the great “laboratory” of Italian music production, famous from his first steps for giving him a very clear voice and […]

A talent that arose in the great “laboratory” of Italian music production, known from its very first steps for the gift of crystal clear sound and for its numerous concerts in clubs all over Italy: “real” creativity, “versatile”, “perseverance” completely spontaneous, in the direction of professional completion is now realized

We live in a historical period of conflict and fear. here because of “Air of Freedom”, The new song from Julia Greco, It is a eulogy for freedom, as the title of the song itself says. Manufactured and distributed visory swiss The song is already available these days in all digital stores. Julia Maddalena Greco, Nick name Yulia He has always devoted his life to music and art. After her individual delineation, “humanly” Please attach your CV to the letter 2019 under the nickname Maddalena, The young singer says that she spent two years thinking and that the pandemic, after all, helped her gather her thoughts, and come back stronger and more decisive. “Air of Freedom” In short, I was born from a not so simple moment, where everything suddenly took shape and ideas cleared, where it tasted freedom from primordial happiness and the world showed itself as it had become. A Sufi inspiration, drawing the listener into immersion, and reflecting himself in the purity of this young author, without fear of being affected or conditioned, to return to listening to our soul, which is the only true way to reach true freedom. As Yulia assured us personally, in our interview.

Iulia Greco, Your new song “The Air of Freedom” is released these days: has the cruel pandemic inspired you, in some way, with this song of yours?

The song was born in the summer of last year, after a heavy period for the whole world. The pandemic and all that followed undoubtedly awakened something very deep in me, leading me to recognize reality with greater clarity. “The Air of Freedom” is an outlet, but at the same time it is a hymn to rediscovering ourselves.”

Are you also working on a new album?

“Currently, with Visory Suisse, we are working on a permanent project, which will include composing several songs. At the moment, I can only say that there will be a way very soon to paint a more complete ‘portrait’ of artistic maturity.”

Where did you develop your musical style? Are you still in the romantic phase or is the call of rock music a “clatter” in you?

“Let’s say the call of rock has always ‘gurgled’ in me, but romance often mirrors me the same way, periodically. I must admit I’ve been searching for the right size for me for years, and now I’m finally feeling myself. I’ve also worked a lot on my voice, as I found different sounds and frequencies in them, on a musical level.Moreover, I entrusted myself to my producer, Alessandro Sayani, with whom we immediately entered into an artistic “symbiosis”.

Speaking of music, but also love in general, do you think the audience’s musical tastes veer towards more committed themes, or do neo-melody songs defend their space?

“I have noticed that the musical language is becoming, on the one hand, more and more ‘direct’, but on the other hand, I think a little bit of poetry is lost. At the same time, I think a lot of people are looking for something more difficult. Of course, it’s hard to express. About complex concepts, in a world where information is rapidly circulated and computed.”

What do you think of this airy and elusive “piece” from the Actor List, which has become this year’s tagline? Are there songs for all situations, or are some musical combinations vaguely more fortunate than others?

“You just have to find the right ‘tone’ and the simple phrase, like ‘flower, heart, love’ and that’s it: That’s what music experts have told me for a lifetime. So, I think the ‘list actor’ was very good and smart.”

Let’s talk a little about you: even in love, do you breathe the “air of freedom”?

“The air of freedom was born from a private encounter, with the person who inspired me to realize the song. I can only say that I am very lucky to breathe an air of freedom every day.”

Don’t you think the emotional realm should be tested differently today? Especially to avoid disappointments or turbulent relationships, which often involve a waste of time?

“I believe that love should live with all its might and that disappointments are a part of life and that personal growth helps us perceive pain differently. Personally, I am not afraid of suffering, but I feel nothing: only indifference stifles the soul.”

Interview by Vittorio Lusana

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